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  1. Funnell Jersey Cooler
  2. Weatherbeeta Satin Shoulder Guard
  3. Weatherbeeta Stretch Hood
  4. Weatherbeeta Stretch Shoulder Guard
  5. Equi Theme Striped Fleece Exercise Sheet
  6. Shires Tempest Original Fleece Exercise sheet
  7. Shires Tempest Original Fleece Rug
  8. Shires Tempest Original Fleece Show Rug
  9. Shires Tempest Original Waffle Rug
  10. Shires Tempest Original Stable Sheet
  11. Shires Tempest Original Tech Cooler
  12. Shires Tempest Original Tech Mesh Cooler
  13. Shires Tempest Original Fleece / Mesh Cooler
  14. Shires Tempest Original Mesh Cooler
  15. Shires Equi-Flector Mesh Exercise Sheet
  16. Le Mieux Lycra Hood
  17. Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad
  18. Cottage Craft Elasticated Surcingle
  19. Stormsure Rug Repair Kit
  20. Masta Chest Expander
  21. Shires Wessex Newmarket Stripe Fleece Exercise Sheet
  22. Shires Anti-Rub Fleece Vest
  23. Shires Anti-Rub Lycra Stretch Vest
  24. Shires Satin Anti-Rub Bib
  25. Shires Stretch Lyrca Hood with Full Face
  26. Masta Deluxe Anti Rub Vest
  27. Masta Contoured Horse Duvet
  28. Masta Quilted Lining with Neck Cover
  29. Masta Coolmasta
  30. Masta Lycra Shoulder Vest.
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 78

Set Descending Direction

Other Horse Rugs

As well as our extensive collections of stable rugs and turnout rugs, Online for Equine have many other collections when it comes to rugs. In this collection, you will find rugs and sheets for all occasions.

Exercise sheets are ideal for riding and are available in waterproof or woollen variations, keeping the rain and chill of your horse's hindquarters. A must have for every regular rider. Under rugs are perfect for layering under your stable and indoor rugs to add an additional layer to add extra warmth to your horse in chillier months. Cooler rugs are perfect for wicking away moisture after bathing. We also offer a selection of specialist show rugs for those involved in competitions and foal rugs for newborn foals to protect them from early infection and risk.

There are many different types of rugs, coming in many different styles and uses for all sorts of occasions. Online for Equine know this better than anyone, so we have ensured that we make the process of rug selection as simple and as straightforward as possible. If you have any questions about a particular type of rug, or do not know what exact rug type you need, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team of experts who will happy advice you and provide you with the help you need.