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Horse Rug Weight Guide

Rugging horses effectively can be a minefield, with changeable British weather adding to the challenge! Horse rugs are available in a variety of weights to suit all seasons, but how do you know which weight you need? We’ve put together this handy, quick-read guide to put your mind at rest.

The “weight” of your horse’s rug refers to the amount of fill inside the rug. The fill is measured in grams, with the higher number of fill (in grams) providing the highest level of warmth for your horse.

0G or “zero fill” - this is effectively a sheet which protects against rain showers but doesn’t provide any level of warmth.

Use on... unclipped/hot horses in temperatures between 10-15°C when it’s wet, or on hardier types in cold weather when you need to keep your horse warm and dry without any added warmth.

50G - 100G - a “lightweight” rug will generally have between 50 and 100 grams of fill and offer a small amount of warmth. A rug with some level of fill also provides better protection in heavier downpours.

Use on… clipped/cold horses in temperatures between 10-15°C when it’s wet or on unclipped horses in cooler temperatures between 5-10°C. Lightweight rugs may be enough for hardy or overweight horses and ponies in winter.

200G - 250G - “medium weight” rugs generally contain around 200 grams of fill and offer a greater amount of warmth when the weather drops colder.

Use on… clipped/cold horses when the temperature is 5-10°C, or unclipped or hot horses when it’s below 5°C but above freezing.

300G - “heavyweight” rugs contain around 300 grams of fill for warmth and protection in cold winter weather. This is normally the thickest rug you will need in most circumstances.

Use on… clipped/cold horses for temperatures between freezing point and 5°C. Hotter horses or those with thinner but unclipped coats may not need a heavyweight rug until temperatures of between minus 5 and 0°C.

400G - the ultimate heavyweight rug for extreme warmth and the thickest rugs available on the market.

Use on… clipped or cold horses in extremely cold weather conditions, in temperatures below minus 5°C.


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