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Foal Rugs
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Foal Rugs

The birth of a foal is an exciting process for everyone, the amateur and professional horse breeder alike. After birth, the priority for yourself is to keep the foal warm and protected, the risk of infection can spread and develop fast so it is important that you minimise the dangers the foal will face early in life. One of our many foal rugs is the solution to this problem as they are perfect for protecting new foals from the everchanging weather and harsh conditions we can all face in an instant.

Online for Equine offer a good selection of foal rugs, which are all suitable for use as a stable rug and a turnout rug. We also make sure that the products on offer are from the most trusted equestrian companies in the industry, so you know when you can trust us when you buy. Foal rugs feature standard chest fastenings with surcingles, but are perfectly proportioned for the long legged, short barrelled foal; which is why it is extremely popular for those in need. These kinds of foal rugs ensure that your foal is completely protected against the changeable elements, this is vital for your foal's healthy growth and development – a foal rug from our collection is essential for all those with or are expecting a foal.