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Overreach boots
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  1. Shires Arma Comfort Over Reach Boots
  2. Shires Arma Fur Trimmed Over Reach Boots
  3. Harry Hall Hi Viz Overreach Boots
  4. Le Mieux Rubber Bell Boots with Fleece
  5. Woof Wear Pro Overreach Boots Colour Fusion
  6. Woof Wear Pro Sheepskin Overreach Boot
  7. Woof Wear Pro Overreach Boot
  8. Woof Wear Smart Overreach Boot
  9. Woof Wear Club Overreach Boot
  10. Woof Wear Kevlar Overreach Boot
  11. Shires Arma Touch Close Over Reach Boots
  12. Le Mieux Proshell Overreach Boots
  13. Le Mieux Rubber Bell Boot
  14. Le Mieux Leather ProForm Over-Reach Boots
  15. Le Mieux Leather Wrapround Over-Reach Boots
  16. Le Mieux Soft Shell Over-Reach Boots
  17. Equilibrium Tri-Zone Overreach Boot
  18. PDS Patent Leather Overreach Boots
  19. Masta Rubber Over Reach Boots
  20. Masta Neoprene Over Reach Boots
  21. Norton Soft Streaked Rubber Overreach Boots
  22. Eskadron Classic Faux Fur Overreach Boots
  23. Polly Products Deluxe Over Reach Boot With Velcro
  24. Eskadron Faux Fur Spring Overreach Boots
  25. Le Mieux Lambskin Wrapround Over-Reach Boots
  26. Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Over Reach Boot
  27. Veredus Tekno Shield Overreach Boot
  28. Veredus Carbon Shield Overreach Boot
  29. Shires Arma Fleece Trimmed Over Reach Boots
  30. Shires Arma Fleece Topped Over Reach Boots
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 37

Set Descending Direction

Overreach Boots for Horse

Overreach boots, also known as bell boots, are a type of protective boot that protects the heel and pastern of the horse by encircling the ankle. Overreach injuries are unfortunately quite common amongst horses. An overreach injury is when the toe of the hind hoof strikes the back of the front foot, similarly to brushing injuries, an overreach injury can lead to deep wounds, lacerations and bruising to a very sensitive area of the horse, the heel and the pastern area of the front foot. In extremely unfortunate cases, an overreach injury can lead to the loss of shoes, excessive tissue damage and lameness. A overreach boot provides valuable and important protection against this common injury.

Horse bell boots can be used at all levels of competition, becoming a favourite amongst all riders. As well as use in competitions, overreach boots can be used for turnout as overreach injuries can occur anywhere, even in the field. An overreach boot should fit snuggly around the pastern and cover the heel bulbs properly, with around 1cm of ground clearance. Many of the bigger brands that provide overreach boots provide instructions on how to attach.

Online for Equine offer a wide selection of bell boots for horses of all sizes and breeds. We also offer a wide selection of fetlock boots, tendon boots and brushing boots all to keep your horse's legs safe and sound.