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  1. Le Mieux Integrated Dressage / Mono Girth
  2. Shires Girth Extension with elastic inserts
  3. Mark Todd Short Event Girth
  4. Mark Todd Short Stud Girth
  5. Mark Todd Stud Girth
  6. Mark Todd Girth
  7. Cottage Craft PVC Elasticated Shaped Girth
  8. Cottage Craft Dressage Airflow Girth
  9. Cottage Craft Standard Airflow Elasticated Girth
  10. Cottage Craft Parallel Airflow Girth
  11. Shires Anti-Chafe Overlay Girth
  12. Shires Fleece Lined Girth
  13. Shires Girth Buckle Guards
  14. Mark Todd Dressage Girth
  15. HyComfort Waffle Dressage Girth
  16. Horze Smooth Dressage Girth
  17. JHL Detachable Fleece Backed Girth
  18. Shires Blenheim Leather Atherstone Girth
  19. Shires Fleece Lined Dressage Girth
  20. Shires Anti-Chafe Short Stud Guard Girth
  21. Shires Anti-Chafe Long Stud Guard Girth
  22. Mark Todd Performance Short Stud Girth
  23. Hy Comfort Cushion Girth
  24. Hy Comfort Waffle Girth
  25. Shires Fleece Lined Contour Girth
  26. GFS Humane Atherstone Girth
  27. Shires Neoprene Dressage Girth
  28. Shires Burghley Dressage Girth
  29. Shires Wessex Atherstone Leather Girth
  30. Shires Humane Anti-Chafe Girth
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 37

Set Descending Direction

Horse Girth

Girths for horses are a popular piece of tack used by a great number of riders, it is apparatus used to keep the saddle in place whist the rider is riding. The horse girth is attached to either side of the saddle and passes underneath the body, or barrel, of the horse. A girth allows the horse to remain on as normal, whilst the saddle (and the rider) remain perfectly secure.

There are many different types of girths for horses available, each with their own features. You can explore our range of girths on this page and see which one is best for you. If you are undecided or need additional support or information, you can contact our team who'd be happy to offer their opinions and thoughts.

Girths are made from high quality materials and should be well maintained as scurf and dirt can easily build up in the fibres used to make horse girths. Ensuring you regularly clean your girth will help to prevent the development of girth galls and sores. A common misconception that riders have about horse girths is that they actually have a negative effect on a horse's breathing; this is not true! A good, high quality girth, like the ones we offer, will have no effect on your horse's breathing.

In the majority of cases a girth is more than plenty to keep a saddle in place, however in some disciplines there jumping or faster riding is involved you may want to consider a horse breastplate as well as a girth.