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849 products

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  1. Buy Veredus Bio Repel Shampoo - Online for Equine
    Veredus Bio Repel Shampoo

    Veredus Bio Repel Shampoo is formulated to combine cleaning and nourishing agents of shampoo with the natural fly repellent properties of citronella, geranium and cinnamon. Use Bio Repel Shampoo with Bio Repel Spray for maximum effectiveness.

    Directions for use:

    Wet the coat, apply the shampoo and massage in well. Leave for a few minutes before rinsing out.

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  2. Buy Veredus  Bio Fly Repellent Gel - Online for Equine
    Veredus Bio Fly Repellent Gel

    Online for Equine offers the Bio fly repellent gel.

    This fly repellent gel is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic, made from citronella, geranium and cinnamon.  This gel is specially formulated for the use on delicate sensitive areas such as the eyes and around the muzzle.

    This product is safe for use on skin abrasions.

    Directions for use: apply a thin layer to the coat when needed.

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  3. Buy Veredus Curium Soap - Online for Equine
    Veredus Curium Soap Leather Treatment

    Veredus Curium Soap is a natural leather soap containing glycerine, lanoline and coconut oil. It cleans and nourishes deep down into the leather, enhancing its natural softness and suppleness. Curium Soap will polish all kinds of leather effectively. Glycerine is a traditional substance for cleaning and suppling leather; lanoline is a natural softening and nourishing grease; coconut oil is a very fine and natural oil which keeps leather polished and looking bright for a long time.

    To use, spray the soap directly onto the leather and rub with a cloth until absorbed.


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  4. Buy Veredus Curium Balsam - Online for Equine
    Veredus Curium Balsam Leather Treatment

    Veredus Curium Balsam Leather Treatment contains beeswax and avocado oil for a natural way to nourish and soften leather products. The properties of beeswax makes leather extraordinarily supple, elastic and supremely soft. Avacado oil nourishes deep into the leather, keeping it strong and smooth. Regular use will ensure your leather tack is well cared for.

    Apply a light layer of Curium Balsam with a cloth and rub in until completely absorbed.

    Available in 500ml

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  5. Buy Veredus Curium Oil - Online for Equine
    Veredus Curium Oil Leather Treatment

    Veredus Curium Oil Leather Treatment is a natural leather conditioning treatment which contains beeswax and avacado oil. This oil nourishes and softens leather and contains cleaning and conditioning elements that penetrate the leather, helping to keep it soft and waterproof. Beeswax, while making the leather supremely soft and elastic, also forms a protective layer against corrosive agents. The avacado oil nourishes deep into the leather, keeping it smooth and durable.

    Apply the oil directly onto clean leather using a cloth and rub in until completely absorbed. 

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  6. Buy Veredus Blue Snow Shampoo - Online for Equine
    Veredus Blue Snow Shampoo

    Veredus Blue Snow Shampoo is formulated especially for white and grey horses. This extra strength formula has exceptional cleaning properties, permanently removing dirt and stable stains while restoring the coat's natural colour. 

    Directions for use:

    Wet the coat, distribute the shampoo evenly and rub in. Leave to soak and rinse thoroughly.

    WARNING - avoid contact with the eyes

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  7. Buy Veredus Shampoo Sheen - Online for Equine
    Veredus Shampoo Sheen

    Veredus Shampoo Sheen is a nourishing shampoo which degreases, cleans and cares for coats of all colours, giving a bright, glossy finish. The special formula with "sheen effect" makes the coat and horsehair softm bright and shiny as well as leaving a silky, tangle-free finish for the mane and tail. 

    Directions for use:

    Wet the coat thoroughly, apply the shampoo, massage then rinse out.

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  8. Buy Veredus Super Sheen - Online for Equine
    Veredus Super Sheen Detangler
    From: £14.00

    Veredus Super Sheen is a highly effective detangling and conditioning spray which leaves the mane and tail silky, shining and tangle-free for up to 15 days! This spray solution forms a protective coating on the hairs, making the surface of the horsehair and coat waterproof while also repelling the dust from bedding and light dirt from the field. Therefore Super Sheen considerably reduces cleaning and grooming time, giving you more time to ride! Super Sheen is non-greasy and no washing or rising is required before or after use.

    Directions for use:

    Spray about 30cm away from the coat and brush in the direction of the hair

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  9. Buy Veredus Cool clay - Online for Equine
    Veredus Cool Clay

    Veredus Cool Clay is formulated to effectively aid limb and muscle recovery after exertion. Its action is vigorous, astringent and relaxing, with ingredients such as dead sea salts and arnica. Dead Sea salts - the osmotic activity of the Dead Sea salts helps eliminate metabolic wastes accumulated during work. Arnica - an essential oil known for having excellent anti-inflammatory, toning and relaxing properties. 

    Directions for use:

    Spread an even layer on the horse's limb and leave to work for 10 - 12 hours. Cool Clay should be applied cold; no bandaging is required

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  10. Buy Veredus Golden Hoof Ointment  - Online for Equine
    Veredus Golden Hoof Ointment
    From: £21.00

    Veredus Golden Hoof Ointment is a mixture of special natural greases, including a high percentage of lanolin enriched with fish oil and linseed oil. When used daily, Golden Hoof stimulates the growth of the hoof, making it exceptionally flexible and resistant to strains. This hoof ointment is ideal for horses with stress put on their hooves such as competition horses and racehorses.

    Directions for use:

    After removing dirt from the hoof, spread a generous amount (using a brush) on the wall, coronet and cracks in the frog.

