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  1. Freestep LamiAlert C.S.H

    Freestep LamiAlert C.S.H has been formulated to provide support for horses on restricted diet that are prone to gaining weight on fresh air. It's an affordable way to ensure your horse is receiving all of the nutrients which may be missing from a sugar and grass restricted diet, with the feeding rate being just one scoop per day.

    The addition of Vitex Agnus Castus helps to maintain a balanced hormonal system.

    Available in 145g, 250g or 500g

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  2. Shires Nylon Grazing Muzzle

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    From: £21.59

    Proven to help with controlled or restricted feeding regimes and special diets, the Shires Grazing Muzzle has undergone something of an upgrade to greatly enhance its comfort and wearability. Cut back under the chin to avoid unnecessary pressure and improve the fit, it features anti-chafe padding around inside of the muzzle to protect the delicate nose and chin. Head and throat straps feature comfort padding and are fully adjustable with field safe fastenings and a D ring for leading the horse. The muzzle further features a rubber base with a hole in the bottom through which grass can enter and reinforced nylon web bars which allow free air exchange.

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  3. Shires Plastic Muzzle

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    From: £8.99

    A plastic muzzle complete with nylon strap

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  4. Shires Deluxe Comfort Grazing Muzzle

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    From: £20.48

    The Shires Deluxe Comfort Grazing Muzzle helps to control or restrict the intake of grass while being comfortable for your horse to wear. This grazing muzzle is cut back beneath the chin to avoid unnecessary pressure and improve the fit, as well as being lined with synthetic wool which helps to protect delicate areas of your horse's face against chaffing or rubbing. This synthetic wool also improves airflow around the delicate nose area. The carefully designed comfort features of this muzzle should encourage your horse to keep this muzzle on.

    The muzzle features a rubber base with a hole in the bottom through which grass and water can enter and reinforced nylon web bars which allow for ventilation to keep your horse comfortable.

    This Deluxe Comfort Grazing Muzzle is fully adjustable over the head and beneath the throat for further comfort and to give a secure fit. It's fitted with field safe fastenings for peace of mind that it will give way should your horse become caught up in the field. A D-ring allows a lead rope to be attached, saving the need to fit a headcollar over the top. 


    Available in Small Pony, Pony, Cob, Full and Extra Full. Please see the fitting guide for details.

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  5. Shires Greenguard Headcollar

    RRP £18.99

    From: £17.09

    The Shires Greenguard headcollar is specifically designed for use with the Greenguard grazing muzzle (available to purchase seperately here), featuring with four attachment points for secure muzzle attachment.

    Both the headpiece and noseband on the Greenguard headcollar are fully adjustable for comfort. The added strap down the face to the centre of the noseband helps to keep the muzzle secure and stable during wear. 

    Made from durable nylon with padding to the noseband and poll.

    Available in Small Pony, Pony, Cob and Full, black only.

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  6. Shires Greenguard Grazing Muzzle

    RRP £71.99

    From: £57.59

    Shires Greenguard Grazing Muzzles are a simple solution to reducing grass intake. Designed with vets for effective grazing management, it is ideal for horses that are prone to excess weight gain, laminitis and other weight-related conditions. The Greenguard muzzle allows unrestricted breathing and drinking, is easy to attach and adjust, is highly durable and is UV resistant. It enables a natural, little and often grazing habit. Unlike some other grazing muzzles, it will help keep your horse comfortable without sweating. The Greenguard muzzle is made from safe, pliable food-grade material.

    The Greenguard headcollar is not included and needs to be ordered seperately - click here.

    Available in sizes Pony, Cob and Full.

    Size Guide:

    Greenguard size their muzzles based on the horse's bit size - 

    Full/Large - 5 - 6" bit size - to suit horses which generally take a full size - sports horses, warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, etc


    Cob/Medium - 4.25 - 4.75" bit size - to suit horses/ponies which generally take cob size - larger native ponies, cobs, etc 

    Pony.Small - 3.5 - 4" bit size - to suit smaller ponies which generally take pony size - Welsh ponies, standard Shetlands, etc


    Please read our fitting instructions guide here.

    It is advised that the muzzle fits into your horse's water source before use, and you should reduce the risk of your horse having anything to catch the muzzle on in the field as much as possible. The muzzle straps are designed to break away for safety purposes. 

    All grazing muzzles pose some risk of teeth wear due to the fact the horse's teeth may rub against the interior surface of the muzzle. Reduce the risk by regularly washing the muzzle to remove dirt and sand. Check your horse's front teeth on a weekly basis - if there are any signs of abnormal wear, discontinue use.

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Laminitis is a very debilitating condition which is common is ponies and horses during the spring and autumn when grass contains a high level of soluble carbohydrate. Laminitis results in restricted blood flow to the fibres which hold the pedal bone in position within the hoof cavity and this causes the fibres to become damage and detached from the pedal bone. If the pedal bone rotates, it can be very damaging and in severe cases can lead to euthanasia of the affected horse or pony. Laminitis can be prevented by restricting the intake of grass during the high risk seasons along with good weight management. By using a grazing muzzle, you can effectively restrict the horse's intake of grass without causing disturbance to the horse's digestive system. Grazing muzzles allow for the horse to drink and eat but muzzles restrict the amount of grass that a horse can take in one bite. Online for Equine offer high quality grazing muzzles from Polly Products and Shires.