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4" / 101mm 2
Extra Small (4" - 4.5") 1
4.25" / 107mm 4
4.5" / 114mm 7
4.5" / 115mm 1
Small (4.5" - 5") 2
4.75" / 120mm 6
5" / 125mm 1
5" / 127mm 9
Medium (5" - 5.5") 2
5.25" / 133mm 6
5.5" / 140mm 8
Large (5.5" - 5.75") 2
5.75" / 146mm 7
X Large (5.75" - 6.25") 2
6" / 150mm 1
6" / 152mm 6
6.25" / 159mm 4
XX Large (6.25" - 6.5") 2
6.5" / 165mm 2
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Cottage Craft 3
GFS Riding 2
Neue Schule 17
Shires Equestrian 5
Weatherbeeta 1
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29 products

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  1. Shires Avignon Bridle Cheeks with Hook Studs

    RRP £9.99

    From: £4.99

    Cheek pieces to match the Avignon leatherwork, featuring hook stud billets and stainless steel fittings. Available in Black or Oak. Available in Pony, Cob or Full.

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  2. Shires Aviemore Plain Bridle

    RRP £39.99

    From: £30.99

    The Shires Aviemore Plain Bridle is a high quality, traditionally finished leather bridle made from soft, supple, eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather. This is complete with stainless steel fittings and hook stud billets, and comes with rubber grip reins. This bridle is ideal for every day use.

    Available in black and havana; sizes mini pony, small pony, pony, cob, full and extra full.

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  3. GFS Contrast Bridle

    RRP £74.00

    From: £49.99

    This bridle is designed with the horses comfort in mind. This bridle features a soft padded headpiece with the noseband fastening on both sides. Rubber reins included.

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  4. PDS Patent Rolled Weymouth Dressage Bridle (Inc Reins)

    RRP £295.00

    From: £199.99

    The PDS Patent Rolled Weymouth Dressage Bridle from the Carl Hester Collection is unique and stylish, offering a truly stand-out look for your next dressage competition. Made from high quality, supple English leather, this double bridle offers a supremely soft contact against delicate areas of the horse's head and face to ensure complete comfort. Rolled leather cheek pieces, throatlash and reins give a luxurious and individual finish while complimenting your horse's profile. The shaped and padded headpiece has been designed to fit comfortable around the ears and distribute pressure evenly over the poll to eliminate pressure points. The slip head sits neatly above the headpiece to further ensure the even spread of pressure.

    This PDS Weymouth Dressage Bridle is designed to flatter your horse's profile. The browband is raised and shaped to sit away from your horse's forehead, with soft leather on the underside for comfort. The statement crank noseband is well padded to cushion the delicate areas around your horse's nose. Finished with patent leather, this dressage bridle has been fully designed to give an eye-catching finish as well as being completely comfortable for your horse to enhance your performance.

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  5. Neue Schule Transform Weymouth - 8010FB

    RRP £139.69

    From: £125.99

    The Neue Schule Transform Weymouth is an innovative bit which has been specifically designed for horses that tend to be over-active in the mouth, prone to tongue evasions or horses that experience difficulty in breathing and swallowing when in an advanced outline. An indication of a restricted airway may be a tense horse that is over-salivated or even making a gurgling sound. The mouthpiece traces a subtle convex arch over the tongue to offer comfort in the horse mouth and creating a larger airway enhancing the horse's ability to breathe and swallow. This comfort can help to prevent horses from overplaying with the bit and drawing the tongue back behind the bit.

    The clever design of the bit promotes the horse to lower his head and lengthen through the neck into a soft, maintained outline. The thin mouthpiece is a continual 12mm diameter which sits back allowing for plenty of room for the bradoon.  

    Supplied with a polished stainless steel curb chain.

    Available in 4.75 - 5.75"; 12mm mouthpiece thickness; 7cm shank length

    NS Reference 8010FB

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  6. Neue Schule Pacifier Weymouth - 8027FB

    RRP £139.69

    From: £97.99

    The Neue Schule Pacifier Weymouth is a revolutionary, unique concept in Weymouth design. It's most beneficial for sensitive, busy mouths, for those prone to tongue evasions, horses which experience difficulty in breathing and swallowing when in an advanced outline or for the "short smile" (small distance from the corner of the lip to the muzzle). The NS Pacifier depresses the whole of the tongue, much further back, to create a larger airway to enhance the horse's ability to breathe and swallow. 

