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  1. Le Mieux Lambskin Breast Girth Covers

    RRP £32.50

    From: £30.87

    The Le Mieux Lambskin Breast Girth Covers is made from superbly soft, 100% natural Merino wool for comfort and to help prevent rubbing or chaffing. The velcro fastening makes these breast girth covers simple to attach and remove. These lambskin breast girths are now a longer length to cover the point of shoulder, reaching around to the girth/saddle flap either side.

    Can be cut to size.

    Available in Black, Brown or Natural; one size.

    Machine washable at 30ºC on a cool/wool wash cycle; air dry near a heat source - never tumble dry

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  2. Le Mieux Stud Guard Cover

    RRP £54.95

    From: £52.20

    The Le Mieux Stud Guard Cover is shaped and designed to fit most stud girths. Covered in luxurious lambskin this girth cover prevents rubbing and chaffing when jumping. The cotton quilting lining gives additional comfort and stability. The stud girth cover is held in place with flexible central velcro cross-over straps and double adjustable girth straps on either end.

    Washable at 30ºC on a cool/wool cycle; air dry near a heat source - do not tumble dry.

    Available in Black, Natural or Brown; long or short lengths - Long = 85cm/34", Short = 70cm/28".

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  3. Shires Performance SupaFleece Breastgirth Sleeve

    The Shires Performance SupaFleece Breastgirth Sleeve is a super soft, sheepskin feel supafleece designed for maximum comfort.

    Feel it to believe it! SupaFleece looks like sheepskin, wears like sheepskin, washes better than sheepskin and dries super fast! The sheepskin-like SupaFleece increases air circulation to reduce the risk of rubbing and sores offering your horse maximum comfort. Wraps around the breastgirth and secures with a touch close fastening.

    Supplied in 90cm length in black, brown or natural.

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  4. Shires Acrilan Girth Sleeve

    RRP £4.99

    From: £4.49

    Comfortable girth sleeve to help protect the horse from chafing and sores. Available in Black or Natural. Available in Length 24" (61cm) or Length 38" (96.5cm)

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  5. Le Mieux Dressage Slip-On Girth Sleeve

    RRP £39.95

    From: £37.95

    The Le Mieux Dressage Slip-On Girth Sleeve are made from high quality Merino lambskin and are effective in preventing rubbing and preventing girth galls, especially for sensitive skinned horses. They also help to prevent sweat build-up - Merino lambskin is breathable and wicking. 

    60cm x 15cm - can be cut to size.

    Available in Black or Natural.

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  6. Le Mieux Jumping Slip-On Girth Sleeves

    RRP £39.95

    From: £37.95

    These 'slip-on' style traditional girth sleeves are made from the same high quality Australian Merino lambskin as the numnahs and are very effective against girth gauls, sweat build-up and rubbing in the girth area especially with sensitive skinned horses. (80cm x 12cm) girths. Can be cut to size. If washed carefully on a wool cycle (max 30 degrees), or by hand, ideally with WoolSkin Wash (available from Horse Health) or with non-biological powder or liquid these lambskin pads will last for years. A tip we give, if WoolSkin is not to hand, is to pour several capfuls of human hair conditioner (for dry hair type) over the underside of the lambskin prior to placing in the machine. Always air dry. DO NOT tumble dry or place directly on a heat source.

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  7. Le Mieux Merino+ Shaped Dressage Girth Cover

    RRP £47.50

    From: £42.70

    The Le Mieux Merino+ Shaped Dressage Girth Cover is a luxurious girth cover which is half lined with super soft Merino lambswool, ideal for preventing rubbing and pinching to the sensitive girth area. This lambswool lining also maximises comfort and ease of movement for improved performance. The new and improved design fully prevents any twisting and slipping to keep the girth cover secure. The added length also supports the ends of the girth to prevent any unwanted or uneven pressure. 

    This shaped girth cover is secured with two seperate elasticated loops which take the girth straps and keep it in position to avoid rotation. 

    Fitting advice: correctly fitting the two centre velcro straps is essential to prevent the girth cover from slipping. Pull the first velcro strap over the girth and tuck the end underneath. Then pull the top velcro strap firmly the other way and attach, creating a "pinch point" for maximum security of the cover. Ensure when fitting your cover to your girth the tabs are pointing towards the back (as per the images shown).

    Available in Black/Black, Natural/Black or White/White; sizes Medium (65cm/26"), Large (75cm/30") or X Large (80cm/33")

    Machine washable at 30ºC on a cool/wool cycle; air dry near a heat source - do not tumble dry.

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  8. Shires Performance SupaFleece Girth Sleeve

    RRP £15.99

    From: £10.79

    Soft, thick and breathable, this sheepskin-like girth sleeve protects against chaffing and soreness by increasing airflow. 100% polyester fur. Machine washable. Available in sizes 24" or 38" in three different colours.

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Girth Sleeves

Ideal for sensitive horses, girth sleeves offer a soft and comfortable girth cover that helps to prevent rubs, sores and pinching on sensitive areas around the horse’s underside and behind the elbows. They offer the horse better comfort while working which can assist with improving the horse’s ridden performance.

Lambskin, sheepskin, faux fleece and neoprene girth sleeves will all offer an exceptionally comfortable addition to girths – we stock a selection of girth sleeves for long girths, short girths, dressage girths and shaped girths, helping to ensure you can find the right option for your horse.