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Stirrup Irons & Treads
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  1. Cottage Craft PSOB Stirrup Treads
  2. Shires Fillis Stirrup Irons
  3. Feeling First Peacock Safety Stirrups
  4. Sprenger Bow Balance Rubber Stirrup Treads
  5. Shires Fillis Peacock Safety Stirrups
  6. Shires Rubbers for Peacock Stirrups
  7. Shires Peacock Leathers
  8. Shires Stirrup Treads
  9. Cottage Craft Fillis Stirrup Treads
  10. Cottage Craft Spare Rings and Clips for Peacock Stirrups
  11. Cottage Craft Flexi Stirrups
  12. Cottage Craft Peacock Safety Stirrups
  13. Cottage Craft Bent Leg Safety Stirrups
  14. Cottage Craft Fillis Stirrups
  15. Cottage Craft PSOB Stirrups
  16. Shires Lightweight Stirrup Irons
  17. Shires Fillis Stirrup Treads
  18. Shires Bent Leg Stirrup Irons
  19. Wessex Stirrup Irons
  20. Shires Prussia Side Stirrup Irons
  21. JIn Stirrups
  22. Freejump Soft'Up Pro Adults Stirrups
  23. Compositi Premium Profile Stirrup Treads
  24. Compositi Childs Premium Profile Stirrups
  25. Compositi Adults Premium Profile Stirrups
  26. Compositi Reflex Stirrups
  27. Compositi Matrix Stirrup Treads
  28. Shires Lightweight Stirrups with Interchangeable Treads
  29. Sprenger Flexcite Stainless Steel Stirrups
  30. Sprenger Fillis Stirrup Irons
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 35

Set Descending Direction

Horse Stirrups

Finding good stirrup leathers is very important, however some riders think this is enough, you will also need a good quality stirrup (also known as stirrup irons). A stirrup is a ring or frame shaped piece of tack that is attached to the saddle with a stirrup leather. The use of a stirrup helps the rider with mounting their horse, it also acts as an addition form of support whilst you are on the saddle itself riding.

Find the right stirrup is of paramount importance for all riders, unfortunately it is not a case of one size fits all. There are many different variations and styles available to you, there have been a large number of riding accident that have been caused by the riding boot slipping through the stirrup and the lodging the riders foot. Investing in a good, high quality pair of stirrups is definitely worth it to evade avoidable accidents occurring.

Ensuring you have the correct size stirrup irons is vital, a good way to measure the size of the stirrup you require is to take a measurement of your foot whilst wearing the boots you ride in and add on 2.5cm either side of the footwear to determine the correct size. For younger or novice riders, stirrups with peacock rubbers are available.

The stirrups on offer from Online for Equine come in all sorts of styles and types from the biggest names in the equestrian industry; so you know when you buy from us you are getting stirrup irons you can trust.