    Horses struggling with restricted airway can be identified as tense, over-salivating or even making a gurgling sound. This bit is also beneficial if the horse's tongue evasions are habitual as there is less room for the horse to draw the tongue back, push down on the mouthpiece or get its tongue over the top.

    Available in 5 - 6.25"; 16mm mouthpiece thickness; 7cm shank length

    NS Reference 8027FB

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  7. Neue Schule Slimma Weymouth - 8015FV

    RRP £139.69

    From: £97.99

    The Neue Schule Slimma Weymouth is anatomically designed to be a very unobtrusive design which sits well back in the horse's mouth, lying over the thicker, less sensitive parts of the tongue. The bridging design of the "Slimma" mouthpiece provides relief for the tongue and contours snugly under the upper palate, leaving far more space for the bridoon in the horse's mouth - as a result a thicker bradoon is an option for a horse which is tentative in the contact. The design of this Weymouth gives a good lifting action without upper palate interference. 

    Supplied with a polished stainless steel curb chain

    Available in 4.5" - 6.5"; 14mm mouthpiece; 5cm, 7cm or 9cm shank length

    NS Reference 8015FV

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  8. Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Loose Ring Snaffle - 8022/8023/8024

    The Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Loose Ring snaffle is ergonomically designed for both comfort and communication. The Tranz Angled Lozenge is a very popular, comfortable mouthpiece that promotes feel and responsiveness, encouraging a soft and sustainable contact. The short link lozenge is aligned, uniquely, at 20° to the bore axes of the cheeks. When a contact is taken up the smoothly profiled lozenge and loops press gently down onto the centre of the tongue, achieving a higher level of communication through the rein. This mouthpiece ensures that the more pressure-sensitive side areas of the tongue are relieved while the thicker, less pressure-sensitive middle of the tongue is brought into play. The double joint allows more flexibility, ensuring clearer and more independent rein aids, while the loose rings allow the bit to move freely in the mouth so as the horse has nothing to "fix" against.

    Available in:

    14mm thick mouthpiece; 5 - 6"; 55mm or 70mm rings

    16mm thick mouthpiece; 5 - 6.5"; 70mm rings

    18mm thick mouthpiece; 5.5"; 70mm rings

    NS Reference 8022 (14mm mouthpiece), 8023 (16mm mouthpiece) or 8024 (18mm mouthpiece)

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  9. Cottage Craft Sovereign Silver Clincher Browband

    RRP £11.99

    From: £6.99

    Online for Equine offer the Cottage Craft Sovereign Silver Clincher Browband, ideal for adding a touch of class to your look.

    With square silver clincher pattern this browband will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

    Available in Size Pony, Cob or Full in either Black or Havana.

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  10. Neue Schule Verbindend Loose Ring - 9010/9011

    The Neue Schule Verbindend Loose Ring is a mild bit designed to promote self-carriage and throughness by clarifying and emphasising the aids given by the rider through the reins. The Verbindend can help to develop a true outline and freedom through the shoulder. It will also help to eradicate tongue evasions by encouraging the horse to soften and relax through the jaw, accepting the bit and the contact. The cleverly curved mouthpiece can also help to develop the bend required for lateral work and smaller circles.

    Available in the following combinations:

    12mm mouthpiece thickness: 55mm rings - 4.5 - 6.5"; 65mm rings - 4.5 - 4.75"; 70mm - 4.5 - 6.5"
    16mm mouthpiece thickness; 5 - 6.5"; 70mm bit rings

    NS Reference 9010/9011

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  11. Neue Schule Performance Pony Tranz Angled Lozenge Baucher - 8093B

    The Neue Schule Performance Pony Tranz Angled Lozenge Baucher is ideal for ponies who are constantly resisting the contact, are strung out or come above the bit. The combination of the Baucher cheek and the NS Tranz Angled Lozenge mouthpiece encourages a head-lowering action and gives a softer feel through the reins. This then helps the rider to achieve and maintain rounder and more correct outline. This design also often proves beneficial for over-sensitive mouth.

    The Performance Pony Tranz Angled Baucher is highly recommended for where help is needed for straightness and directional control.

