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57 products

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  1. Equilibrium Simply Scoop

    The Equilibrium Simply Scoop is designed to measure out portions of the Simply Irresistible feed topper to ensure that measurements are accurate and even.

    1 scoop measures 50g of the topper, which is the perfect amount to add to your horses hard feed to encourage them to eat.

    The Scoop is easy to keep hold off, with it's easy clip feature to clip it to the Simply Irresistible bags. This clip feature also means that it's easy to reseal the bags, ensuring the topper lasts longer.

    This handy scoop is available in one size only, and comes in Pink or Orange.

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  2. Le Mieux Hippo Hay Net

    RRP £12.50

    From: £11.88

    The Le Mieux Hippo Hay Net is the ideal net for greedy feeders, regulating their feed intake with smaller holes. This ensures better digestion, as well as reducing the amount of waste.

    Available in Blue/Grey and Burgundy/Beige.

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  3. Stubbs Corner Haylage Rack

    RRP £43.57

    From: £39.21

    The Stubbs Corner Haylage Rack is a great option for feeding hay and haylage in the stable. Smaller mesh encourages slow feeding while ensuring the hay/haylage stays inside the rack. This Stubbs haylage rack is made from strong steel which is hot dip galvanised for maximum durability. 

    Supplied with four zinc plated brackets for complete flexibility when mounting.

    Weight: 3.3kg

    Dimensions: H 53cm x W 87cm x D 61cm

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  4. Classic Showjumps Tack & Blanket Storage Box (200Ltr Capacity)

    This rug and tack box from Classic Showjumps is perfect for storing equestrian items whether in the tack room or out in a field. These boxes are vermin proof and are lockable so they are also ideal for the storage of horse feed. The durable and weatherproof outer makes this tack locker ideal for use outdoors and ensures the colour will not fade in the sun. This tack & blanket storage box has a 200 litre capacity and is lockable for security.

    Dimensions are 720mm wide x 750mm deep x 710mm high.

    Height: 71.0cm Weight: 13.0kg

    Available in a range of colours.

    Manufactured from polyethylene here in the UK, Classic Showjumps products are a firm favourite and will not crack or discolour. The price of this tack & blanket box includes delivery and sales are subject to stock levels with the manufacturer; this price is per individual standard mounting block. 

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  5. Rhino Flexi Tub

    Online for Equine stock these Rhino Flexi Tubs.

    Made of high quality materials, these flexi tubs are available from 12 litre capacity right up to 75 litre capacity making them highly versatile and are ideal for 1000's of equestrian requirements. They are also suitable for many other uses around the farm, in the garden or even in the building industry!

    To make them easy to lift and carry the handles are moulded into the tub and as they are pliable you will find them easy to transport. These tubs also feature reinforced edges to avoid splitting.

    Please note we cannot guarantee colour availability but please select your preference and where possible we will fulfil the order with your colour preference.

    Why not take a look at the Rhino Runna, which takes a 40 Litre tub, as it will take the strain when moving feed about or mucking out the field.

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  6. Shires Deluxe Small Hole Haylage Net

    RRP £12.99

    From: £10.50

    The deluxe haylage net from Shires is a superbly strong haylage net ideal for controlled feeding of hay of haylage. This haylage net features small holes and a strong rope to ensure the net is hung securely and high off the floor.

    The mesh size is 30mm (1.25") making it ideal for horses and ponies alike.

    This haylage net is available in small (blue & black) or large (red & black).

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  7. Shires Haynet

    RRP £5.99

    From: £5.39

    Extra strong nylon haynet with larger holes and metal rings. Mesh size: 10cm (4") and capacity 6.5kg

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  8. Shires Deluxe Haynet

    RRP £9.99

    From: £8.99

    Extra strong haynet featuring metal rings at the bottom and around the top enabling easy filling and tying. Mesh features 5.5cm (2.25") holes to reduce wastage. Capacity: 6.5kg

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  9. Shires Bale Tidy

    RRP £18.50

    From: £16.96

    An essential labour saving device for anyone who has to carry bales of hay or straw in their car. A bale shaped bag made from heavy duty nylon with two carrying handles.

