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  1. Shires Tempest Original Air Motion Combo Lightweight Turnout
  2. Shires Tempest Original Air Motion Lightweight Turnout
  3. Mark Todd Autumner Turnout Neck Cover
  4. Mark Todd Lightweight Turnout Neck Cover
  5. JHL Lightweight Turnout Rug Neck Cover
  6. JHL Lightweight Turnout Rug
  7. Mark Todd Lightweight Pony Turnout Rug
  8. Mark Todd Autumner Rug Turnout Rug
  9. Mark Todd Lightweight Combo Turnout Rug
  10. Mark Todd Lightweight Turnout Rug
  11. Bucas Freedom Turnout Rug
  12. WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Classic Standard Neck Lite
  13. WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Classic Combo Neck Lite
  14. WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Premier Free Standard Neck Lite
  15. Shires Highlander Original 100g Neck Cover
  16. Shires Highlander Original 100g Standard Neck Turnout Rug
  17. Shires Highlander Original 100g Combo Neck Turnout Rug
  18. Shires Highlander Lite Combo Neck Turnout Rug
  19. Shires Highlander Lite Standard Neck Turnout Rug
  20. WeatherBeeta ComFITech Plus Dynamic 100g Standard Neck Turnout
  21. WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Plus Dynamic 100g Combo Neck Turnout Rug
  22. Shires Tempest Original 50 Standard Neck Turnout Rug
  23. Shires Tempest Original 50 Combo Turnout Rug
  24. Shires WarmaRug 100g System Under Rug
  25. Masta Climatemasta 100g Fixed Neck Liner
  26. Shires Tempest Lite Combo Fixed Neck Turnout Rug
  27. Shires Tempest Lite Standard Neck Turnout Rug
  28. Shires Tempest Original 100 Turnout Rug
  29. Shires Tempest Original 100 Combo Turnout Rug
  30. JHL Essential Lightweight Turnout Rug Neck Cover
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 36

Set Descending Direction

Lightweight Turnout Rug

Turnout rugs are a must for all riding enthusiasts! An extra layer of protection outdoors can go a long way for both the horse and the rider. However there are many different weights when it comes to turnouts; at Online for Equine we offer lightweight turnout rugs as well as heavyweight turnout rugs (click to see).

A lightweight turnout rug is perfect for warmer conditions, with very little fill it is designed to keep your horse cool in the summer heat. Being extremely lightweight gives your horse the ability to move with little restriction, something that may be an issue with a different rug type.

A big benefit you will find when using one of our lightweight turnout rugs is that they keep your horse's body free from stains, dirt and dust – saving you the job of cleaning! Our lightweight turnout rugs come in various styles and types and are available in a standard neck size as well as a half and full neck variations. At Online for Equine we always aim to make sure all of our riders have access to all the supplies, wear and equipment they need when riding, if you have any questions about our lightweight turnout rugs, do not hesitate to ask our team.