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  1. Respiratory Horslyx
  2. NAF 5 Star Respirator
    NAF 5 Star Respirator
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  3. Gold Label Cod Liver Oil with Garlic
  4. NAF Easy Breathing
  5. NostrilVet Nasal Spray
  6. Freestep Respriease
  7. MaxaBreathe
  8. NAF Easy Breathing Liquid
  9. Gold Label Vapor
  10. NAF Dispensing Pump
  11. Gold Label Liquid Garlic.
  12. NAF Five Star Respirator Boost
  13. NAF Kof-Eze
  14. James Hart Solutions AlergAlly
  15. SP Equine No Wheeze
  16. NAF Mint and Garlic
  17. Gold Label Killkoff Herbal Syrup
  18. NAF Shake Relief
  19. NAF Garlic Granules
  20. Day Son & Hewitt Respyt
    Day Son & Hewitt Respyt
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  21. Hubblick Respiratory Lick
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21 Items

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Since domestication, horses have adjusted to life in a stabled environment. Keeping a horse stabled is often more convenient for riders and handlers, particularly when horses are regularly competing. Unfortunately, some stable environments have poor airflow and as a result, there is often an increased amount of airborne dust and allergen particles in the air which can cause bronchiole constriction. Not all horses suffer but those that do often exhibit wheezing and coughing whilst stabled and in dusty environments; these symptoms can prevent horses from working and competing. Here at Online for Equine we understand how important it is to maintain a healthy respiratory system; we stock a range of supplements from Dodson & Horrell as well as Maxavita which contain herbs to aid in dilation of the respiratory tract to help relieve symptoms of COPD and RAO, garlic is a fantastic natural herb and is also useful to keep the flies at bay. It should be noted that cases of COPD should always be discussed with your vet as severe cases may require steroidal intervention.