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  1. Shires Adjustable Rope Control Halter

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    Online for Equine offer the Shires Adjustable Rope Halter.

    This rope halter is made from superb quality rope and is perfect for use during leading and loading. Often, we find that customers select rope halters as they find their horse is bolshy and rude when being led in hand. Using a rope halter alongside a thorough understanding of negative reinforcement will help your horse to become more light and obedient.

    Rope halters should always be used with the lightest of pressures to ensure the horse becomes obedient to light pressure aids. Lightness in hand usually correlates with lightness under saddle.

    This rope halter is available in one size which is suitable for cob/full.

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  2. Le Mieux ProSafe Controller Headcollar

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    From: £28.45

    Le Mieux ProSafe Controller Headcollar is designed to give you extra control while leading horses. This headcollar halter is made from superb extremely strong twin nylon coupled with a chain and is perfect for use during leading and loading. These headcollars are the perfect choice for strong and disobedient horses helping you to regain control.

    This headcollar features a padded nose and poll section for maximum comfort. When the chain is not engaged, this headcollar acts as a standard design but when engaged, the chain provides the handler with far greater control.

    Available in Black; sizes Pony Cob, Full and X Full

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Online for Equine offer a wide range of horse control halters in our range of horse training equipment. Control headcollars are perfect for improving your horses obedience in hand and are often used for young horses that are not mouthed as it allows the handler to teach the horse to respond correctly to pressure. When using a pressure halter, the handler should start by using a light pressure to initiate a response, if the horse does not respond to a light pressure, the handler should increase the frequency of the vibrations until the horse responds. As soon as the horse offers the correct response, the pressure should be completely removed so that the horse understands that walking on is the correct response. Ensuring you are consistent when using a pressure halter will help to improve your horses obedience and will lead to a content horse.