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  1. Cavaletti Collection Gullet Bar

    The Cavaletti Adjustable Gullet Bar is unique to the range of Cavaletti Collection saddles.  This gullet bar is incredibly easy to change in a few simple steps and a matter of minutes. Great option if your horse changes shape from season to season and also purchasing a new horse doesn’t mean you will have to buy a new saddle!

     Available Widths; NM, M, MW, W, XW, XXW

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Online for Equine offer a collection of saddles that have interchangeable gullets meaning they can be adjusted according to the width of your horse. We offer a range of gullets allowing you to find the perfect width saddle for your horse so whether you have a narrow Thoroughbred or a wide Irish Draught, you will find a gullet to suit. By using a gullet measuring kit, you can gauge the width of saddle that your horse requires. By asking a member of The Society of Master Saddlers to confirm your saddle fit, you will help to ensure your horse is comfortable under saddle and performing at his best. We also offer horse measuring equipment allowing you to track the height and weight of your horse. Recording your horse's height and weight on a regular basis will help you to monitor his condition and respond with necessary nutritional adjustments.