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  1. Shires Performance Supafleece Airflow Anti-Slip Numnah
  2. Shires Air Motion Numnah
  3. Shires Performance Numnah
  4. Shires Fully Lined Numnah
  5. Le Mieux Merino Front Rolled Edge GP Numnah
  6. Le Mieux Half Lined Close Contact Numnah
  7. Le Mieux ProSport 3D Mesh Air Close Contact Half Square
  8. Le Mieux Pro-Sorb Plain GP Numnah
  9. Le Mieux Pro-Sorb GP Jumping Numnah
  10. Acavallo GP Jumping Twin Sided Numnahs
  11. Le Mieux Plain GP Numnah
  12. Le Mieux Pro Sport Plain Close Contact Cotton Numnah
  13. Le Mieux Pro Lambskin Full Monty GP Jump Numnah
  14. Le Mieux Pro Lambskin Half Lined GP Jump Numnah
  15. Le Mieux Half Lined Dressage Numnah
  16. Le Mieux Pro Lambskin Working Hunter Numnah
  17. Le Mieux Pro Lambskin Show Numnah
  18. Shires Wessex Numnah
  19. Shires Performance SupaFleece Numnah
  20. Shires Half Lined Numnah
  21. Shires Quilted Numnah
  22. Cottage Craft Classic High Wither GP Numnah
  23. Caldene Fully Lined Sheepskin Rolled GP Numnah
  24. Cottage Craft Epsom Numnah
  25. Cottage Craft Apollo Numnah
  26. JHL Classic GP Numnah
  27. Cottage Craft Wentmore High Wither Numnah
Grid List

27 Items

Set Descending Direction


A numnah is a saddle pad, placed underneath the saddle the numnah's original purpose was to protect the saddle from sweat from the horse and dirt. Similar to a saddle cloth, a numnah can cushion the saddle, protect the horse's back and provide a layer of sweat protection between the saddle and the horse's back.

A saddle pad (numnah) is quite thick in comparison to other saddle protection alternatives, the shape of this type of saddle pad matches the relative shape of the saddle, making the numnah a favourite amongst horse riders.

A good numnah will be able to absorb shock whilst riding and ensure that the horse's back muscles do not fatigue. With a tough outer layer on top and a softer inside for the horse's back, the numnah contains layers of a soft substance like a foam or a felt like material.

Online for Equine offers a wide selection of numnah saddle pads perfect for you and your horse from the leading equestrian brands. We ensure that our collections include the finest pieces from the equestrian industry, so you know when you buy your numnah saddle pads from us, you are getting the best.

If you are looking at buying a numnah and have any questions, please feel free to discuss any queries you have about saddle pads with our team.