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Fleeces & Coolers
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  1. Funnell Jersey Cooler
  2. Shires Tempest Original Fleece Rug
  3. Shires Tempest Original Fleece Show Rug
  4. Shires Tempest Original Waffle Rug
  5. Shires Tempest Original Stable Sheet
  6. Shires Tempest Original Tech Cooler
  7. Shires Tempest Original Tech Mesh Cooler
  8. Shires Tempest Original Fleece / Mesh Cooler
  9. Shires Tempest Original Mesh Cooler
  10. Masta Coolmasta
  11. Shires Newmarket Stripe Fleece Rug
  12. Masta Soft Waffle Weave Rug
  13. Coolex Cooler Neck Cover
  14. Coolex Cooler
  15. Equi Theme Striped Fleece Rug
  16. JHL Waffle Weave Rug
  17. JHL Fleece Rug
  18. Mark Todd Mesh Cooler Rug
  19. Mark Todd Deluxe Fleece Rug
  20. Mark Todd Pony Fleece Rug
  21. Le Mieux Thermo-Cool Rug
  22. Masta Ascot Stripe Suede Fleece Rug
  23. Bucas Shamrock Power Multi Functional Rug
  24. Bucas Shamrock Power Multi Functional Combo Neck Rug
  25. Bucas Freedom Twill Stable Sheet
  26. WeatherBeeta Fleece Cooler Standard Neck
  27. Le Mieux Thermo-Cool Light
  28. Le Mieux Four Seasons Neck Cover
  29. Shires Jersey Cooler Combo
  30. Shires Premium Stable / Dust Sheet
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 36

Set Descending Direction

Horse Fleece Rugs & Cooler Rugs

Both horse fleece rugs and cooler rugs are incredibly versatile and useful to the rider throughout the year in both warmer months and cooler temperatures.

Horse Cooler Rug

Cooler rugs for horses have many different functions and uses but are usually used after exercise to help wick away any excess moisture from the horse's coat and body. A cooling rug that wicks away moisture removes moisture from the body and allows it to become evaporated quicker and easier – similarly to how sportswear has the same effect on humans. When you are allowing your horse and the horse's muscles to cool down naturally you are actually risking them developing a chill, a cooler rug does not allow this to happen. They have been designed to allow your horse to cool down in the most efficient way possible.

Using a cooler rug after bathing also allows your horse's coat to dry without the risk of the early development and the protection from skin irritations.

Horse Fleece Rugs

Some fleece rugs have been specifically designed to be used alone for warmth, a warm single layer for your horse to wear in the stable, whilst others are used to wick away moisture in cooler conditions.

Fleece cooler rugs are extremely popular and are a favourite for hunting use when the weather is much cooler, allowing the horse to cool off more efficiently without the risk of developing a chill.

At Online for Equine we offer a wide range of cooler and fleece rugs, from the best horse brand in the country. If you'd like to know more about our collection cooling or fleece rugs, please contact our friendly team who'd be more than happy to help.