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47 products

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  1. Shires Rope Control Halter

    RRP £8.50

    From: £7.65

    The Shires Rope Control Halter is made from superb quality rope and is perfect for use during leading and loading. This rope halter is lightweight and simple to fit, as well as adjusting to any required size. The design of this halter means that the knots apply pressure when the horse pulls against the halter, useful when more control is required and to help encourage lightness and obedience. 


    Ensure this rope halter is fitted with a finger's width gap between the rope and the head. Not recommended for use when the horse is tied up.

    Available in a range of colours, to fit size Cob/Full

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  2. Shires Adjustable Leather Headcollar

    RRP £39.99

    From: £32.94

    Online for Equine offer theShires Adjustable Leather Headcollar.

    This headcollar is made from Blenheim quality leather which offers superb quality at an affordable price. The head and noseband are completely adjustable helping you to achieve the perfect fit.

    This headcollar features solid brass buckles and clips adding to the classic appearance of this headcollar.

    TheShires Adjustable Leather Headcollar is available in a wide range of sizes in black or havana.

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  3. Le Mieux ProSafe Controller Headcollar

    RRP £34.95

    From: £33.20

    Le Mieux ProSafe Controller Headcollar is designed to give you extra control while leading horses. This headcollar halter is made from superb extremely strong twin nylon coupled with a chain and is perfect for use during leading and loading. These headcollars are the perfect choice for strong and disobedient horses helping you to regain control.

    This headcollar features a padded nose and poll section for maximum comfort. When the chain is not engaged, this headcollar acts as a standard design but when engaged, the chain provides the handler with far greater control.

    Available in Black; sizes Pony Cob, Full and X Full

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  4. Le Mieux Breakaway Halter

    RRP £22.50

    From: £21.38

    The Le Mieux Breakaway Halter has been designed for safety while your horse is turned out in the field. The leather pressure-release mechanism breaks under heavy loading to avoid serious injuries, giving you peace of mind if your horse is ever caught up in the field or is prone to panicking and pulling back when tied up. The Breakaway halter is ideal for educating youngsters and horses with established bad habits. The Breakaway Halter is made from strong premium nylon with padded nose and poll and is practical while also being smart enough to use for travelling and shows. 

    Comes with a replacement leather tab and stud.

    Available in Full, Cob or Pony sizes.

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  5. Cottage Craft Foal Headcollar

    Online for Equine offer the Cottage Craft Foal Headcollar.

    This great value for money headcollar ideal as a first head collar and for everyday use. With triple buckle adjustment at the cheek, throatlash and nose to ensure correct fit.

    This head collar is available in Size Foal in Colours Brown, Navy, Cerise, Dark Green, Pale Blue, Pink, Purple, Grey/Pink, Purple/Blue and White.

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  6. Cottage Craft Sovereign Leather Headcollar

    Online for Equine offer the Sovereign Leather headcollar, ideal for every day or smart use.

    Available in Sizes Pony, Cob or Full in either Black or Havana.

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  7. Mark Todd Headcollar

    RRP £19.98

    From: £17.95

    Fully adjustable padded headcollar from the Mark Todd collection.

    This headcollar features fully adjustable and padded head and nose pieces for ultimate comfort and fit.

    Available in cob or full in chocolate / caramel or navy / aqua.

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  8. JHL Leather Headcollar

    Online for Equine offer the JHL Leather Headcollar.

    Made from soft, supple pre oiled european leatherwork with brass buckles and nameplate this leather headcollar is ideal for everyday use as well as at competitions.

    Brass nameplate is ideal for personalisation.

    Available in Pony, Cob, Full or XFull in Black or Havana..

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  9. JHL Leather Foal Headcollar

    Online for Equine offer the JHL Leather Foal Headcollar.

    Made from soft, supple pre oiled european leatherwork with brass buckles this leather foal headcollar is fully adjustable and ideal for everyday use as well as at competitions or shows.

    Available in One Size in Black or Havana.

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  10. Le Mieux Capella Leather Headcollar

    RRP £49.95

    From: £47.45

    The Le Mieux Capella Leather Headcollar is a luxury, beautifully crafted headcollar made from a combination of soft leather, strong nylon and solid metal fittings for a stylish and high quality finish. The Capella headcollar is designed with a wide, contoured and padded headpiece to give pressure-relief across the poll. The padded soft leather throatlash, cheeks and noseband further increase the level of comfort. The throatlash can be unclipped for convenience and the headpiece is adjustable on both sides with double buckles.

    Available in Black/Black, Navy/Black, Sand/Brown and Moss/Brown; sizes Pony, Cob and Full.

    Wash in warm water only and clean with a suitable leather cleaner. Ensure the leather is fully dry with a soft cloth and apply a suitable leather balm. Store in a clean, dry place.

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  11. Mini Le Mieux Headcollars

    The Mini Le Mieux Headcollar is part of the premium collection created especially for Kids. Designed with a super soft halter that features fleece inserts at the poll strap and nose band. The fleece inserts ensure pressure is distributed evenly and the extra padding creates a comfortable fit. Multi adjustable at the curb and poll strap on both sides.


    Available in mini, azure or musk - perfect for ponies measuring 11.2 to 13hh.

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  12. Woof Wear Colour Fusion Headcollar & Leadrope

    The Woof Wear Headcollar and Leadrope is designed to accompany the Colour Fusion range of horse and rider wear. Designed with your horse or pony in mind, this headcollar and lead rope set features comfort panelling and double-buckle adjustment for an optimum fit. The comfort padded nose and headpiece gives perfect balance between comfort and control. The double buckle balances the comfort headpiece, ensuring it stays in place on the horse's poll. 