    Available in 4 -5"; 10mm mouthpiece thickness

    NS Reference 8093B

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  12. Neue Schule Performance Pony Tranz Angled Lozenge Eggbutt Snaffle - 8093E

    The Neue Schule Performance Pony Tranz Angled Lozenge Eggbutt suits ponies which are tentative and inconsistent in the contact. The eggbutt cheeks offer a better level of stability for the bit within the mouth, boosting the pony's confidence and encouraging it to seek the contact and take the rein forwards. It's very beneficial for releasing and encouraging forwards short tense necks, as well as being excellent for directional control. 

    Unlike with traditional eggbutt cheek designs, combining the NS cheeks and NS Tranz Angled mouthpiece, feel and response is not lost 

    is the perfect bit for use in ponies that are inconsistent in their head carriage. The stability offered by the fixed cheek allows the horse to seek the bit by taking the rein forward and down helping to develop accurate carriage. This bit is perfect for improved directional control and is our favourite for use in ponies with a short neck such as Welsh cobs. The angled lozenge mouthpiece helps the rider to develop feel and ensures aid application gains a light, obedient response which is perfect for use by young riders.

    This is a firm favourite amongst parents as it is a very mild bit and helps youngsters to develop the correct feel for their pony's mouth. This bit has been specifically designed to suit a pony's oral anatomy.

    This bit is dressage legal and is available in a 10mm wide mouthpiece, in a range of widths.

    Available in 4.5"; 10mm mouthpiece thickness

    NS Reference 8093E

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  13. Neue Schule Waterford Balding Running Cheek Gag - 8029BG

    The Neue Schule Waterford Balding Running Cheek Gag is the ideal bit choice for very strong horses that forceably lean on the bit and hang on the rider's reins in evasion - the combination of this mouthpiece and the action of the running cheeks makes it virtually impossible for the horse to grab and hang onto the bit. The loose lever action emphasises the riders rein aids, applying poll pressure for control and asking the horse to come back and listen. Neue Schule have redesigned the classic Waterford mouthpiece - ergonomic LipSMART shelves eradicate rubbing to the sensitive corners of the lips while the flexible, thinner mouthpiece has been designed to suit all types of mouth conformation, including large tongues and fleshy lips.

    Neue Schule designed this bit for use with two reins to enable to rider to differentiate between the snaffle action and the running cheek action which provides poll pressure. This bit must always be used in conjunction with bit cheeks to gain the correct pressure distribution. This strong bit offers control for very strong horses and is often selected during faster work such as hunting but should only be employed by knowledgeable riders as misuse of strong bits can cause oral damage.

    Available in 5.5 - 6.25"; 14mm mouthpiece thickness

    NS Reference 8029BG

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  14. Neue Schule Performance Pony Tranz Angled Lozenge Beval - 8093BEV

    The Neue Schule Pony Performance Tranz Angled Lozenge Beval has a mild lever action which causes forward tilt in the cheek pieces, applying poll pressure for more control. The Beval bit is ideal for situations in which an ordinary snaffle doesn't offer as much control. This bit will also help with turning and downwards transitions. The Tranz Angled Lozenge Beval is ideal for children and novice riders that may struggle with the techique and leg aid application in order to achieve and maintain a correct outline. The Beval cheeks have been scaled down in proportion with the pony mouthpiece.

    Available in 4.25 - 4.75"; 10mm mouthpiece

    NS Reference 8093BEV

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  15. Neue Schule Performance Pony Tranz Angled Lozenge Universal - 8093U

    RRP £129.54

    From: £90.99

    The Neue Schule Pony Performance Tranz Angled Lozenge Universal features a lozenge to help encourage the pony to relax on the bit. The ergonomic design features a cleverly curved mouthpiece which eliminates interference with the upper palate and prevents the bit from lying too far forwards in the mouth where it could pinch the sensitive sides of the tongue. This thin mouthpiece has been specifically designed to suit the pony's mouth anatomy for comfort and acceptance.

    The Universal is ideal for use during faster work and jumping, utilising poll pressure to generate more control and aiding steering without upping the severity of the mouthpiece. The design of this bit also helps to eliminate head tossing when the pony is asked to shorten its stride between fences or when asking for downwards transitions. This bit provides four rein options, including the option for a curb and Pelham roundings, to let the rider adjust the bit to suit the pony.

