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  1. Stubbs Corner Haylage Rack
    Stubbs Corner Haylage Rack
    Special Price £39.21 RRP Regular Price £43.57
  2. Cottage Craft Wastewatcher Haynet
  3. Le Mieux Hay Tidy Bag
  4. Le Mieux Wash Bag
  5. Cottage Craft Haylage Net
  6. Cottage Craft Hay Net
  7. Stable Kit Deluxe XL Haylage Net
  8. Classic Showjumps Hayholder
  9. Shires Hay Bag
  10. Shires All-Mesh Hay Bag
    Shires All-Mesh Hay Bag
    Special Price £18.89 RRP Regular Price £25.99
  11. Shires Haynet Tie Ring
  12. Shires Deluxe Haynet
  13. Shires Haynet
  14. Shires Deluxe Small Hole Haylage Net
  15. Stubbs Nets So Easy Haynet Filler
  16. Stubbs Corner Manger Frame
  17. Equilibrium Munch Net
  18. Shires Soft Mesh Haylage Net
    Shires Soft Mesh Haylage Net
    Special Price £10.50 RRP Regular Price £10.50
  19. Shires Greedy Feeder Net
    Shires Greedy Feeder Net
    Special Price £10.90 RRP Regular Price £15.99
  20. Shires Haylage Net
  21. Cottage Craft Feed Bag
  22. Bitz Feed Bucket Cover
  23. Stable Kit XL Haylage Net
  24. Portable Full Bale Bag
  25. Stable Kit Standard Haynet
  26. Stable Kit Standard Haylage Net
  27. Stable Kit Economy Standard Haynet
  28. Polly Products Deluxe Haynet
Grid List

28 Items

Set Descending Direction
Haynets and haylage nets are designed to slow down the speed at which your horse consumes his forage (hay/haylage). As horses are trickle feeders they require a continual supply of forage and often, providing a haynet opposed to hay on the floor when your horse is stabled will help to slow him down when eating and as a result, will make his forage last longer; haynets can also help to prevent boredom. Online for Equine stock a selection of haynets and bags from brands such as Polly Products and Shires. All of the products we sell in this range are ideal for use in the stable or in the field and are available with alternate hole sizes depending upon your requirements. When using a haynet, it is essential that the haynet is positioned high off the floor to prevent the horse from trapping his legs within the holes. We recommend using a tie ring with a breakaway attachment such as baling twine.