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  1. Clipperman CLA2 German Steel Blade Set
  2. Horseware Ireland Rambo Grooming Kit
  3. Le Mieux Tangle Tidy Plus
  4. Cottage Craft Small Aluminium Pulling Comb
  5. Bitz Plaiting Bands Tub
  6. Shires Silicone Plaiting Bands
  7. Shires Ezi-Groom Spick and Span Grooming Kit Bag
    Shires Ezi-Groom Spick and Span Grooming Kit Bag
    From Special Price £15.83 RRP Regular Price £17.99
  8. Eskadron Glossy Grooming Bag
  9. Cottage Craft Designer Quarter Marker
  10. Lincoln Quarter Markers
  11. Smart Grooming Tails Rake
  12. Clipperman Clipper Oil
  13. Shires Ezi-Groom Mane & Tail Brush
  14. Woof Wear Woofie Brush
  15. Le Mieux Grooming Brushes
  16. Le Mieux Grooming Bag
  17. Bit Butter Tub
  18. Le Mieux CloseShave
  19. Le Mieux Grooming Mitts
  20. Cottage Craft Plain Bristle Flick Brush
  21. Cottage Craft Plain Bristle Face Brush
  22. Cottage Craft Plain Bristle Body Brush
  23. Cottage Craft Mixed Bristle Flick Brush
  24. Cottage Craft Mixed Bristle Dandy Brush
  25. Cottage Craft Mixed Bristle Face Brush
  26. Cottage Craft Mixed Bristle Body Brush
  27. Cottage Craft Extra Small Body Brush
  28. Stable Kit Grooming Box
  29. Bentley Equestrian Wooden Hoof Oil Brush
  30. Bentley Equestrian Wooden Face Brush
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 211

Set Descending Direction

Horse Grooming

Horse grooming is an important part of being a horse rider, regular grooming helps your horse stay clean, feel clean and helps keep a good level of hygiene.

Horse grooming is a fairly vague term as they are many different elements to grooming horses, here at Online for Equine we have created a horse grooming section to help you tackle the issue of cleanliness and hygiene.

Reason for Horse Grooming

There are many reasons why grooming horse is beneficial to the rider as well as the horse. Firstly, the general health of the horse's skin, coat and mane will drastically improve when cared for. Certain ailments and health problems can actually manifest themselves and grown if the horse's body is untended (including thrush).

A horse will have a lot of tack on at any one time, although each piece serves a purpose, it can cause a lot of irritation and chaffing on the horse's skin over time. If you do not groom your horse this can lead to a lot discomfort.

Grooming horses allows you to check the horse's physical health and spot any skin issues, cuts, lameness, swelling and temperature changes (indicating the horse could be sick). It also helps form a solid relationship bond between the horse and rider, which is possibly the most important thing (or at least our favourite thing).