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  1. Lincoln Pig Oil Spray

    This Lincoln Pig Oil Spray is perfect protection for your horse through the wetter, muddy seasons.

    This pig oil spray is helps to protect your horse against mud drying on their skin. This helps to provide a moisture layer to your horse's skin to prevent mud from drying and sticking to your horse which could cause them some pain when trying to clean up and remove. Comes in a handy spray bottle to apply accurately and effectively on the horses skin.

    Available in 500ml only.

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  2. Lincoln Aloe Vera Gel

    This Lincoln Aloe Vera Gel helps to moisture your horses irritated skin. 

    This is a versatile and gentle aqueous gel that helps to sooth and moisturise damaged skin. This is infused with 100% aloe vera plant extract, the gentle gel helps to promote healthy skin and natural recovery for skin damaged through minor grazes, cuts, sunburn & insect bites.

    Available in 300g only.

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  3. Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Cream

    This Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Cream is very effective for countering mud fever.

    This cream is a fast and effective way to prevent mud fever. This cream is scientifically proven to kill bacteria responsible for mud fever. This is perfect to use in conjunction with the Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Powder. This cream contains Metalosan 47 a breakthrough in wound management. 

    Available in 200g only.

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  4. Lincoln Muddy Buddy Powder

    This Lincoln Muddy Buddy Powder is perfect for protecting your horses lower legs against mud fever.

    This is a powerful acti-bacterial water repellent powder for application on the lower legs in wet & muddy conditions. Beneficial for horses prone to irritation from a wet & muddy environment. This helps to effectively protect the areas and offers a powerful water repellent barrier to keep the area hygienically clean. Shields against mud & water. 

    Available in 350g only.

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  5. Lincoln Muddy Buddy Scrub

    This Lincoln Muddy Buddy Scrub is perfect for removing mud & dirt from your horses legs. 

    This is a powerful anti-bacterial leg wash for easy removal of mud & dirt form your horses legs, it contains a powerful, broad spectrum anti-bacterial agent to help overcome and combat harmful bacteria present in wet, muddy, dirty environments. Will sooth and cleanse helping to maintain prolonged hygienically clean skin. 

    Available in 500ml only.

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  6. Supreme Products Leg & Mud Guard

    This Supreme Products Leg & Mud Guard is perfect for protection against mud fever. 

    This leg & mud guard is an anti-bacterial and waterproof barrier cream to help prevent and act against mud fever. 

    Available in 500ml.

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  7. Lincoln Pig Oil & Sulphur
    From: £7.91

    This Lincoln Pig Oil & Sulphur is perfect for horses in the wet, muddy conditions.

    This Lincoln pig oil & sulphur helps to prevent mud from sticking to your horse through the muddy weather. If mud was to dry on your horse's skin this could cause them quite some pain when trying to remove and wash off. Pig oil helps to prevent the mud from sticking and keeps them nice and clean. This is a ready to use preparation of pig oil & sulphur to use straight away.

    Available in a range of sizes.

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  8. Lincoln Muddy Buddy Ointment

    This Lincoln Muddy Buddy Ointment is perfect as an anti-bacterial layer for your horse. 

    This ointment helps to provide a powerful, soothing protective waterproof barrier for your horse. This should be applied down by the heels & lower legs in wet & muddy conditions. This helps to soothe the effected layer and to provide an effective & protective waterproof barrier. 

    Available in 500g only.

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  9. NAF Stable Hands

    NAF Stable Hands gives your dry, sore and hard working hands the TLC they need with this absorbent and moisturising hand cream. It helps to restore moisture and soften the skin.

    Available in 100ml

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  10. NAF No Bite

    NAF No Bite is an unpleasant tasting spray designed to discourage chewing of rugs and bandages.

    Comes in a handy spray bottle. Washes off easily.

    Available in 500ml

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  11. NAF Love The SKIN He's In Skin Salve

    NAF Love the SKIN he's in Skin Salve soothes and comforts irritated areas of skin. This light, water-based salve absorbs easily and leaves no superficial residue. Contains MSM and Aloe Vera to soothe irritated itchy areas, rashes and minor abrasions.