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  10. Shires All-Mesh Hay Bag

    RRP £26.99

    From: £20.83

    An easy to fill hay bag with small mesh panels on both sides so that the horse has to work to eat. The base and sides are made from a perforated fabric to enable water to drain easily. A good size to accommodate a large quantity of hay.

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  11. Shires Hay Bag Deluxe

    RRP £19.99

    From: £17.85

    Tough, practical and easy to fill, the small feeding area of this hay bag makes it useful for controlled feeding and restricted diets and can offering greater entertainment for stabled horses. Reduces wastage and mess, so great for feed economy, tidy stables and perfect for transportation. The base features riveted holes for drainage of soaked feed.

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  12. Shires Hay Bag

    RRP £12.99

    From: £11.69

    Strong bag with cut out hole to reduce hay wastage. Tough and easy to use.

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  13. Shires Corner Manger

    The Shires Corner Manger is a sturdy corner bucket ideal for fitting into a corner manger frame (supplied seperately) for feeding in the stable. Using this manger with the frame allows you to remove the bucket for easy cleaning. Complete with anti-waste bars which double up as handles. This corner manger is durable and frost-proof.

    Dimensions: 65cm x 44cm x 30cm

    Available in a range of colours

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  14. Shires Feed Scoop

    RRP £4.99

    From: £4.49

    Robust feed scoop with a plastic coated metal handle for durability. Frost proof.

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  15. Shires Corn Scoop

    RRP £2.99

    From: £2.69

    Made from frost proof, durable polythene.

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  16. Stubbs Feed Scoop

    Robust feed scoop with a Stubbyfine coated steel handle for durability. Frost proof.

    Tough Stubbythene moulding for long lasting strength.

    Graduated markings. Height 10cm, Width 23cm, Depth 34cm, Weight 0.47kg.

    Dry capacity 2.7 litre.

    Available in black, blue, green, red, purple, pink or white.

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  17. Stubbs Corner Manger

    The Stubbs Corner Manger is a high quality, strong and durable plastic corner bucket which fits inside the Stubbs Corner Bracket. This corner bucket is ideal for feed and water, keeping it off the ground so it can't be kicked over while giving the horse more space in the stable. The Stubbs Corner Manger incorporates to anti-waste bars which double up as carry handles.

    Available in a wide range of colours. 

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  18. Stubbs Tyre Feed Bowl

    Online for Equine stock the Stubbs Tyre Feed Bowl.

    Stubbs make this round feed bowl in quality, strong polyethylene and is sold in a range of colours. Designed to be placed inside any old 14" tyre (not supplied )for horses who have a tendency to chase their feed bowl around the field or stable.

    This feed bowl has an 18 litre capacity.

    Height 19 cm Width 53 cm Weight 1.59 kg
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  19. Stubbs Original Muck Bucket

    RRP £42.07

    From: £37.87

    The Stubbs Original Muck Bucket is a heavy duty bucket made from tough stubbythene moulding. Reinforced eyes and strong rope handles ensure this bucket can be moved while fully loaded, withstanding the weight. 

    Height 42cm, width 60cm. Dry capacity 81 litres.

    Available in a range of colours.

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  20. ProStable 3 Gallon Water Bucket
    From: £3.79

    Online for Equine offer the ProStable 3 Gallon Water Bucket.

    This highly versatile, heavy duty bucket is made from strong plastic making it ideal for regular and heavy duty use. It features a metal handle with plastic grip for added comfort whilst carrying water.

    This bucket is ideal for use as a water bucket in the stable or field and is ideal for use whilst bathing.

    This bucket has a 3 gallon capacity and is available in a variety of colours.

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