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49 products

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  1. Caldene Headpiece

    Online for Equine offer the Caldene Headpiece, ideal as part of your spares kit either on the yard or in the lorry.

    Available in Size Pony, Cob or Full in either Black or Havana.

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  2. Caldene Wide Noseband

    Online for Equine offer the Caldene Wide Noseband, ideal as part of your spares kit either on the yard or in the lorry or for changing your noseband without having to change your bridle completely.

    Perfect for showing, this wide noseband flatters larger heads of native, hunter or cob types; this noseband measures 4.5cm thick.

    Available in Size Pony, Cob, Full or Extra Full in either Black or Havana.

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  3. Caldene Laced Reins

    Online for Equine offer the Caldene Laced reins, ideal for adding a classic touch to your look in the show ring.

    Manufactured from a high quality, vegetable tanned leather.Eco friendly, with a beautiful consistent finish and soft supple feel.

    Available in Sizes Pony or Full in either Black or Havana.

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  4. Shires Anti-Chafe Shaped Elastic Girth

    RRP £39.99

    From: £35.99

    The Shires Anti-Chafe Shaped Elastic Girth is a smart, synthetic girth with elasticated ends, soft and shaped to offer your horse complete comfort and to alleviate pressure. The textured surface on the underside helps to reduce excessive sweating and prevent rubs or chaffing. This girth is shaped around the elbows to offer freedom of movement and to avoid the girth pinching.

    This girth features a central D-ring for attaching training aids.

    Easy to care for and wipe-clean.

    Available in Black; size 38"

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  5. Cottage Craft Standard Airflow Elasticated Girth

    The Cottage Craft Standard Elasticated Airflow Girth offers great value for money and is ideal for everyday riding. With Airflow High density evazote filling this girth is comfortable, with elasticated ends to give your horse more flexibility. It is made from tubular polyester with cotton interwoven on the inside to prevent chafing and rubbing, maximising your horses comfort.

    Roller buckles at both ends and elastic inserts offer ease of use.

    Fully machine washable and supplied with buckle bag for washing.

    Available Black or Brown; sizes 36''(80cm) - 60''(150cm)

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  6. GFS Humane Atherstone Girth

    RRP £73.00

    From: £49.99

    The GFS Humane Atherstone Girth is a premium soft leather girth offering maximum comfort for the horse. Elastic inserts at both ends allow for even pressure on both sides, helping to keep the saddle level and straight. Stainless steel roller buckles help to easily secure this girth.

    Available in Black or Havana; size 42" - 56"

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  7. Cottage Craft Bent Leg Safety Stirrups

    Online for Equine offer the Cottage Craft Bent Leg Safety Stirrup Irons.

    These Stirrup Irons are a must have for safety, ideal for everyday use but also smart enough for competitions. These stirrups are designed to prevent yuor foot being trapped in the stirrup in the event of a fall.

    To measure the size of stirrup you need measure the width of your foot whilst wearing your regular riding boots and add on 1.25cm of space to either side. This will give you the width of stirrup iron which you require.

    The Cottage Craft Stirrup Irons are made from Stainless Steel.

    Available in sizes 3.75'' - 4.5'' in quarter inch incriments.

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  8. Cottage Craft Sovereign Plain Reins

    Online for Equine offer the Sovereign Plain reins, ideal for every day use yet smart enough for showing or dressage.

    Available in Sizes Pony or Full in either Black or Havana in Widths 1/2'' or 5/8''.

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  9. Cottage Craft Sovereign Silver Clincher Browband

    RRP £11.99

    From: £6.99

    Online for Equine offer the Cottage Craft Sovereign Silver Clincher Browband, ideal for adding a touch of class to your look.

    With square silver clincher pattern this browband will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

    Available in Size Pony, Cob or Full in either Black or Havana.

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  10. Mark Todd Short Dressage Girth

    RRP £89.98

    From: £59.99

    This Mark Todd Short Dressage Girth is a comfortable dressage girth made from soft, supple English leather. This short girth is shaped to spread pressure and features elastic inserts and stainless steel roller buckles for ease of use. This short girth has keepers to ensure you can tuck in long girth straps for a tidy finish.