    Supplied with a matching 2m long tactile cotton lead rope.

    Available in Pony, Cob or Full; colours Berry, Brushed Steel, Electric Blue, Navy, Royal Red, Turquoise, Ultra Violet, Ocean and Shiraz.

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  13. Cameo Fleece Lined Headcollar & Leadrope Set

    The Cameo Fleece Lined Headcollar and Leadrope Set is an affordable, quality everyday essential. This headcollar is adjustable on the poll and noseband to ensure a safe fit while soft, matching fleece padding on the poll, nose and cheeks. It features strong brass fittings and heat sealed eyelets to ensure durability. Supplied with a matching leadrope.

    Available in Black, Navy, Red, Royal Blue, Green, Pink; sizes Small Pony, Pony, Cob and Full

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  14. Equilibrium Stellar Safety Headcollar

    RRP £59.95

    From: £53.19

    Safety shouldn't be a choice horse owners need to make. With Stellar there is no compromise.

    When using a piece of equipment on a daily basis whether in the field, to lead and tie up or to travel with, it's essential that it will be safe in the event of an incident. Horses are notoriously good at causing injury to themselves through their fight or flight instinct; a headcollar which releases in a situation where the horse is panicking to the point of injury can help to prevent a significant injury.

    The Equilibrium Stellar Safety Headcollar is a stylish, comfortable headcollar which features a patent pending reusable safety system. This safety system releases when needed to prevent injury to the soft tissue and nerves on the face, poll and neck. By moving the keeper on the headpiece, the force it takes for the headcollar to release changes. This safety headcollar is made from a low-maintenance, smart leather-look synthetic material with stainless steel fittings which are long lasting and durable. Comfortable padding at the nose and poll adds to the horse's comfort. This headcollar is durable and weatherproof for longevity.

    The Stellar headcollar has been scientifically tested in the laboratory for a consistent release point as well as in field trials for everyday use. The extensive testing ensures that this headcollar provides the necessary balance between safe handling and horse safety.  

    This headcollar has a one year guarantee.

    Available in black and brown; sizes X Small - X Large - please see the size guide for more information

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  15. Roma Coordinate Headcollar

    This Dublin Roma Coordinate Headcollar is a stunning headcollar perfect for your horse all year round.

    This beautiful headcollar is a must have in your tack room, featuring a adjustable head and nose piece for a perfect fit. Easy to be able to put on and off, easily adjustable and to be able to clean. This headcollar has everything that your looking for. 

    Available in a range of sizes & colours.

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  16. Horseware Ireland Rambo Padded Headcollar

    The Horseware Ireland Rambo Padded Headcollar is a smart, durable webbing headcollar designed with a thick padded fleece lined nose and headpiece for comfort against the more sensitive areas of your horse's face. This headcollar co-ordinates beautifully with the rest of the Rambo range.

    Available in a range of colours; sizes Pony, Cob and Horse.

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  17. Horseware Ireland Field Safe Headcollar

    The Horseware Ireland Fieldsafe Headcollar is a durable headcollar with a reusable Velcro release point for safe use in the field. It also features a quick-release cheek clip, adjustable noseband and reflective labels to help find the horse in the dark.

    Available in Navy, Baby Blue, Green and Red; sizes Pony, Cob and Horse

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  18. Horseware Ireland Micklem Leather Headcollar

    The Horseware Ireland Micklem Headcollar has been developed using the innovative, best-selling Micklem bridle design, providing ultimate comfort for the horse during handling and travelling. This headcollar includes elasticated sections in the headpiece, allowing safer tying up of your horse as well as easier training of the horse to not pull back.

    The shape of the Micklem headcollar is designed to avoid sensitive areas of the head. Adjustability on both sides of the headpiece as well as under the chin ensures a comfortable fit. The luxurious leather gives a beautiful show finish!

    Available in Black or Brown; sizes Small Pony, Pony, Cob and Horse

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  19. HY Christmas Santa Headcollar

    The HY Christmas Santa Headcollar is a gorgeous seasonal head collar to get your horse into the festive spirit! It's finished in red glitter, with faux fur on the noseband and headpiece for additional comfort. It's fully adjustable on the noseband and headpiece and is finished with stainless steel fittings, including a throat lash clip.

    Available in Red Sparkle; sizes Pony, Cob and Full

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  20. Shires Performance SupaFleece Halter Fleece Pieces

    RRP £11.50

    From: £10.35

    Upgrade your horse's headcollar with these supremely soft SupaFleece comfort pieces. These fleece pieces attach to each part of the headcollar with touch-close fastenings, providing all over comfort and luxury.

    Available in Black, Brown and Natural; in either 6 Pieces or 9 Pieces

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One of the most basic pieces of equipment, a headcollar will help you to keep control of your horse on the ground. We offer a vast variety of headcollars to suit all styles and tastes. Cheaper everyday nylon headcollars are an affordable choice for everyone, coming in a wide range of colours. If you prefer to have the latest, fashionable colours from premium brands such as Eskadron and Le Mieux, we have a great selection as well as faux fur lined options for sensitive faces! Leather headcollars are ideal for shows and travelling; some of our versions feature a plate to have names engraved which will give a really smart finish. We also stock field-safe versions for naughty horses that won’t be caught, or for those which need to wear grazing muzzles – these are designed to break under strain (e.g. if a horse gets the headcollar caught on a fence).