Weatherbeeta 25
Shires 25
Le Mieux 8
Mark Todd 8
Jumpers Horse Line 4
Masta 2
Horseware Ireland 12
Euro-Star 1
Equi-Thème 4
Equisafety 1
Equilibrium 1
Bucas 1
Back on Track 1
Riding World 2
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Silver 1
Black 15
Blue 28
Green 2
Grey 5
Pattern / Print 1
Pink 1
Purple 1
Red 12
White 2
Yellow 2
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£8.00 - £292.00
Rug Design
Neck Cover 5
Standard Neck 15
Exercise Sheet / Walker Rug 9
Rug Size
48" (5'3" - 5'6") 1
51" (5'9") 1
54" (6'0") 1
60" (6'6" - 6'9") 1
2'9" (33") 1
3'0" (36") 1
3'3" (39") 2
3'6" (42") 1
3'9" (45") 2
4'0" (48") 10
4'3" (51") 9
4'6" (54") 11
4'9" (57") 10
5'0" (60") 24
5'3" (63") 15
5'6" (66") 32
5'9" (69") 35
6'0 (72") 33
6'3 (75") 27
6'6 (78") 30
6'9 (81") 27
7'0 (84") 31
7'3" (87") 10
7'6" (90") 1
Pony (To fit 6'0"ft) 1
Horse (To fit 6'6"ft - 6'9"ft) 1
Small 3
Medium 8
Large 11
Extra Large 2
Small Pony 2
Pony 12
Cob 13
Full 12
Extra Full 4
Warmblood 3
Small 5’6 -5’9 (115-125cm) 1
Medium 6’0-6’3 (130-140cm) 1
Large 6’6-6’9 (145-155cm) 1
Extra Large (7'0 - 7’3 (160-165cm) 1
140cm x 160cm 1
160cm x 180cm 1
125cm (To fit approx 5'9) 1
140cm (To fit approx 6'3) 1
150cm (To fit approx 6'6) 1
Small 1
Medium 2
Large 1
X Large 2
51" (5'9") 1
54" (6'0") 1
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Rug Weight
No Fill 12
100g 2
200g 4
220g 3
300g 3
400g 1
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Shires Rug Brand
Tempest Original 11
Highlander Original 3
Tempest Plus 2
Wessex 1

95 products

95 products

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  1. Weatherbeeta Stretch Hood

    RRP £21.99

    From: £19.79

    This Weatherbeeta Stretch Hood is ideal for keeping your horse's coat clean and shiny in the stable. 

    This hood is perfect for getting prepared for a show by keeping plaits in place keeping them neat and tidy. This hood features a stretch material that offers a comfortable close contact fit for your horse, this hood also offers great protection for your horse through the summer season acting as protection against flies and insects. 

    Available in a range of colours & sizes.

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  2. Shires Tempest Original Tech Mesh Cooler

    RRP £49.99

    From: £42.68

    The Shires Tempest Original Tech Mesh Cooler is very Lightweight and highly breathable, making it ideal for use after exercise or when traveling whilst keeping them comfortable and happy. The mesh fabric creates a micro-climate allowing moisture and sweat to dissipate whilst encouraging airflow to circulate under the rug, at the same time the upper layer of thermal fleece material with its high wicking properties further removes heavy excess sweat preventing the horse from becoming chilled thanks to the added layer of quilted warmth. Further benefits include blanket set chest straps, adjustable cross surcingle and a fillet string to keep the rug comfortably in place.

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  3. Shires Tempest Original Tech Cooler

    RRP £61.99

    From: £55.49

    The Shires Tempest Original Tech cooler is a fast acting, effective cooling rug, for lighter stable warmth, this versatile cooler has excellent thermal properties without being too thick and uncomfortable. It wicks away moisture while keeping the horse free of chills, the rug also dries quickly too, this rug can be used in the stable, after exercise or whilst traveling. Further benefits include blanket set chest straps, adjustable cross surcingle's and a fillet string to keep the rug firmly, but comfortably in place.

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  4. Shires Tempest Original Waffle Rug

    RRP £39.99

    From: £36.50

    The Shires Tempest Original Waffle Rug is a fast acting, effective cooler, suitable for moisture management post exercise or washing. This versatile rug has excellent wick away properties whilst being breathable and comfortable. A great cooling rug, it traps air which helps prevent the horse from chilling, additionally the high-quality Polyester fabric allows the horse to stay dry and warm thanks to its ability to wick away moisture form the coat whilst drying quickly and keeping its shape. Further benefits include blanket set chest straps, adjustable cross surcingle's and a fillet string to keep the rug firmly, but comfortably in place.

