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41 products

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  1. Horse First New Bludd

    Horse First New Bludd is an iron tonic to support and boost healthy athletic blood levels when you feel your horse is lacking stamina. This supplement contains high levels of iron and has been specifically formulated for easy absorption and utilization. Correct levels of iron support increases performance, health, vigour and strength. It also strengthens and aids the immune system.

    Feed New Bludd alongside Horse First's Back To Form supplement to offer a complete boost to deliver fantastic results, restoring a horse back to its full vigour and ensuring overall health and wellbeing.

    Available in 1ltr and 2.5ltrs; 1ltr lasts for approximately 30 days, 2.5ltrs lasts approximately 80 days.

    Add 30ml to feel daily for 30 days; for a maintenance dose add 60ml to feed twice a week. 

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  2. Nettex Electrolyte Syringe Paste Boost

    Nettex Electrolyte Syringe Paste Boost is an easy-to-administer "quick fix" way to rapidly replace lost vital salts in the horse's body, helping to aid recovery. This solution is easily and quickly absorbed by the body and will replace the vital salts Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. These salts are lost through sweating brought on by strenuous exercise, travelling or stress-related conditions. Administer electrolytes to the horse before and/or after exertion for best results, assisting stamina and endurance while promoting optimal performance and recovery. Nettex Electrolyte Syringe Paste Boost also contains Branched Chain Amino Acids (valine, leucine and isoleucine) to help reduce muscle fatigue and assist muscle recovery. 

    Nettex Electrolyte Syringe Paste Boost is peppermint flavoured for palatability and is sugar free.

    Available in 3 x 30ml syringes

    Made in the UK

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  3. Nettex Electrolyte Maintenance Powder

    Nettex Electrolyte Maintenance Powder has been especially formulated to be absorbed quickly by the body, replacing vital salts lost through sweating; Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium are all needed to support rapid recovery and to maintain stamina for your horse. This maintenance powder is ideal for replacing salts lost during strenuous exercise, travelling, stress or during hot weather, helping to maintain general health.

    Nettex Electrolyte Maintenance Powder is ideal for regular use, is peppermint flavoured for palatability and can be mixed with feed or diluted with water.

    Available in 1kg

    Made in the UK

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  4. Nettex Electrolyte Maintenance Liquid

    Nettex Electrolyte Maintenance Liquid is formulated to replace vital salts which are lost through sweating brought on by strenuous exercise, travelling, stress-related conditions or heat. The liquid formulation allows for faster absorption into the body. This solution rapidly replaced vital salts Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium which are important for the horse's fast recovery and to help maintain endurance and stamina. It can be used on a regular basis or as a top up during competition. Nettex Electrolyte Maintenance Liquid also contains Branched Chain Amino Acids (valine, leucine abd isoleucine) helping to reduce muscle fatigue and assist in muscle recovery. 

    This Nettex Electrolyte Maintenance Liquid is peppermint flavoured for palatability and can be mixed with feed, diluted in water or syringed orally into the mouth. It's ideal for fussy feeders that don't like powders.

    Available in 1 litre

    Made in the UK

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  5. Feedmark Steady Up Advance

    RRP £48.69

    From: £41.99

    Online for Equine stock the Feedmark Steady Up Advance Supplement.

    Helps maintain calmness without reducing performance.

    Supplied in 2kg or 4kg.

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  6. Gold Label B12 Oral

    RRP £15.60

    From: £11.50

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label B12 Oral.

    Highly concentrated source of vitamin B12 in an oral syringe.

    Ideal for use before or after exertion or as a general pick me up.

    Supplied in 3 x 20ml syringes or 500ml refill.

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  7. Gold Label Pure Vitamin C

    RRP £29.25

    From: £26.00

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Pure Vitamin C.

    Acts as an aid to resist infectious diseases and can help overcome stress. Maintain healthy capillaries.

    Supplied in 1kg tubs.

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  8. Gold Label Ready Linseed

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Ready Linseed.

    Easy to use form of linseed. Mix with feed to optimise stamina without the fizz.

    Gives a softer, shinier coat.

    Supplied in 3kg tubs.

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  9. NAF Echinacea Plus Liquid

    RRP £22.99

    From: £22.29

    NAF Echinacea Plus Liquid is a herbal supplement which assists with supporting the health of the immune system and red blood cells. All horses sometimes need a little help, especially those working hard, travelling regularly or facing a particular challenge. Echinacea is one of the best known herbs for support of the immune system, and research has shown that is also helps to support the health of red blood cells which is essential for competition horses. Echinacea Plus Liquid provides the ideal day-to-day support of the immune system.

    For optimum, concentrated immune support see NAF Immuforte Powder.

    Available in 1ltr bottles.

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  10. NAF D-Ty

    RRP £46.99

    From: £40.36

    NAF D-Ty contains all of the nutritional support required to help support healthy muscle tissue function. The ingredients in D-Ty are naturally sourced, with scientifically verified antioxidants working in synergy with optimum levels of Vitamin E and zinc to ensure the requirements of peak muscle health are met.

    Available in 500g and 1kg

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  11. MaxaPower

    Online for Equine stock MaxaPower which is a muscle building formulation aimed at hard working horses.