    Available Black; size 18" - 26"

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  11. Shires Bridle Blenheim Bridle Cheeks with Clips

    RRP £10.50

    From: £10.00

    Blenheim quality leather with attractive clips at the bit end. Available in Black or Havana. Available in Pony 5/8" (16mm), Cob 5/8" (16mm) or Full 3/4" (18mm).

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  12. Shires Performance SupaFleece Seat Saver

    RRP £23.99

    From: £23.65

    Super soft and luxurious synthetic seat saver that feels like sheepskin. Secures with flap pockets and a touch close gullet strap. 100% polyester fur. Machine washable. One size (fits 16.5" - 18")

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  13. Shires Adelfia Rolled Leather Flash Bridle
    The Shires Adelfia Rolled Leather Flash Bridle is part of the distinctive, refined Adelfia rolled leather collection offering superbly supple high quality leather with brass fittings. This elegant bridle features a raised, padded noseband with detachable flash for versatility. The rolled leather sections of this bridle help to showcase your horses head and offer a refined, elegant look. The headpiece of the Adelfia Rolled Leather Flash Bridle is cut further back for poll relief offering a more comfortable fit. Supplied with hook stud fittings, rubber grip reins and brass fittings. Learn More
  14. GFS Show Bridle

    RRP £53.00

    From: £39.99

    A cavesson noseband bridle complete with insider grip reins. Features raised browband and noseband. Ideal for everyday or competition use. Supplied with insider grip reins.

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  15. GFS Contrast Bridle

    RRP £74.00

    From: £49.99

    This bridle is designed with the horses comfort in mind. This bridle features a soft padded headpiece with the noseband fastening on both sides. Rubber reins included.

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  16. PDS Patent Rolled Weymouth Dressage Bridle (Inc Reins)

    RRP £295.00

    From: £199.99

    The PDS Patent Rolled Weymouth Dressage Bridle from the Carl Hester Collection is unique and stylish, offering a truly stand-out look for your next dressage competition. Made from high quality, supple English leather, this double bridle offers a supremely soft contact against delicate areas of the horse's head and face to ensure complete comfort. Rolled leather cheek pieces, throatlash and reins give a luxurious and individual finish while complimenting your horse's profile. The shaped and padded headpiece has been designed to fit comfortable around the ears and distribute pressure evenly over the poll to eliminate pressure points. The slip head sits neatly above the headpiece to further ensure the even spread of pressure.

    This PDS Weymouth Dressage Bridle is designed to flatter your horse's profile. The browband is raised and shaped to sit away from your horse's forehead, with soft leather on the underside for comfort. The statement crank noseband is well padded to cushion the delicate areas around your horse's nose. Finished with patent leather, this dressage bridle has been fully designed to give an eye-catching finish as well as being completely comfortable for your horse to enhance your performance.

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  17. GFS Insider Grip Reins 1/2"

    RRP £29.99

    From: £24.99

    The GFS reins lie pleasantly in your hands, made from quality leather with an easy insider grip rubber ideal for showing, designed for adults and children.

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  18. Shires Fulmer Snaffle

    RRP £17.99

    From: £16.19

    The Shires Fulmer Snaffle is especially useful for younger horses due to what the bit features. The Shires Fulmer Snaffle bit has loose rings which allow movement and full cheeks which will assist with steering. Learn More
  19. Equi-Thème Equit'M Crown GP Saddle Pad

    RRP £34.90

    From: £24.99

    Equi Theme Equit'M Crown Saddle Pad is a very chic pad thanks to its satin binding enhanced with an elegant braid and shiny lace. The saddle pad comes in white with a silver grey binding or dark grey with a silver grey binding. An embroidered silver crown on the mounting side finishes off the look. Self-gripping girth loops to keep saddle pad in place. Made from a 100% cotton outer and 100% mesh lining with a 300 gram polyfill padding. Available in full size in a GP cut. Machine washable. Learn More
  20. Cottage Craft Weymouth Bradoon Bit

    The Cottage Craft Weymouth Bradoon is a thin loose ring snaffle ideal for using with a Weymouth on a double bridle or for horses or ponies with smaller mouths due to the thinner mouthpiece and smaller rings. This bit is single-jointed, creating a nutcracker action, so is a more severe bit that one with a French link or lozenge. The loose bit rings offer movement of the bit in the horse's mouth for comfort.

    Available in a variety of sizes

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