    Available in 4.25 - 5"; 10mm mouthpiece thickness

    NS Reference 8093U

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  16. Neue Schule Performance Pony Butterfly Pelham - 8093BP

    RRP £139.69

    From: £97.99

    The Neue Schule Performance Pony Butterfly Pelham is designed to help give the rider additional control when needed, and also helps with turning and encouraging a correct outline. This Pelham will also help to lighten the forehand for strong ponies, promoting self-carriage and being useful when jumping. This lightweight design, elegant cheeks and thin mouthpiece are designed to be more comfortable for the smaller heads and mouths of ponies, and give an attractive and correct look in the show ring. This bit will also benefit children who do not always support their inside rein as the mouthpiece won't slide through the pony's mouth.

    Supplied with a polished stainless steel curb chain.

    Available in 4 - 5"; 10mm mouthpiece thickness

    NS Reference 8093BP

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  17. WeatherBeeta Pillow Denim Dog Bed

    RRP £26.99

    From: £24.29

    The WeatherBeeta Pillow Denim Dog Bed is a durable and stylish dog bed which has a waterproof coated outer fabric. The outer material is stong 600 denier. The soft inner cotton fill is breathable for comfort. This dog bed is cosy and modern, adding style to your home while being comfortable for your dog.

    Available in Blue; sizes Small, Medium or Large

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  18. Shires Avignon Hunter Cavesson Bridle

    RRP £66.99

    From: £60.29

    The Shires Avignon Hunter Cavesson Bridle offers a timeless, traditional looking comfortable bridle made from soft and supple eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather which has a naked finish, allowing oil or conditioner to be absorbed. The contrast stitching adds a distinctive touch to the look of this bridle. 

    This bridle is designed to be comfortable; the all-in-one padded headpiece is ergonomically shaped to relieve pressure across the poll and to prevent any rubbing behind the ears. The noseband and headpiece are designed from wide, flat leather for a traditional look. 

    The Shires Avignon bridle features hook stud billets, stainless steel fittings and comes complete with rubber grip reins.

    Available in Black, Havana & Oak and sizes Small Pony, Pony, Cob, Full & Extra Full.

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  19. Neue Schule Dressage Warmblood Weymouth - 8028FF

    RRP £151.33

    From: £105.99

    The Neue Schule Dressage Warmblood Weymouth is a popular choice with continental horses which tend to have a large, fleshy tongue for example KWPN, Hanoverian and German Warmbloods. The innovative, lightweight, elegant cheek design is combined with a very cleverly designed tongue bridge which offers generous tongue relief without causing upper palate interference. This design has been proven to be the solution to many long term tongue evasions.  

    Available in 5 - 6"; 14mm mouthpiece thickness; available with a 5cm, 7cm and 9cm shank size

    NS Reference 8028FF

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  20. Neue Schule Turtle Top With Flex Beval - 7023-BEV70-TT

    RRP £142.79

    From: £99.99

    The Neue Schule Turtle Top™ With Flex Beval is an innovatively designed bit popular for offering additional control and promotes a rounder frame, without the severity of a gag. The Beval cheek rings give multiple attachment options for the bridle and reins, helping you to tailor the bit to best suit your horse. Whichever rein and cheek piece option you choose, the mouthpiece remains in constant relative alignment to the tongue. It offers a mild lever action which is often the next step up from a snaffle prior to moving into a gag bit.

    This innovative bit suits the over-active, busy mouth that chomps and chews on the mouthpiece. The Turtle Top With Flex keeps the mouthpiece centred and arched over the tongue at all time, safely helping to prevent sideways tongue evasions. This comfortable mouthpiece re-focuses an inattentive mouth back onto the rein aids in order to achieve a soft, consistent contact. 

    By delivering mild poll pressure combined with the anatomical engineering of the mouthpiece, this bit helps the horse that has difficulty flexing itself and rounding over the bit in order to achieve a true and correct outline as well as providing extra control when needed.

    Available from Extra Small (4 - 4.5") to XX Large (6.25 - 6.5"); 16mm mouthpiece thickness; 70mm rings

    NS Reference 7023-BEV70-TT

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