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  1. GFS Premier Avail Anatomical Performance Dressage Bridle
  2. GFS Premier Prime Anatomical Performance Bridle
  3. GFS Premier Prosperity Anatomical Performance Bridle
  4. GFS Premier Alpine Anatomical Performance Bridle
  5. Rossano Padded Raised Flash Bridle
  6. Rossano Dressage Bridle With Crank
  7. JHL Flash Bridle
  8. Mark Todd Plain Raised Bridle with Grakle Noseband
  9. Caldene Crank Noseband Bridle With Rubber Reins
  10. Horze Prague Bridle
  11. PDS Patent Rolled Weymouth Dressage Bridle (Inc Reins)
  12. PDS Patent Rolled Dressage Bridle (Inc Reins)
  13. JHL Plain Cavesson Bridle
  14. JHL Raised Cavesson Bridle
  15. JHL Grakle Bridle
  16. Mark Todd Square Raised Padded Bridle with Flash Noseband
  17. Mark Todd Patent Dressage Bridle
  18. Mark Todd Double Raised Bridle
  19. Mark Todd Plain Raised Bridle with Cavesson Noseband
  20. Caldene Plain  Raised Snaffle Bridle With Plain Reins
  21. Caldene Plain In-Hand Bridle With Lead
  22. Caldene Wide Plain Snaffle Bridle With Plain Reins
  23. Caldene Crystal Flash Bridle With Plain Reins
  24. Caldene Grackle Bridle With Rubber Reins
  25. Caldene Crank Noseband Bridle With Detachable Flash & Rubber Reins
  26. Caldene Black Label Grackle Bridle With Rubber Reins
  27. Cottage Craft Sovereign Hertfordshire Bridle with Lead Rein
  28. Cottage Craft Sovereign Cambridge Bridle with Rubber Reins
  29. Cottage Craft Sovereign Oxford Bridle with Rubber Reins
  30. Cottage Craft Sovereign Lincoln Bridle with Plain Reins
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 63

Set Descending Direction

Horse Bridles

Online for Equine house a wide selection of horse bridles suitable for dressage, showjumping, showing and casual riding.

Bridles are a must-have for all riders, new and experienced, as they are used to direct a horses whilst riding. The bridle consists of the headpiece that holds the bit and the reins that are attached to either side of the bit. Bridles that use headgear without a bit (using a noseband instead) are called hackamores. There are various designs and variations of these bridles, but all hackmore bridles use a noseband to apply pressure on the face's more sensitive areas – this provides the rider with more control of the horse and the direction it takes.

When you buy your bridles from us you are getting to best quality as we ensure that all of our brides are from the best equestrian manufacturers in the industry. In our collection are some of the biggest and best providers of horse bridles, including Shires and Mark Todd.

We offer an extensive range of horse bits, so you can pick the correct one to go with your bridle.

Bridle Types

In showing classes horse turnout rules must be strictly adhered to; for example if you are competing in a working hunter class, judges often reward horses wearing a brown leather hunter bridle featuring a plain, thick noseband and browband. In contrast, showjumping and dressage judges do not award you for the horse's turnout but you should still select a bridle which compliments your horses head. Bridles are available in numerous designs with alternate browband designs and varied noseband types.

To find out more about bridles you can get in touch with one of the members of our team who will be able to help you and answer any questions you have about horse bridles.