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When it comes to finding the ideal gift for a child who adores horses, nothing beats a LeMieux Hobby Horse Toy.

The LeMieux Hobby Horse Toy lineup offers a wide range of breeds and colours ensuring every child can find their perfect pony companion. These hobby horses are crafted to mirror the charm and appearance of real ponies with mouths that open and manes for plaiting. Whether or not your child has a real pony of their own, these toys offer the opportunity to create a coordinated look with their horse riding clothing.

Introduced in 2023, the LeMieux Hobby Horse Toy collection brings an exciting new dimension to playtime. These incredibly lifelike hobby horses promise endless hours of amusement and can be personalized with matching equipment such as hobby horse bridles, hobby horse browbands, and hobby horse fly hoods, allowing your little one to coordinate their hobby horse with their outfit flawlessly!