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What's the difference with Sprenger bits?

We are now stocking Sprenger bits. There are a variety of types of available, so here is a break-down of what Sprenger bits offer and the types available:

Sprenger bits are made from a patented material called Aurigan, which is a strong and solid alloy. Aurigan is mixture of materials for optimum oxidation and the high oxidation properties result in intensive chewing activity. Aurigan produces a taste that horses love and this particular taste encourages horses to chew and produce saliva, which promotes rapid acceptance of the Aurigan bits.

The first range of bits which Sprenger do is the KK Ultra. The KK Ultra bits have been developed according to scientific research. The bits take advantage of the exceptional sensitivity of the tongue and they create an incomparable sensitive contact between horse and rider. The KK Ultra has a unique angle of 45 degrees and the round lozenge rolls down smoothly over the tongue and stimulates it in a gentle but effective way. The mouthpiece is shaped like the horse’s tongue and therefore takes up less room within the mouth.

The second range of bits made by Sprenger is the Dynamic RS bits. These bits stimulate the horse to accept the bit more easily. The ergonomically formed mouthpiece lies perfectly in the horse’s mouth resulting in soft and even pressure on the entire tongue area, which encourages the horse to chew. The bit also supports the contact to the corners of the mouth in a very effective way, keeping the horse on the bit.

The next range of bits is the WH Ultra. The WH Ultra uses the tongue’s sense of touch to achieve optimum effect without being sharp; this is done by the bit featuring a unique roller in the centre section. The WH Ultras are highly recommended for horses that are unresponsive to the rein aids.

The KK bits are the oldest range which Sprenger do. They have been used successfully for than 30 years. The bit curves around the tongue without pinching the sensitive palate. The KK Ultra bits have been developed from this range.

The new generation of loose ring snaffles is the Turnado bits. The mouthpiece is turned by 45 degrees and is distinctly marked by a slightly abrasive surface in the middle part of the mouthpiece. This bit enables the rein aids to reach the horse’s mouth precisely, but in a soft way as the pressure is evenly distributed on the tongue. This bit also helps to prevent tongue vices.


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