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  5. Shires Tempest Original Fleece Exercise Sheet

    The Shires Tempest Original Fleece Exercise sheet is an effective cooler, suitable for moisture management during exercise. This versatile sheet has excellent wick away properties whilst being breathable and comfortable. Additionally, this Exercise sheet features; Insulating properties, trapping air and keeping the horse warm, a Touch close front fastening, girth loops and a fillet string to keep the sheet firmly, but comfortably in place.

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  6. Le Mieux Lycra Hood

    RRP £44.95

    From: £42.70

    The Le Mieux Lycra Hood helps to keep your horse clean and comfortable while stabled or travelling. It's made from a four-way stretch, friction free fabric and is anatomically designed for ultimate fit and comfort. The anatomic cut is specifically designed to contour around the shoulder and chest area to prevent any rubbing or tightness. 

    Features include:

    - An elasticated nose with durable velcro fastening
    - A durable, robust YKK neck zip and an elasticated clip closure for ease of fitting
    - Eye holes are positioned so as not to ride up and interfere with the horse's vision
    - Elastic strap which passes between the front legs has a multi loop design allowing for different depths of chest
    - Belly strap design is adjustable in length with a robust clip closure for a secure fit

    Available in Black, Navy, Burgundy and Benetton Blue; sizes X Small - X Large

    Machine washable at 30ºC; allow to air dry naturally.

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  7. Le Mieux Thermo-Cool Rug

    RRP £84.95

    From: £80.70

    Le Mieux Thermo-Cool Rug Climate control for Horses! The unique Carbon nano fibre inner lining with a soft close-weave mesh, covering the shoulders, back and quarters is key for maintaining muscle temperature whilst cooling down. Featuring superb wicking properties, the Thermo-cool is ideal for those cooler days, post exercise, travelling and at competition. The Thermo-Cool has fully removable belly straps. A soft wool and acrylic blend outer fabric. Please note this rug is not designed as a outer stable rug. Horses should not be left for extended periods in the stable or over-night. The outer fabric is a breathable wicking material and not a rip-stop denier, therefore it can snag. However, this rug can be used as an under rug. Due to the technical nature of the fabrics in this rug, we recommend that these rugs should be machine washed in a large wash bag to protect the rug from any rough edges within the washing machine. Learn More
  8. Mark Todd Cotton Sheet

    RRP £57.98

    From: £46.85

    The Mark Todd Cotton Sheet with no fill is a practical and adaptable addition to any horses wardrobe. This sheet can be used underneath rugs for extra warmth, for travelling or generally for keeping the horse clean when stabled. It's also smart enough to use as a show sheet. This cotton sheet is breathable and comfortable, featuring darts at the shoulder for an enhanced fit and fleece wither protection, The sheet fastens with adjustable low cross surcingles, single front buckle and filet string.

    Available in Navy/White; 5ft 6" - 7ft 0"

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  9. JHL Fleece Rug

    Online for Equine offer the Jumper Horse Line Fleece Rug.

    This quality breathable warm fleece rug is ideal for a wide variety of uses inlcuding travelling, cooling off after exercise or as a light stable sheet.

    Featuring adjustable cross surcingles, double front buckle and filet string. Fleece wither protection.

    Available in Sizes 5'6-7'0 in Navy/Burgundy/White.

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  10. Shires Tempest Continental Pattern Exercise Sheet

    Featuring a ShireTex 600 denier ripstop, waterproof and breathable outer this continental pattern exercise sheet has a fleece lining for warmth. The exercise sheet can be worn around the saddle for easy removal or over the horse riders legs to help keep the rider warm and dry. Useful all year around, particularly good at shows as the exercise sheet can be removed quickly. Featuring reflective strips on the tail flap, touch close front fasteners, girth loops and a fillet string

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  11. Shires Stretch Lycra Rug with Full Face

    RRP £74.99

    From: £53.20

    The lycra stretch rug, with full face, neck and bell coverage is for use in the stable. Easy to fit as well as helping to keep the horse clean, dust free and keep plaits in place. Improves coat shine and can also be used as an extra layer of warmth. May help wityh sweet itch. The four way stretch fabric comfortably fits all the contours of the horse.

