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71 products

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  1. NAF No Bite

    NAF No Bite is an unpleasant tasting spray designed to discourage chewing of rugs and bandages.

    Comes in a handy spray bottle. Washes off easily.

    Available in 500ml

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  2. Likit Snaks Horse Treats

    RRP £3.99

    From: £0.99

    Likit Snaks are a fun tasty treat for your horse and pony, available in a range of great flavours. Likit Snaks are free from artificial colours or flavourings and are low in sugar, your horse will love them!

    Likit Snaks are available in two packet sizes, the 100g pack fits perfectly into your pocket so that you always have a treat at hand.

    The larger 500g pack is resealable making it ideal for filling a Snak-a-Ball for in the stable to counteract boredom.

    Available 500g and 100g; Apple & Cinnamon, Mint & Eucalyptus and Rainbow.


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  3. Little Likits
    From: £1.99

    Little Likits are 250g tubs designed for use with the Boredom Breaker, Boredom Buster and Tongue Twister to keep your horse occupied in the stable. This treat can be used with stable toys to improve the horses environment to help reduce stressful situations and make the stable a more interesting place to be.

    Little Likits are free from artificial flavourings or colourings, a great treat for your horse or pony. Little Likits are available in a wide choice of flavours which yourhorse or pony will love!

    Little Likits are available in either a single 250g size or a 5 x 250g multipack.



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  4. Likit Hot Pink Pliers

    Online for Equine astock the Likit Long NosePliers.

    These pliers are for removing Likits from Boredom Busters or Tongue Twister stable toys, saving your fingers!

    Supplied in hot pink.

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  5. Barrier Animal Healthcare Citronella Fresh Deoderising Spray with Lavender Oil

    Online for Equine offer the Barrier Animal Healthcare Citronella Fresh Deoderiser Spray with Lavender Oil.

    100% natural super concentrated deoderiser spray, totally safe for the environment, the user and animals. The pleasant aromas of citronella and lavender work instantly.

    Helps to stop horses from eating bedding, eliminates cat spraying odours and combats 'wet dog' smells.

    Available in 500ml.

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  6. H2Go Water Carrier

    The H2Go Water Carrier is an easier way to fill water buckets instead of carrying buckets or containers from the yard to the field! This H2Go Water Carrier fits inside a wheelbarrow and allows you to transport up to 80 litres of water easily. It's designed with a fitted spout which makes the water easy to pour, with an attached cap to avoid spillages.

    Includes a non-slip mat which sits under the bag inside the wheelbarrow. 

    Capacity: 80ltrs

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  7. Perry Equestrian Three Prong Tack Hook

    Online for Equine offer the Perry Equestrian Three Prong Tack Hook.

    Featuring three prongs and a loop to enable you to hang the hook. Ideal for hanging and storing bridles when space is limited, also ideal for travelling tack and for use when cleaning saddlery.

    Available in a range of bright, bold colours.

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  8. Mark Todd Large Stable Door Drape

    RRP £59.98

    From: £49.49

    The Mark Todd Stable Door Drapes are made to simply hang from the top of a door way, closing the area off without sealing it up completely, The drapes are great at competitions and at large livery yards where they can help to keep bright sunlight or cold air out, while also shutting the stable off slightly while still letting a cooling breeze inside during any warmer days.

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  9. Shires Collapsible Saddle Stand

    RRP £19.99

    From: £17.95

    Online for Equine offer the Shires Collapsible Saddle Stand?.

    Made of high quality materails, this saddle stand features welded points and three legs which can be removed for ease of collapse and storage.

    This saddle stand is fully portable and ideal for storing a saddle when not in use.

    Supplied in one size only in black.

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  10. Shires Saddle Rack

    RRP £12.99

    From: £11.69

    Online for Equine offer the Shires Saddle Rack.

    Made of high quality materials, this saddle rack features welding for added stability and strength.

    Supplied in one size, available in a variety of colours.

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  11. Equine Scratcher

    RRP £19.99

    From: £18.95

    The Equine Scratcher is a texturised, flexible panel which can be mounted on a fence or stable wall allowing horses to safely scratch without the risk of injury or damage; the no-pull surface will not tear at your horse's mane, tail or coat. It offers relief from insect bites, boredom or the discomfort of shedding a seasonal coat.

    This scratcher panel is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and each panel has a unique surface which stands up to the most determined of nibblers. The UV stabiliser means it will not crack or rot in seasonal weather.

    Dimensions: 64cm (25") x 28cm (11")

    Includes mounting hardware

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  12. Shires Ball Feeder

    RRP £17.99

    From: £15.76

    Encourages a more natural, slower eating pattern than feeding from a bucket. A useful aid for relieving boredom or stress in the stable or paddock and for horses on box rest. Fill with pony nuts and let your horse explore how to release them. Small 'rewards' are dispensed as the ball is rolled around.

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  13. Shires Ezi-Kit Handy Hanger

    RRP £9.99

    From: £8.99

    Heavy duty plastic coated metal hanger, ideal for hanging up bridles and headcollars and cleaning tack.

    Width: 36cm

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  14. Shires Bridle Rack

    RRP £4.50

    From: £4.05

    The Shires Bridle Racks are individual, plastic coated durable bridle racks designed to be screwed to the wall. They come in a variety of colours and feature a useful hook for additional storage.

    Available in Black, Blue, Purple, Green, Red, Pink and Orange.

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  15. Shires Five Bridle Rack

    RRP £11.99

    From: £10.79

    Plastic coated rack to hold five bridles.

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  16. Shires Pole Type Folding Saddle Rack

    RRP £10.50

    From: £9.45

    Folding saddle rack, perfect for tack rooms where space is a premium. The arm remains attached when it is folded down.

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  17. Shires Ezi-Kit Cleaning Hook

    RRP £3.50

    From: £3.15

    Three pronged cleaning hook, perfect for hanging bridles from for cleaning.

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  18. Shires Stable Hooks - Small

    RRP £5.99

    From: £5.39

    Set of five hooks for headcollars or bridles.

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  19. Shires Stable Hook - Large

    RRP £3.99

    From: £3.59

    Large wall hook for the stable.

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  20. Shires Display Rings with Hooks

    RRP £12.50

    From: £11.25

    Display rings with useful hooks to make headcollars, bridles and other items that need to be displayed easier to hang up.

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