    Available in 750g

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  12. Keratex Mud Shield Powder

    Online for Equine offer the Keratex Mud Shield Powder.

    Disinfecting powder that repels mud and water, keeping it away from the skin making it ideal if your horse suffers from mud fever.

    Coats horses legs repelling water, mud and germs.

    Available in 450g.

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  13. NAF Love the SKIN he's in D-Itch Lotion

    New from NAF, Love the SKIN he's in D-Itch Lotion is an easy to apply, absorbant lotion that is essential for any horse affected by seasonal irritations. It helps to provide an effective barrier against environmental challenges and insects, while its skin-friendly ingredients support and soothe damaged and irritated skin, allowing it to be restored to its natural, healthy condition.

    Available in 500ml

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  14. NAF Crib Stop

    NAF Crib Stop is an unpleasant tasting water repellent coating to discourage your horse from biting wood and other hard surfaces, available in a handy spray bottle.

    Available in 500ml.

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  15. NAF Love the SKIN he's in Skin Wash

    RRP £21.99

    From: £21.48

    NAF Love the SKIN he's in Skin Wash is a totally natural, gentle skin wash made from a blend of herbal ingredients, including Aloe Vera. This Skin Wash is designed to help support damaged or challenged skin affected by lumps, bumps, rashes or mild irritations. This 3 in 1 product provides optimum skin care whichever way you choose to use it on your horse; use either as a hot towel wash following clipping or for a deep clean, as a cold wash for a refreshing cleanse to lift sweat, grease and dust from the coat or apply directly to the skin in a concentrated form to address specific areas requiring attention.

    Every 1 litre bottle of love the SKIN he's in Skin Wash comes with a FREE NAF Deep Cleansing Towel.

    Available in 1ltr or 2ltr

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  16. NAF Love the SKIN he's in Skin Spray

    RRP £21.99

    From: £20.95

    Gently mist love the SKIN he's in Skin Spray over irritated areas of flaky skin, lumps, bumps and rashes, to soothe and comfort and help to reduce itching sensations. The benefits will be felt by your horse almost immediately. Contains MSM and natural herbal extracts.

    Available in 750ml

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  17. Freestep GGM GastroFree
    From: £70.00

    Freestep GGM GastroFree is a complimentary feed for horses which naturally supports the horse's gastro-intestinal function and is easily absorbs to act efficiently.   

    This supplement is especially effective for horses stabled for long periods, competition horses and those travelling which have limited access to grazing and vital nutrients. GG GastroFree contains a wide range of plant nutrients to replace what's missing in the horse's diet.

    Competition legal - formulated to compy with the FEI and recommended up until 24hrs prior to racing for the BHA. 

    Not to be fed to pregnant mares.

    Available in 250g. 500g or 1kg

    Instructions For Use

    GG GastroFree can be given one 10ml scoop per day

    Composition: Avena Sativa Herba, MgO, Dandelion, Marshmallow and Chamomile

    Analytical Constituents

    Crude Protein 7.42%

    Crude Ash 4.11%

    Moisture 6.78%

    Crude Fibre 7.2%

    Crude Oil 2.29%

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  18. Global Herbs Sarc-Ex

    RRP £137.50

    From: £134.76

    Global Herbs Sarc-Ex provides a unique approach for horses with skin concerns. 

    Available in a range of sizes.

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  19. NAF Garlic 100 Liquid

    The NAF Garlic 100 Liquid delivers all the benefits of garlic granules in an easy-to-feed and cost effective liquid form. Garlic helps to support the horse's general health when fed daily.

    Available in 1ltr

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  20. Safe-Care Total Body Wash

    RRP £9.99

    From: £6.99

    Safe-Care Total Body Wash. All over wash, removes scurf and can be washed away in one rinse. For best results wet hair thoroughly, apply and leave to dwell before rinsing. Available in 750ml & 5 Litres Learn More
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