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Stable Fittings
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  1. Perry Equestrian Handy Hanger
  2. Perry Equestrian Saddle Rack
  3. Perry Equestrian Saddle Rack Folding Pole
  4. Perry Equestrian Stall Chain
  5. Perry Equestrian Kickover Stable Latch
  6. Perry Equestrian Staple on Plate (Pack of 2)
  7. Perry Equestrian Tie Ring on Plate (Packs of 2)
  8. Perry Equestrian Safetie Safety Release Point
  9. Le Mieux Bungee Tie
  10. Anti-Pull Back Spring Tie Bungee
  11. Saddlers Door Grille
  12. Stubbs Corner Haylage Rack
    Stubbs Corner Haylage Rack
    From Special Price £39.21 RRP Regular Price £43.57
  13. Saddlers Stable Grille
  14. Hydrophane Cribox Liquid
  15. Hydrophane Cribox Paint
  16. Saddlers Anti-Weave Grill Infill Panel
  17. Saddlers Anti-Weave Grille
  18. Stubbs Anti-Weave Infill
    Stubbs Anti-Weave Infill
    From Special Price £63.21 RRP Regular Price £70.24
  19. Stubbs Anti-Weave Grille
    Stubbs Anti-Weave Grille
    From Special Price £77.26 RRP Regular Price £85.84
  20. Idolo Tether Ties
  21. Perry Equestrian Rug Rail
  22. Shires Kick Over Door Bolt
  23. Shires Auto Door Bolt
  24. Shires Multi-Purpose Stable Fixing
  25. Shires Snap Hook on Wall Plate
  26. Shires Tie Ring with Plate
  27. Shires Swivel Tie Ring
  28. Shires Webbing Elasticated Bungee
  29. Shires Stall Chain
    Shires Stall Chain
    From Special Price £17.94 RRP Regular Price £22.99
  30. Shires Blanket Rack
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 52

Set Descending Direction
Online for Equine stock a variety of stable fittings and fixtures ideal for those building or improving their horse's stable. From superb brands such as Saddlers and Shires, we have selected a collection of ironmongery including tie rings, anti-weave grills and door fittings which have been crafted from superb materials here in the UK. We also offer a range of bucket clips and anti-chew strips alongside salt lick holders to make the stable safer for your horse. Ensuring your horse's stable is safe and free from sharp edges is essential, particularly for those using their stable as a foaling box.