    Available in 1ltr and 5ltr tubs.

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  11. Buy Veredus Green Hoof Ointment  - Online for Equine
    Veredus Green Hoof Ointment

    Veredus Green Hoof Ointment is a mixture of natural unsaturated fats based on lanolin, enriched with vitamin F and thyme oil as well as added biotin. Biotin (Vitamin H) has keratin-forming properties which stimulates and encourages abundant hoof growth, while Vitamin F quickens the process of hoof renewal and nourishes the tissue. Lanolin helps to soften dry or brittle hooves, giving elasticity and suppleness. The addition of thyme-oil helps to create a protective film for the frog. These nutrients penetrate deep into the tissue to feed the hoof.

    Directions for use:

    After removing dirt from the hoof, spread a generous amount (using a brush) on the sole, frog and wall. Repeat the process daily.

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  12. Buy Veredus Honey Hoof Ointment - Online for Equine
    Veredus Honey Hoof Ointment
    From: £19.00

    Veredus Honey Hoof Ointment combines a mixture of natural greases with honey. Honey is an excellent natural softener - it gives the hoof extraordinary flexibility and elasticity which helps to prevent the cracks which can occur when the hoof becomes dry and brittle.

    Directions for use:

    After removing dirt from the hoof, spread a generous amount (using a brush) on the sole, frog and wall. Repeat the process daily.

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  13. Buy Veredus Winter Hoof Ointment - Online for Equine
    Veredus Winter Hoof Ointment

    Veredus Winer Hoof Ointment is a special composition of winter hoof grease which is recommended for use during the coldest periods of the year. It contains Vitamin F which nourishes the tissue and helps to quicken the process of hoof renewal. Lanolin, an extract of wool grease, gives the hoof elasticity and suppleness which helps to prevent any cracks and splits. Finally, the addition of thyme-oil provides a protective film over the frog. 

    Directions for use:

    After removing dirt from the hoof, spread a generous amount (using a brush) on the sole, frog and wall. Repeat the process daily.

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  14. Buy Veredus Easy White - Online for Equine
    Veredus Easy White Dry Shampoo

    Veredus Easy White Dry Shampoo is a no rinse shampoo, ideal for shifting stains from grey and coloured horses. It works brilliantly on the coat, mane and tail and will help to brighten the coat ready for competitions. 

    Directions for use:

    Spray onto the stains and leave for one minute to give the solution time to work. Rub with a clean cloth and repeat if necessary on particularly stubborn stains. 

    WARNING - avoid contact with the eyes

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  15. Buy Veredus Event Gel - Online for Equine
    Veredus Event Gel

    Veredus Event Gel is a specially formulated grease that helps to offer protection to the horse's legs and chest in the event of an impact during cross country. Its creamy properties mean that the gel can be applied easily and evenly to the horse's skin. Event Gel will also help to reduce the risk of cuts and injuries. 

    Directions for use:

    Spread a layer of gel on the limbs and at all areas at risk of injury. After riding, wash off with water.

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  16. Buy Veredus Ice Gel - Online for Equine
    Veredus Ice Gel

    Veredus Ice Gel is a refreshing and easy-to-apply gel containing calendula and seaweed. It is ideal for toning and refreshing horse's legs and is especially recommended after intense workouts to aid recovery. It's also an effective treatment in all cases of muscle and tendon fatigue. 

    Apply the gel on the tendon and muscle areas, massaging until it's completely absorbed. Repeat as necessary. 

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  17. Buy Veredus Phlo Gel  - Online for Equine
    Veredus Phlo Gel with Arnica

    Veredus Phlo-Gel with Arnica assists in the relief of muscle and tendon inflammation after exersion or strain. It tones and relaxes the muscles as well as promoting muscle and tendon recovery. 

    Use by massaging in - apply to the coat and rub in until it's completely absorbed. Use before work or competitions - it's especially effective for relieving muscles during colder weather. Repeat daily for best results.

    Available in 500ml

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  18. Buy Veredus Neo Derma Cream - Online for Equine
    Veredus Neo Derma Cream

    Veredus Neo Derma Cream is a rejuvenating lotion with collagen and hazel extracts. This healing lotion helps to stimulate coat re-growth and accelerate the healing process of wounds. It's ideal for use on saddle sores, mud fever or skin irritations. Collagen and hazel extracts will nourish and restore the epidermis for dry and sore skin. 

    Directions for use:

    Rub ointment over the affected area; repeat application twice a day

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  19. Buy Veredus Sanix Lotion - Online for Equine
    Veredus Sanix Lotion

    Veredus Sanix solution is an anti-dandruff and anti-itch lotion for use on the mane and tail. It's been formulated especially to help restore normal conditions of the hair roots and is good for easing symptoms of sweet itch. Sanix eliminates itching and causes of mane and tail rubbing. 

    Spray Sanix on the part to be treated and massage in. Repeat daily until the symptoms disappear.

    Available in 500ml spray bottle.

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  20. Buy Veredus Villiate - Online for Equine
    Veredus Villiate Hoof Solution

    Veredus Villate is an astringent, cupric cleaning solution use on hooves and frogs. Regular use of Villate protects and strengthens hooves while fighting off pollutants, maintaining excellent hoof health. This cleansing lotion can also be used for removing dirt from the hoof and frog.

    Directions for use:
    Clean the frog with care; apply the solution over the sole, ensuring it reaches into all crevices. 

    Available in 500ml bottle.

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