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Woof Wear
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  1. Woof Wear Competition Glove
  2. Woof Wear Precision Thermal Glove
  3. Woof Wear Super Stretch Neo Glove
  4. Woof Wear Bamboo Short Riding Socks (2 x Pairs)
  5. Woof Wear Bamboo Long Riding Socks (2 x Pairs)
  6. Woof Wear Polo Bandages
  7. Woof Wear Poll Guard
  8. Woof Wear Riding Hat Bag
  9. Woof Wear Event Glove
  10. Woof Wear Waterproof Riding Glove
  11. Woof Wear Woofie Brush
  12. Woof Wear Winter Riding Socks
  13. Woof Wear Single Lock Brushing Boot
  14. Woof Wear Double Lock Brushing Boot
  15. Woof Wear Reflective Club Brushing Boot
  16. Woof Wear Hock Boot
  17. Woof Wear Club Fetlock Boot
  18. Woof Wear Kevlar Overreach Boot
  19. Woof Wear Hot & Cold Pack (Single)
  20. Woof Wear Club Overreach Boot
  21. Woof Wear Kevlar Exercise Boot
  22. Woof Wear Smart Overreach Boot
  23. Woof Wear Horse Riding Boot Bag
  24. Woof Wear Suit Bag
  25. Woof Wear Bridle Bag
  26. Woof Wear Holdall Bag
  27. Woof Wear Travel Boots (Set of 4)
  28. Woof Wear Travel Tail Guard
  29. Woof Wear Tail Bag
  30. Woof Wear Grand Prix Horse Riding Gloves
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 67

Set Descending Direction
Woof Wear

Woof Wear started as a company in 1981 and over the last thirty five years, they have developed superbly crafted horse riding equipment helping horses and riders to stay safe at all times. Woof Wear specialise in the production and development of high quality horse boots and pony boots which are lightweight, durable and practical. These boots are endorsed not only by leisure riders but also by professional competitors and the police force; when boots are good enough to be used by the police force of Great Britain, they are good enough for us at Online for Equine.

Woof Wear demonstrate a superb manufacturing process and all of the boots which arrive to Online for Equine from the Woof Wear factory are crafted from superb, technologically advanced materials. A particular range of boots which we love here at Online for Equine is the Woof Wear SMART range. These superb horse boots (also available as a pony boot) from Woof Wear contain D3O® technology. The technology in this horse boot provides 'protection on demand' ensuring that these horse boots immediately respond to an impact. This is superb as the horse boots remain flexible and soft until they need to provide protection to the vulnerable areas of the horses leg.

Woof Wear not only offer superb quality horse boots and pony boots but they also offer a superb range of horse riding equipment. In the range of horse riding equipment from Woof Wear, you will find a superb collection of horse riding gloves, horse riding boots as well as horse riding equipment accessories helping to keep you looking and feeling superb when you are working around horses. Woof Wear have developed a superb range of horse riding gloves which are available to view in our horse riding equipment selection. Like their range of horse boots and pony boots, the materials which these horse riding gloves are made from are superbly practical and durable. Whether you are looking for a classic competition horse riding glove or an everyday glove to keep your hands warm and dry, you will find the perfect choice in our Woof Wear horse riding equipment collection.