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  1. Le Mieux Carbon Travel Boots

    RRP £79.95

    From: £75.95

    The Le Mieux Carbon Travel Boots offer the latest innovation in travel protection for your horse. Made from lightweight yet strong ballistic nylon outer fabric, these durable travel boots resist knocks and abrasions. Moisture and temperature are well-regulated in these travel boots compared to standard travel boots which contain polar fleece or nylon/polyester linings - instead these Le Mieux travel boots feature a new cooling Carbon Nano-Fibre lining which has wicking properties which effectively controls heat and sweat build-up.

    These travel boots are shaped for comfort and protection; they also feature a robust PU leather heel guard which gives further protection while increasing the life of the boot. The generously quilted Velcro straps with Le Mieux branded tabs complete the look of these smart travel boots. 

    Available in Black or Navy; sizes Medium or Large

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  2. Woof Wear Travel Boots (Set of 4)

    RRP £66.00

    From: £59.00

    Woof Wear Travel Boots offer premium protection when your horse is on the horse box or trailer, combine high specification materials with a wrap-around system which gives increased protection to the entire lower leg, from the knee or hock joint down to the heel. Featuring a 600 denier ripstop outer, these travel boots are durable and will stand up to regular wear. Hard PP hoof guards protect the hoof capsule and heel from damage should the horse kick out or stand on himself. The high density foam inner cushions the boot during impact for superior protection. The comfortable wicking fleece liner is breathable to keep the horse's legs at a comfotale temperature. 

    Available in black or navy; sizes Pony, Cob, Full & Heavy Hunter - please see the size guide for further sizing information.

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  3. WeatherBeeta Wide Tab Shaped Travel Boots

    RRP £44.99

    From: £40.49

    The WeatherBeeta Wide Tab Shaped Travel Boots are durable and strong protective boots with a 1200 denier outer shell. These boots are shaped to protect the entire lower leg while ensuring the horse is comfortable and able to move freely. Soft boa fleece lining offers additional comfort. The three touch tab closures are large, secure and easy to use, making these travel boots easy to put on and take off.

    Available in Black/Silver, Navy/Silver and Navy/Red/White; sizes Pony, Cob and Full.

    Please see the size guide to ensure the best possible fit.

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  4. WeatherBeeta Deluxe Travel Boots

    RRP £69.99

    From: £62.99

    The WeatherBeeta Deluxe Travel Boots are premium travel boots offering improved levels of protection. These great quality travel boots feature a tough, durable 1200 denier outer material, with extra length to offer combined knee and hock protection. PVC strike pads around the bottom protects the sensitive heel area from injury and the additional strike pad at the point of hock further shields against knocks. A dense foam inner and nylon lining ensures your horse's legs are comfortable.

    These travel boots are secured with three easy-to-use touch tape tab closures, keeping these travel boots secure, ensuring an even pressure distribution and making putting on/taking off these boots quick and simple.

    Available in Black or Navy/Red/White; sizes Pony, Cob, Full and Warmblood.

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  5. WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Channel Quilt Leg Pads

    RRP £34.99

    From: £31.49

    WeatherBeeta's Therapy-Tec products incorporate ceramic fabric technology which works by reflecting the horse’s own body heat, increasing circulation and muscle function by expanding the blood vessels.

    Ideal for the rehab, recovery and preventative maintenance, WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Channel Quilt Leg Pads are great for use before, during and after exercise as well as for travelling. They feature a ceramic infused lining which increases circulation to increase muscle function and recovery.

    Available in Black/Red in One Size

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  6. Horseware Ireland Amigo Travel Boots

    RRP £75.95

    From: £60.07

    The Horseware Ireland Amigo Travel Boots are made from a touch outer shell for extra protection to your horse's legs and a soft fleece lining for comfort with an easy clean polyester strip at the bottom. 

    Match the Amigo Travel Boots with the Amigo Jersey Cooler to complete your horse's travel outfit.

    Available in Black/Teal & Dark Cherry, Red/White/Green & Black, Atlantic Blue/Atlantic Blue & Ivory, Navy/Silver; sizes Pony, Cob & Horse

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  7. Mark Todd Travel Boots

    RRP £66.98

    From: £53.58

    The Mark Todd travel boots offer maximum protection for your horse's legs while travelling. Made from hard wearing cordura nylon outer with dirt repelling rip-stop nylon lining, the boots are quick and easy to use with three wide hook and loop straps. They also have built-in scuff plates around the base to prevent the fabric from fraying and also help prevent injury to the coronet band.

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  8. Shires Travel Sure Economy Boots

    RRP £19.99

    From: £16.67

    These economy travel boots are quilted to make fitting easy, with touch close fastenings to hold the boot in place.

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  9. Shires Compact Travel Boots

    RRP £28.99

    From: £25.19

    Short travel boots with tough nylon outers and thick synthetic sheepskin lining to protect your horses legs whilst travelling. The shorter height is more readily accepted by horses that are not used to travelling. Strong adjustable touch close straps

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Travel Boots

Taking precautions to protect your horses legs while travelling offers the best chance of avoiding injury. Travel boots should be well-fitting – too short and won’t protect the whole of your horse’s leg correctly; too long and you risk them being trodden on which can cause the horse to panic and/or lose balance as well as probably breaking the boot. Travel boots normally secure with Velcro and should be fastened snugly.

Travel boots either come as anatomically shaped boots, or as simple pad - simple pads are better for young horses or inexperienced travellers as they may panic with longer, shaped boots. The shaped boots meanwhile will offer a better level of security and protection, and some types feature reinforced heel areas, further helping to protect against knocks. For horses that are prone to being very excitable when arriving at competitions/show grounds, look for travel boots with big Velcro tabs to help you get them on and off quickly and safely.