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Hoof & Coat Health
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  1. Horse First Hoof First
  2. NAF Love the Skin He's In Mud Gard Supplement
  3. Keratex Feed Supplement for Hooves
    Keratex Feed Supplement for Hooves
    From Special Price £61.78 RRP Regular Price £68.64
  4. Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Supplement
  5. NAF ProFeet Liquid
  6. Farriers Formula
  7. Gold Label Three Oils
  8. Gold Label Soya Oil
  9. Gold Label Cod Liver Oil with Garlic
  10. Gold Label Biotin Plus
  11. NAF Omega Oil
  12. NAF Linseed Oil
  13. NAF Cod Liver Oil
  14. NAF Dispensing Pump
  15. NAF Soya Oil
  16. Gold Label Brewers Yeast
  17. NAF Seaweed
  18. Day Son & Hewitt Platform
  19. James Hart Solutions Cushy Life
  20. NAF Love the Skin He's In D-Itch Supplement
  21. MaxaHoof
  22. NAF ProFeet Easy Feed Pellet
  23. NAF ProFeet Powder
  24. SP Equine NaviLam O
  25. NAF 5 Star Laminaze
  26. Kossolian Blood Salts
  27. Gold Label Aloe Vera Juice
  28. Gold Label Biotin
  29. NAF Oilovite
  30. Le Mieux Copper Health
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 35

Set Descending Direction
We have all heard the saying no foot, no horse yet hoof complaints are one of the most common problems seen by vets and farriers in horses. By combining a good diet with corrective trimming and shoeing from your farrier, you can help to correct hoof problems. Online for Equine offer a range of supplements from Maxavita, Feel Good 30 and Dodson & Horrell which contain Biotin, a substance which helps to aid in the growth of healthy coats and hooves. By feeding biotin based supplements, you are providing the nutritional building blocks needed for promoting healthy horn growth as well as healthy hooves and coat. Keep your horse looking healthy and give his goat that healthy glow in the show ring.