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  1. Paddock Likit

    Now even tastier! The Paddock Likit is the easy way to ensure your horse receives essential vitamins and minerals. A top quality, high specifications mineral lick with Garlic, Yeast and 'the Happy Hooves Formula'. Not only will it assist in the delivery of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, it will also help keep hooves strong and healthy, which is particularly important during the dry summer months. The Paddock Likit can be used in the stable or field to complement a forage diet and it comes with a convenient carry handle, which can be easily removed before use.

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  2. Likit Tongue Twister

    Online for Equine are pleased to offer the Likit Tongue Twister.

    Likits Tongue Twister is particularly useful if you have a smaller stable and need to keep your horse occupied and bad behaviour to a minimum. The Tongue Twister fixes directly onto the wall of the stable so that it does not intrude on the space available.

    It is known that horses become bored whilst stabled, which can result in bad behaviours such as pacing, weaving, cribbing and kicking. Studies have proved that your horses behaviour will improve if it is occupied. The Tongue Twister works by spinning round when the horse licks the treat inside, thus making it harder for the horse to obtain a treat and less likely to become bored quickly.

    Newly improved the Tongue Twister has a deeper recess, into which up to two Little Likits should be placed, and smooth edges. This will make the Little Likit last longer. Little Likits are available in a range of flavours so you are sure to find one that your horse or pony will enjoy. It is recommended that your horse has no more than one Little Likit per day. Likits are free from artificial colours and flavourings.

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  3. Likit Boredom Breaker

    The Likit Boredom Breaker is an exceptionally user friendly stable toy. Suspended from the stable ceiling, it will keep your horse or pony occupied for hours, reducing unwanted stereotypical behaviour. The design of this stable toy offers several different activities to keep your horse entertained.

    The 66cm ball at the bottom of the Boredom Breaker holds two Little Likits whilst the top section holds a standard Likit; why not try different flavours of Likit to see which your horse prefers

    As your horse tries to lick the Likit treats, the toywill rotate or bob around the stable. The Boredom Breaker is best placed in the centre of the stable away from the walls.

    Studies into equine behaviour in the stable have shown that stable toys such as the Likit Boredom Breaker can be used to reduce stereotypical behaviour such as crib biting, wind sucking and weaving.

    Likits and Little Likits are free from artificial colourings and flavourings are not supplied with the Boredom Breaker but can be purchased separately see Little Likit and Likit.

    The Likit Boredom Breaker is available in lilac & purple, pink glitter or blue & red.

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  4. Little Likits
    From: £1.99

    Little Likits are 250g tubs designed for use with the Boredom Breaker, Boredom Buster and Tongue Twister to keep your horse occupied in the stable. This treat can be used with stable toys to improve the horses environment to help reduce stressful situations and make the stable a more interesting place to be.

    Little Likits are free from artificial flavourings or colourings, a great treat for your horse or pony. Little Likits are available in a wide choice of flavours which yourhorse or pony will love!

    Little Likits are available in either a single 250g size or a 5 x 250g multipack.



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  5. Likit Hot Pink Pliers

    Online for Equine astock the Likit Long NosePliers.

    These pliers are for removing Likits from Boredom Busters or Tongue Twister stable toys, saving your fingers!

    Supplied in hot pink.

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  6. Shires Ball Feeder

    RRP £17.99

    From: £16.19

    Encourages a more natural, slower eating pattern than feeding from a bucket. A useful aid for relieving boredom or stress in the stable or paddock and for horses on box rest. Fill with pony nuts and let your horse explore how to release them. Small 'rewards' are dispensed as the ball is rolled around.

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  7. Horslyx Stable Lick Holder

    The Horslyx Stable Lick Holder is a versatile, wall mounted bracket and tub which has been designed to use in the stable, field or horsebox to be used in conjunction with the Horslyx 5kg refill tubs. This stable lick holder comes complete with a detachable restrictor bar to prevent greedy horses and ponies from over-consuming the lick. 

    This stable lick holder folds away completely flat when not in use.

    To be used with the Horslyx 5kg refill tubs.

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  8. Horslyx 15kg Lick Holder

    The Horslyx 15kg Lick Holder is a strong, durable holder designed for use in the stable or the field. Simply slot in the Horslyx 15kg lick tubs for safe and easy feeding. It's virtually impossible to be knocked over or damaged, and protects your horse against wayward hooves which may occasionally lead to damaged tubs.

    This lick holder is weatherproof and is a cost-effective feeding method. It's multi-purpose and can also be used as a floor feeder for in the stable or field.

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  9. Likit Granola Multigrain Lick

    The Likit Granola Multigrain Lick is designed to fit into Likit toys. Jam-packed with yummy wholegrains, this rock-hard formulation will keep horses licking for longer while offering different textures and tastes to a traditional lick. The new pot design will make these a breeze to open.

    Available in 550g

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  10. Bizzy Horse Corner Mounting Bracket

    The Bizzy Horse Corner Mounting Bracket is designed to be mounted discretely in the corner of the stable or paddock and has been designed to help horses which are prone to crib-biting, wind-sucking or chewing. 

    The Bizzy Ball horse toy then attaches to the bracket and is able to spin.

    One size.