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  12. Shires Newmarket Stripe Fleece Rug

    RRP £32.99

    From: £28.74

    The Newmarket stripe fleece by Shires is both smart and incredibly warm. Perfect for shows, cooling after exercise and when travelling. Featuring breast straps, adjustable cross surcingles, fillet string, chest lining to prevent rubbing and rear darts for a contoured fit.  Available in sizes 5'6" to 7'0 in a traditional Newmarket stripe or purple.

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  13. Shires Tempest Foal Rug

    RRP £36.99

    From: £33.02

    This Shires Tempest Foal Rug is waterproof and breathable with a 600D ShireTex ripstop outer with a quilted 200g polyfill and is fully lined. This rug has no breast fastenings, the rug is pulled over the head to avoid unnecessary risk of legs getting caught in straps and the generous adjustable belly flap with fastenings to one side keeps the belly warm.

    Available in Navy/Turquoise; sizes 2'9 (33"), 3'0 (36"), 3'3 (39"), 3'6 (42" and 3'9 (45")

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  14. Masta Climatemasta 300g Liner with Fixed Neck

    The Masta Climatemasta 300g Liner with Fixed Neck is a dynamic rug liner offering additional warmth when paired with other rugs in the ClimateMasta range. The 300g liner is ideal for extremely cold winter weather, or for helping to keep fully clipped horses warm. This heavyweight liner is made from quilted polyester and is machine washable for convenience and to help keep your horse clean.

    The clever neck design of this Masta liner provides a erganomic fit with its stretch panel insert, ensuring the rug is comfortable for the horse. The red indicator line helps to ensure that the liner is fitted correctly to the Masta Rug.

    Available in Black; sizes 4ft 6" - 7ft 6"

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  15. Masta Lycra Shoulder Vest.

    Online for Equine offer the Masta Lycra Shoulder Vest .

    This soft stretch lycra shoulder vest gives the ultimate in comfort and protection. Ideal for keeping sensitive shoulders free from rugs under layers of heavy winter rugs.'

    An elasticated hook and loop girth strap helps keep the vest in place and reduces slipping.

    Available in sizes S, M, and L in Black.

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  16. Shires Stretch Lyrca Hood with Full Face

    RRP £46.99

    From: £37.79

    The Shires Stretch Lyrca Hood has many uses. This versatile lycra hood can be used to ensure plaits lay neatly during show preparation, to keep horses clean after bathing, to provide extra warmth during winter periods and on some levels, the Shires Stretch Lyrca Hood may help sweet-itch sufferers.

    The Shires Stretch Lyrca Hood is easy care machine washable and features zips and a loop girth strap for security.

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  17. Shires Anti-Rub Lycra Stretch Vest

    RRP £29.99

    From: £26.78

    This anti-rub Lycra vest works to create a second skin for your horse or pony and is ideal for preventing rub injuries under rugs. It is fitted over the horses head and secured using an elastic surcingle which fastens round the girth area.

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  18. Horseware Ireland Rambo Techni-Waffle Cooler Rug

    RRP £59.95

    From: £48.95

    The Horseware Ireland Rambo Techni-Waffle Cooler Rug is a smart, breathable and classically-styled waffle cooler offering the latest in moisture management technology. The polyester waffle outer with moisture management technology helps to dry your horse quickly, effectively wicking away sweat. 

    This waffle cooler is the ideal choice for using in the stable, while travelling, at a show or after bathing. It's secured with double front closures, cross surcingles and a fillet string. 

    - Breathable polyester waffle outer
    - Wicking properties
    - Double front closure, cross surcingles, fillet string 

    Available in Navy with Beige, Baby Blue and Navy; White/Black and Burgundy/Black; sizes 5'6 - 7'3.


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  19. Euro-Star Pure Fleece Blanket

    The Euro-Star Pure Fleece Blanket are made from soft and breathable anti-pilling micro fleece with single front closure, wither protection and a fillet string. Featuring Euro-Star branding along the collar and contrast binding.

    Available in Black, Taupe or Navy; sizes Small (approx 5'9) - XXL (approx. 6'9)

    Please note sizes are approximate.

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  20. Mark Todd Fleece Exercise Sheet

    The Mark Todd Fleece Exercise Sheet is a shaped wrap-around exercise sheet to keep your horse's quarters warm while being exercised in the winter months, particularly if fully clipped. Made from high quality anti-pilling fleece which is breathable and will wick away sweat. The cut away panel at the girth allows room for the rider's leg contact. This exercise sheet is secured with hook and loop wither fastening and a fillet string.

    100% polyester

    Available in Navy/White; sizes 4'6, 4'9 and 5'0

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