    The combination aids in stamina and recovery rates as it is packed with essential amino acids. Beneficial to all horses in hard work but also poor doers.

    Maxavita recommend withdrawal of the product 48 hours before an event. 1 month supply when feeding 1 level scoop per day.

    Supplied in a 900g tub.

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  12. NAF Electro Salts

    RRP £18.99

    From: £6.99

    NAF Electro Salts are formulated to replace the essential nutrients and water lost during sweating and exercise, and to replenish the natural reserves his body needs to remain fit, healthy and able to perform.

    When horses work, or during hot weather, they regulate their body temperature by sweating. Sweating not only loses fluid as it evaporates, but also essential body salts, particularly sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Failure to replace these body salts (known as electrolytes) can result in fatigue. Electro Salts is a concentrated combination of the essential plasma salts in combination with dextrose to aid efficient absorption of the salts. They should be fed following exertion, after heavy sweating or during periods of very hot weather. Simply add to feed or dissolve in drinking water. 

    Available in 150g traveller tubs, 1kg, 4kg and 10kg

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  13. NAF Vitamin E, Selenium & Lysine
    From: £17.99

    NAF Vitamin E, Selenium & Lysine helps to support muscle function in the performance horse. It's a particularly useful supplement in those geographical areas where the soil is likely to be selenium deficient. Contains selenium yeast, safer to use than inorganic forms. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that has the ability to stabilise cell membranes, thus helping to protect the cell from the detrimental effects of excess free radicals. Studies have also indicated the beneficial effects this vitamin can have on the horse’s performance, due to its support of oxygen delivery to the lungs Vitamin E and Selenium are both of vital importance to natural growth, fertility and optimum muscle function. Lysine, an essential amino acid, is necessary for optimum growth and development. Low in feeds of non-meat origin, Lysine can be deficient in many equine diets. Soil in some geographical areas around the UK is naturally low in selenium, which is when supplementing with Vitamin E, Selenium Lysine is particularly useful to improve the diet.

    Supplied in 1kg, 2.5kg  and 10kg

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  14. Feedmark Settlex

    RRP £48.69

    From: £41.99

    Online for Equine stock the Feedmark Settlex.

    Contains acid-neutralising ingredients that help reduce the horse's motivation to perform oral stereotypies by gently soothing the digestive system.?

    Ideal for horses prone to gastric ulcers or those that display stressed behaviour.

    Supplied in 1.8kg.

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  15. Gold Label Creatine Plus

    RRP £26.22

    From: £23.77

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Creatine Plus.

    High energy muscle food to help optimise stamina naturally.

    Supplied in 1kg.

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  16. Gold Label Electrolyte Liquid

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Electrolyte Liquid.

    Fortified with liquid Seaweed, major mineral salts and liquid glucose for rapid absorbtion.

    Can be added directly to feed or diluted in water. Clean drinking water should be available at all times.

    Supplied in 1ltr bottle.

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  17. NAF Instant Magic Calmer
    From: £15.00

    NAF Instand Magic Calmer, available in handy syringes, is a unique formula containing a combination of herbs and bio-available magnesium known to help relax anxiety, support concentration and aid learning. Magnesium is an essential nutrient to a horse's wellbeing, and among its many roles is the regulation of nervous tension and relaxed muscles, however Magic is more than just magnesium. This award winning formulation* also contains a unique blend of herbs which when fed in the right combination with magnesium give repeatable, reliable results in reactive horses. This unique synergistic blend has been independently trialled, with peer-reviewed, published, results, showing a reduction in anxiety and an improvement in the horse's cognitive profile, crucially, with no sedation.

    Available in a pack of 3 x 30ml syringes or a box of 6 x 3pk

    Learn more about NAF Magic here.

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  18. NAF B.L.K

    RRP £73.99

    From: £64.00

    NAF B.L.K is formulated for the nutritional support of the blood, liver and kidneys, the body's own de-toxifiers and cleansers. During times of extreme challenge the liver and kidneys can show signs of stress which is then often reflected in poor blood profiles. By targeting the liver and kidneys with specific herbal support, such as milk thistle and dandelion, we can improve the horse's diet and allow the organs to help themselves. B.L.K also includes scientifically verified, naturally sourced antioxidants to flush out the build up of free radicals within the system.

    Available in 500g and 1.5kg

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  19. NAF Dispensing Pump

    The NAF Dispensing Pump is a handy pump to fit NAF bottles.

    Available in One Size

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  20. SP Equine ImmuBoost

    Online for Equine stock SP Equine ImmuBoost.

    Liquid infusion based on Echinacea Pillida. Echinacea is widely recognised for its beneficial effect in maintaining a strong and healthy immune system.

    Available in 1ltr.

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Electrolytes are responsible for the correct function of nerves and muscles and are found in small amounts in the fluid surrounding cells; the main electrolytes are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium. During exercise horses lose water and electrolytes are dissolved in this water and are therefore lost through the process of sweating. It is important to ensure that horses are given electrolyte supplements before and after hard competition to ensure their nerve and muscle function is at its optimum. Online for Equine stock a range of electrolyte supplements to aid your horse through competition and to help him recover quickly after exercise. Electrolyte supplements should only be fed when water is available to the horse.