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  11. Likit Boredom Buster

    The Likit Boredom Buster is by far the most challenging Likit stable toy yet! Whether you use it on its own or together with the Likit Holder, it should help with reducing stereotypical behaviour. Studies show that stable toys relieve boredom and can reduce behaviour such as cribbing, pacing, weaving and even kicking.

    The Boredom Buster should be hung from the ceiling of the stable and as the horse tries to lick the Likit it will swing and also spin around providing a challenge. This makes it great for horses that tend to scoff their Likits!

    The Boredom Buster can be used with either one or two Little Likits. Little Likits contain no artificial colours or flavourings.  Little Likits come in a wide range of flavours and can be bought in singles or multi-packs. Please note no likits are supplied with this toy, these need to be purchased seperately.

    The Likit Boredom Buster is supplied in purple & green.


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  12. Likit Snaks Horse Treats

    RRP £3.99

    From: £0.99

    Likit Snaks are a fun tasty treat for your horse and pony, available in a range of great flavours. Likit Snaks are free from artificial colours or flavourings and are low in sugar, your horse will love them!

    Likit Snaks are available in two packet sizes, the 100g pack fits perfectly into your pocket so that you always have a treat at hand.

    The larger 500g pack is resealable making it ideal for filling a Snak-a-Ball for in the stable to counteract boredom.

    Available 500g and 100g; Apple & Cinnamon, Mint & Eucalyptus and Rainbow.


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  13. Likit Snak-A-Ball

    The Likit Snak-A-Ball is a great toy and boredom breaker, helping to stimulate natural grazing behaviour. It's designed to be filled with Likit Snacks or dry horse feed - use muesli for less of a challenge, or pellets to make this more of a challenge. This treat ball delivers small amounts of food when pushed around as the horse pushes it around, extending feeding times and keeping the horse occupied. By pushing this ball around the horse is encouraged to stretch forwards and down, improving muscle tone and flexibility. This ball can be used in the field or stable and is a good choice for horses on box rest. 

    This Snak-A-Ball is an ideal choice for overweight horses and ponies which are on limited rations or for horses that are prone to bolting their feed. It can also be used to feed an additional ration to the horse's bucket feed.

    Available in Red, Aqua and Purple/Lilac


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  14. Bizzy Bites Boredom Buster Stable Toy

    The Bizzy Bites Boredom Buster Stable Toy is a cleverly designed, multi-functional horse toy designed to keep your horse distracted and to reduce stress. Stable toys are also proven to effectively reduce stable vices and boredom. With its unique design this toy can be hung from the wall, left loose on the floor or attached to a bracket depending on your horse's requirements. 

    This stable toy features sponges made from biodegradable fibres which are soaked in mint essential oil and inserted inside the toy to give off a lasting mint scent making it attractive to most horses and ponies. Developed to extend the horses interest long after the edible refill has finished, this is an innovative interactive stable toy that your horse will love.

    Bizzy Bites Boredom Buster Stable Toy refills are made from a unique recipe, using extremely high temperatures during the production process, to create a solid centre that the horse can only lick or scrape. When used in conjunction with the toy, it also spins making it even more challenging and entertaining.

    This product is not supplied with the refill.

    Available in pink or aqua.

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  15. Jolly Ball Stable Toy
    This extraordinary play ball is not like all the others, puncturing and biting will not destroy it as it does not need air to inflate. This stable toy is ideal for use in the paddock or in the stable to keep horses occupied. Learn More
  16. Bizzy Bites Refill Lick

    Bizzy Bites Boredom Buster Stable Toy Refills are made from a unique recipe, using extremely high temperatures during the production process, to create a solid centre that the horse can only lick or scrape. When used in conjunction with the toy, it also spins making it even more challenging and entertaining.

    Available in 1KG licks in flavours original, mint, garlic and apple to suit all equine tastes!

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  17. Stubbs Rock 'N' Roll Treat Ball
    The Stubbs Rock 'N' Roll Treat Ball is the ideal choice to keep your horse occupied in the stable or field. Designed for heavy duty use, this treat ball is exceptionally strong and durable. The dispensing hole is 30mm diameter and suits most treats including larger nuts. With a separate built-in funnel, filling is easy and quick. Moulded from ultra-tough stubbythene, this toy is supremely durable. Available in a range of colours. Learn More
  18. Likit Refills

    Likits Refills are 650g tubs, designed to be used with the Likit Boredom Breaker and the Likit Boredom Buster toys to keep your horse occupied while in the stable. This treat can help to reduce stress and boredom, promote salivation and improve the horse's stable environment. 

    Likits are free from artificial flavourings or colourings and are a great treat for your horse or pony. Likits are available in a wide choice of flavours which your horse or pony will love, in both sweet and salty flavours.

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Stereotypical behaviour is an area which has been misunderstood for years; it was thought that stereotypical behaviours such as weaving, cribbing and windsucking were performed because horses were naughty and as a result these behaviours were punished. However, we now understand that horses present with stereotypies as a coping mechanism for stressful situations. Stereotypical behaviour results in the release of endorphins, the feel good chemical, helping horses to cope with a situation that they otherwise find stressful. Therefore instead of forcibly preventing a horse from performing a stereotypical behaviour, you can add novel stimuli to his environment such as stable toys and boredom breakers to reduce his anxiety within the environment. Stable toys are available in the form of likits, scented play balls and mirrors which all help to make the environment a little less stressful to the horse.