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  1. Nutrilick
  2. Likit Rainbow Likit With Holder
  3. Equilibrium Crunchits Advent Calendar
  4. Mint Horslyx
  5. Cavalor Horse Treats
  6. Likit Boredom Buster
  7. Likit Boredom Breaker
  8. Likit Tongue Twister
  9. Likit Holder
  10. Horse Advent Calendar
  11. Little Likits
  12. Likit Snaks Horse Treats
  13. Pettifers Salt Lick 2Kg
  14. Equilibrium Crunchits
  15. Likit Stud Muffins
  16. Equilibrium Munch Net
  17. Baileys Tasty Treats
  18. Gum Bits
    Gum Bits
  19. NAF Hedgy Treats
  20. NAF Appy Treats
  21. Equilibrium Vitamunch
  22. Likit Starter Kit
  23. Bizzy Bites Boredom Buster Stable Toy
  24. Just-Fi Forage Block
  25. Equilibrium Simply Irresistible Feed Topping
  26. Likit Treat Bars
  27. Bizzy Bites Refill
  28. Hubblick Respiratory Lick
  29. Original Horslyx
  30. Garlic Horslyx
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 32

Set Descending Direction

Horse Treats & Horse Licks

Here at Online for Equine we understand that there are a million and one things to consider, do or buy when you have a horse. Between getting the best stable rugs, the correct bit and finding what horse supplements you should be getting, it can be really confusing. That is why we have created special pages covering each and every area you need, here you will find horse treats as well as a number of salt licks for horses.

Horse Treats

Most horse treat are nutritionally balanced compounds which can be used for positive reinforcement, to be used when your horse have done, behaved or performed well. By using treats and food as a reward it helps mould new behaviours as well as condition a more emotional, relaxed response.

We recommend that when offering your horse a treat, you teach him to turn his head away from you prior to receiving a treat; that way, the risk of mugging is greatly reduced. If you find that your horse begins to bite and mug you for treats, it is best to stop feeding treats from hand and offer them in a feed bucket.

When horse treats are given out aimlessly they can actually cause more problems, including: an increase in biting and mugging, over-excitement as well as distraction.

Horse Licks

A horse lick is block of minerals that horse can lick to gain vital mineral or vitamins into their diet. Coming in different types, shapes and sizes, it is important to know what lick you need. Horse's need all sorts of mineral and vitamins and a horse lick allows them, they are particularly useful for providing a number of horses their mineral needs together. A salt lick helps provide your horse with additional salt, salt they would have lost through sweating. Horse's require salt on a daily basis and is an important part of their diet.