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47 products

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  1. Shires Kick Over Door Bolt

    RRP £14.50

    From: £13.05

    Galvanised steel kick bolt for added security. Learn More
  2. Le Mieux Rug Hanging Rack

    RRP £49.96

    From: £47.46

    The Le Mieux Rug Hanging Rack is a useful accessory for both at shows and at home. This rack is easily hung up and is made with quality wooden struts. It folds easily for travel and it perfect for staying away at shows.

    Available in Black or Navy; one size.

    Wipe clean only.

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  3. Horslyx Stable Lick Holder

    The Horslyx Stable Lick Holder is a versatile, wall mounted bracket and tub which has been designed to use in the stable, field or horsebox to be used in conjunction with the Horslyx 5kg refill tubs. This stable lick holder comes complete with a detachable restrictor bar to prevent greedy horses and ponies from over-consuming the lick. 

    This stable lick holder folds away completely flat when not in use.

    To be used with the Horslyx 5kg refill tubs.

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  4. Horslyx 15kg Lick Holder

    The Horslyx 15kg Lick Holder is a strong, durable holder designed for use in the stable or the field. Simply slot in the Horslyx 15kg lick tubs for safe and easy feeding. It's virtually impossible to be knocked over or damaged, and protects your horse against wayward hooves which may occasionally lead to damaged tubs.

    This lick holder is weatherproof and is a cost-effective feeding method. It's multi-purpose and can also be used as a floor feeder for in the stable or field.

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  5. Perry Equestrian Three Prong Tack Hook

    Online for Equine offer the Perry Equestrian Three Prong Tack Hook.

    Featuring three prongs and a loop to enable you to hang the hook. Ideal for hanging and storing bridles when space is limited, also ideal for travelling tack and for use when cleaning saddlery.

    Available in a range of bright, bold colours.

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  6. NAF Crib Stop

    NAF Crib Stop is an unpleasant tasting water repellent coating to discourage your horse from biting wood and other hard surfaces, available in a handy spray bottle.

    Available in 500ml.

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  7. Bizzy Horse Corner Mounting Bracket

    The Bizzy Horse Corner Mounting Bracket is designed to be mounted discretely in the corner of the stable or paddock and has been designed to help horses which are prone to crib-biting, wind-sucking or chewing. 

    The Bizzy Ball horse toy then attaches to the bracket and is able to spin.

    One size.

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  8. Shires Auto Door Bolt

    RRP £10.50

    From: £9.45

    Clever door bolt to stop horses letting themselves out of their stables. Galvanised Steel.

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  9. Perry Equestrian Rug Rail

    Online for Equine offer the Perry Equestrian Rug Rail.

    Ideal for hanging and storing rugs when space is limited, also ideal for in lorries or trailers. Powder coated metal for improved lifespan, supplied in a range of bright, bold colours.

    This rug rack also features two hooks below ideal for headcollars.

    Screws not included (requires four screws for attachment to wall).

    Learn More
  10. Stubbs Corner Haylage Rack

    RRP £43.57

    From: £39.21

    The Stubbs Corner Haylage Rack is a great option for feeding hay and haylage in the stable. Smaller mesh encourages slow feeding while ensuring the hay/haylage stays inside the rack. This Stubbs haylage rack is made from strong steel which is hot dip galvanised for maximum durability. 

    Supplied with four zinc plated brackets for complete flexibility when mounting.

    Weight: 3.3kg

    Dimensions: H 53cm x W 87cm x D 61cm

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  11. Stubbs Anti-Weave Infill

    RRP £70.24

    From: £52.15

    This anti-weave infill is designed to fit with the Stubbs Anti-Weave Grill, providing added security for young horses or for horse's that bite on a busy yard where children are present. Learn More
  12. Hydrophane Cribox Liquid

    Online for Equine offer the Hydrophane Cribox Liquid.

    Easy way to deter crib-biting or chewing of wooden rails and rugs. Colourless liquid for easy application.

    Available in 250ml.

    Learn More
  13. Perry Equestrian Saddle Rack

    Perry Equestrian Saddle Racks are colourful steel saddle racks that are suitable for storing any saddle and are powder coated for extended life. Their tubular construction ensures they are strong and durable.

    H: 27cm, W 25cm, Extension 54cm
    Weight: 1.34kg

    Available in Black, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Purple and Orange

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  14. Barrier Animal Healthcare Citronella Fresh Deoderising Spray with Lavender Oil

    Online for Equine offer the Barrier Animal Healthcare Citronella Fresh Deoderiser Spray with Lavender Oil.

    100% natural super concentrated deoderiser spray, totally safe for the environment, the user and animals. The pleasant aromas of citronella and lavender work instantly.

    Helps to stop horses from eating bedding, eliminates cat spraying odours and combats 'wet dog' smells.

    Available in 500ml.

    Learn More
  15. Perry Equestrian Saddle Rack Folding Pole

    Perry Equestrian Saddle Rack Folding Pole folds down against the wall when not in use - convenient for smaller tack rooms, inside lorries or for outside stables (where they can be folded down for safety). These folding saddle racks are powder coated for extended life and come with a wall mounted bracket.

    Available in Black, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Purple and Orange.

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  16. Stubbs Corner Manger Frame

    The Stubbs Corner Manger Frame is made from a tubular frame complete with pre-made fixing holes to make fitting easier. This corner manger frame is designed to be used in conjunction with the Stubbs Corner Manger or alternative corner bucket and fits snugly into the corner of the stable. Ideal for use in a smaller stable where space is limited and can be positioned at any height to suit your horse or pony.

    Weight: 1.12kg

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  17. Mark Todd Large Stable Door Drape

    RRP £59.98

    From: £42.00

    The Mark Todd Stable Door Drapes are made to simply hang from the top of a door way, closing the area off without sealing it up completely, The drapes are great at competitions and at large livery yards where they can help to keep bright sunlight or cold air out, while also shutting the stable off slightly while still letting a cooling breeze inside during any warmer days.

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  18. Shires Tie Ring with Plate

    RRP £2.50

    From: £2.25

    Tie ring with plate.

    Learn More
  19. Gold Label Stop Chew Liquid

    Online for Equine offer the Gold Label Stop Chew Liquid.

    Anti-crib formula containing bitter substances with an added ingredient that causes a tingling sensation that horses dislike to discourage chewing or cribbing.

    Can be applied to all surfaces including stables, fences and rugs. Non staining.

    Available in 500ml.

    Learn More
  20. Le Mieux Stable Guard

    RRP £19.96

    From: £18.96

    The Le Mieux Stable Guard is ideal for added a touch of class to your stable whether at home or away at shows. Adjustable straps and strong clips ensure a safe fit. This material stable guard is perfect for adding bespoke embroidery too for your team or logo while staying away at shows. This material stable guard may also prove a good option for horses which duck under chains or traditional stable guards.

    Available in Navy; one size.

    Wipe clean only.

    Learn More
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Online for Equine stock a variety of stable fittings and fixtures ideal for those building or improving their horse's stable. From superb brands such as Saddlers and Shires, we have selected a collection of ironmongery including tie rings, anti-weave grills and door fittings which have been crafted from superb materials here in the UK. We also offer a range of bucket clips and anti-chew strips alongside salt lick holders to make the stable safer for your horse. Ensuring your horse's stable is safe and free from sharp edges is essential, particularly for those using their stable as a foaling box.