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  1. NAF Slim

    RRP £31.99

    From: £29.19

    For those horses and ponies who live on fresh air, it can be a struggle to keep their weight under control. The obvious answer is to reduce their feed intake, however, this could result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies.This is where NAF Slim comes into its own. Slim is a natural and highly palatable weight management supplement, designed to provide essential micronutrients to those individuals on a restricted diet. The unique blend of ingredients work in synergy with metabolism boosting marine extracts, providing daily requirements of essential vitamins and minerals and naturally sourced antioxidants. Slim works to promote wellbeing for good doers while supporting healthy weight loss the natural way.

    NAF Slim should be used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and suitable exercise regime.

    Available in 3.3kg

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  2. Freestep LamiAlert C.S.H

    Freestep LamiAlert C.S.H has been formulated to provide support for horses on restricted diet that are prone to gaining weight on fresh air. It's an affordable way to ensure your horse is receiving all of the nutrients which may be missing from a sugar and grass restricted diet, with the feeding rate being just one scoop per day.

    The addition of Vitex Agnus Castus helps to maintain a balanced hormonal system.

    Available in 145g, 250g or 500g

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  3. Shires Horse Measuring Tape

    RRP £6.99

    From: £6.29

    Online for Equine are pleased to offer this Horse Measuring Tape by Shires.

    This Shires pocket sized horse tape measure is very convenient to carry round. Fully retractable, it is strongly constructed and measures in both hands and centimetres.

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  4. Shires Nylon Grazing Muzzle

    RRP £23.99

    From: £21.43

    Proven to help with controlled or restricted feeding regimes and special diets, the Shires Grazing Muzzle has undergone something of an upgrade to greatly enhance its comfort and wearability. Cut back under the chin to avoid unnecessary pressure and improve the fit, it features anti-chafe padding around inside of the muzzle to protect the delicate nose and chin. Head and throat straps feature comfort padding and are fully adjustable with field safe fastenings and a D ring for leading the horse. The muzzle further features a rubber base with a hole in the bottom through which grass can enter and reinforced nylon web bars which allow free air exchange.

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  5. Shires Plastic Muzzle

    RRP £8.99

    From: £8.09

    A plastic muzzle complete with nylon strap

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Equine Weight Management

Equine obesity is a common issue for health and welfare in domesticated horses. Keeping horses in smaller paddocks, low amounts of exercise and long periods of time stabled all contribute to weight gain. Also, the nutritional value of grass in maintained paddocks is higher than horse’s are designed to consume. Obesity in horses has the potential to cause serious health issues such as laminitis and Equine Metabolic Syndrome, so as a horse owner it’s essential to monitor and correctly manage your horse’s weight.