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Martingales & Breastplates
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  1. Caldene Elasticated Breastplate
  2. JHL Breastgirth
  3. JHL Running Martingale
  4. JHL Hunting Breastplate
  5. JHL V Check Breastplate
  6. Mark Todd Martingale
  7. Mark Todd Deluxe Breast Girth
  8. Mark Todd Deluxe 5 Point Breastplate
  9. Mark Todd V Check Breastplate
  10. Mark Todd Hunting Breastplate
  11. Caldene Hunting Breastplate
  12. Cottage Craft Sovereign Running Martingale
  13. Caldene Running Martingale
  14. Cottage Craft Rein Stops
  15. Shires Sheepskin Pad
  16. Le Mieux Breast Girth Covers
  17. Cottage Craft Martingale Stops
  18. GFS Running Martingale
  19. Equipe Collier Emporio Martingale
  20. Buy Shires Salisbury Breastplate Spare Sheepskin Pad
  21. Shires Salisbury Running Martingale
  22. Shires Aviemore Running Martingale
  23. Shires Salisbury Three Point Breastplate
  24. Shires Salisbury Five Point Breastplate
  25. Shires Acrilan Breastgirth Sleeve
  26. Shires Elastic Breastgirth
  27. Shires Aviemore Hunt Weight Breastplate
  28. Shires Blenheim Standing Martingale
  29. Shires Irish Martingale
  30. Shires Blenheim Running Martingale
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 40

Set Descending Direction

Martingale Collars & Horse Breastplate

Martingale collars and breastplates for horses are pieces of tack specifically designed for a purpose.

A martingale is used to control the horse's head carriage and sees use in many different riding disciplines in both riding and driving., they also act as an additional thing for the rider to hold onto. A horse breastplate on the other hand is a piece of tack used to ensure the saddle or harness of the rider does not slip or slide backwards.

Both are important pieces which often get over-looked by riders, but both are extremely useful.

When to use Martingales and Horse Breastplates

By controlling the horse's head, a martingale is an extremely popular option when it comes to show-jumping, cross-country or general showing. However, it should be noted that martingale collars for horses are not BD legal. Breastplates on the other hand are usable in all disciplines and are extremely handy for riders of all ages and sizes.

When it comes to using martingales for showing and competition, some disciplines allow them for schooling but not for an officially judge outing and in some cases, martingales are prohibiting entirely. Unlike with horse breastplates, it is important that you check beforehand whether or not your discipline allows you to use a martingale collar. If you would like to find out more about horse breastplates and martingale collars please do not hesitate to contact one of our team.