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Founded in Germany back in 1872, Sprenger is one of the most famous and popular brands of bit manufacturer worldwide. Their extensive range of bits have been designed in order for riders to find solutions to suit all horses and all disciplines, using innovative mouthpiece, cheek and material combinations. Sprenger bits are produced in Germany to the highest possible quality standards and all bits are put through extensive quality control testing. Alongside their offering of bits, Sprenger also manufacture stirrups and spurs which are incredibly popular for their technical features.

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  1. Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrup Treads
  2. Sprenger Ultra Fit Extra Grip Stainless Steel Spurs
  3. Sprenger Kombi-Hackamore Lambswool Noseband
  4. Sprenger KD Curb Chain
  5. Sprenger Curb Chain hooks for Driving Bits
  6. Sprenger Curb Chain Hooks for Weymouth Bits
  7. Sprenger Curb Chain Hook, Flat
  8. Sprenger Curb Chain for Driving Bits
  9. Sprenger Curb Chain for Weymouth Bits
  10. Sprenger Diamond Paste
  11. Sprenger Curb Chain Guard
  12. Sprenger KD Curb Chain Guard
  13. Sprenger Pelham Bit Converters
  14. Sprenger KK Ultra Universal Leather Curb Strap
  15. Sprenger Highly Polished Mens 20mm Spur
  16. Sprenger Rubber Spur Protector
  17. Sprenger Smooth Leather Spur Straps
  18. Sprenger Plaited Perlon Spur Strap
  19. Sprenger Curb Chain for Hackamore
  20. Sprenger Kombi Hackamore Whitaker
  21. Sprenger Kombi Hackamore
  22. Sprenger Pony Hackamore
  23. Sprenger Hackamore
  24. Sprenger Hackamore With Curb Chain
  25. Sprenger Bradoon Loose Ring Snaffle
  26. Sprenger Dynamic RS Bradoon Single Jointed Eggbutt Snaffle
  27. Sprenger KK Bradoon Snaffle
  28. Sprenger MAX-Control Bradoon
  29. Sprenger Single Jointed Carbon Eggbutt Snaffle
  30. Sprenger Single Jointed Loose Ring Snaffle
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 140

Set Descending Direction