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  1. Horseware Ireland Horsepal Sensor
  2. Woof Wear Woofie Brush
  3. JHL Cord Fillet String
  4. Perry Equestrian Rug Rail
  5. Shires Hook and Loop Cleaner
  6. Shires D Ring
  7. Shires Rug Strap Buckle
  8. Shires Leg Strap Clip
  9. Shires Spare Rug Clip
  10. Shires Surcingle Set
  11. Shires Elastic Leg Straps
  12. Shires Fillet String
  13. Shires Spare Breast Strap
  14. Shires Spare Leg Straps
  15. Shires Spare Surcingle Rubber Rings
  16. Shires Chest Expander
  17. Nikwax TX Direct
  18. Gold Label Spray Wax
  19. Nikwax Aqueous Wax
  20. Gold Label Rugwash
  21. Nikwax Polar Proof
  22. Nikwax Tech Wash
  23. Nikwax Rug Proof
  24. Gold Label Waterproof Wax
  25. Gold Label Nylon Rug Proof
  26. Nikwax Rug Wash
  27. Shires Spare Surcingle Strap
  28. Shires Elastic Fillet Strap
  29. Shires Rug Storage Bag
  30. Bitz Elasticated Surcingle
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 31

Set Descending Direction

Online for Equine are passionate about our range of horse wear as we understand that a good rug is an absolute must for every horse, nobody likes getting wet and we are pretty sure our horses feel the same! Whether your horse it out at grass 24 hours a day and just needs a bit more protection or whether he is snug and cosy in his stable of an evening, you will find the perfect rug in our store. Horse rugs can work out expensive but we have carefully selected our ranges so that there is a rug for all budgets...and weathers! Not only do we offer indoor and turnout rugs, we also specialise in offering you high quality fly sheets to keep the flies at bay alongside stunning show rugs for those special events. Keeping your horse dry and comfortable is important to us! We also offer a wide selection of horse boots including those essential brushing boots, we all need a pair in our tack room!