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Horse Cruppers

Horse cruppers are a piece of tack that is used on horse to keep the saddle on its back

A horse crupper is a piece of riding tack that is used on the horse to make sure the saddle remains secure on its back and does not slide forwards. Though they can be used on other equids, they are predominantly used by horse riders.

Traditionally made from leather, a crupper consists of a strap which can be adjusted and loop shape. The adjustable strap will be attached to the back of the saddle and the loop will pass underneath the tailhead of the horse and up the rump. The loop of the horse crupper will pass underneath the horse's tailhead, along the rump and the adjustable strap will be attached to the rear of the saddle adding extra security.

When fitting a crupper, it is important to know that it needs to be snug enough that the saddle or harness will stay in place, but not so tight that the horse's skin or tail is irritated or damaged. It's vital to ensure your crupper is fixed on securely as the chafing and discomfort it experiences when it is fitted tightly can lead to painful sores.

If you would like to know more about cruppers please feel free to contact our sales tea who can answer any queries who may have. If you are looking for an alternative to keep your saddle stable on your horse's back, we suggest you have a look at our gel pads.