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Numnahs, Saddlecloths & Halfpads
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  1. Shires Memory Foam Saddle Pad
  2. Shires Team Saddlecloth
  3. Shires Wessex High Wither Comfort Saddlecloth
  4. Shires Performance Dressage Saddlecloth
  5. Shires Wessex Comfort Saddlecloth
  6. Shires Air Motion Jump Saddlecloth
  7.  Shires Air Motion Saddle Cloth
  8. Shires Air Motion Numnah
  9. Shires Performance Jump Saddlecloth
  10. Shires Performance Saddlecloth
  11. Shires Performance Numnah
  12. Shires Performance Half Pad
  13. Shires Performance Suede Comfort Pad
  14.  Shires Performance High Wither Suede Comfort Pad
  15. Shires Performance Suede Saddle Pad
  16. Shires Performance Suede Jumping Saddlecloth
  17. Shires Performance Suede saddlcloth
  18. Shires Performance Supafleece Jump Saddle cloth
  19.  Shires Performance Supafleece Edged Numnah
  20. Shires Performance SupaFleece Dressage Saddlecloth
  21. Shires Fully Lined Numnah
  22. Shires Half Lined Saddlecloth
  23. Shires Wessex Numnah
  24. Shires Wessex Saddlecloth
  25. Shires Performance SupaFleece Saddle Pad
  26. Shires Performance SupaFleece Saddlecloth
  27. Shires Performance SupaFleece Numnah
  28. Shires Performance SupaFleece Seat Saver
  29. Shires Ultra No Slip Square Pad
  30. Shires Ultra No Slip Contour Pad
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 40

Set Descending Direction

Numnahs, Saddle Cloths & Half Pads

Online for Equine offer a great number of saddlery items for the rider and the horse, all to ensure the saddle fits comfortably, the horse is protected and that the sweat is absorbed from the horse's back (keeping the saddle safe). On this page, you can find our entire collection.

Numnahs are shaped in a similar way to the saddle so it is not only protective, but visually appealing and subtle. Primarily used to keep the saddle free of dirt, dust and sweat, they are a very popular item. Saddle cloths can be folded to achieve maximum comfort on the saddle for you and the horse.

There are also many different types of special pads that each serve their own purpose. For example: a riser pad is raised higher on one side, this is because it allows loose fitting saddles to stay on the horse's back whilst riding. A gel pad keeps the saddle in place on the horse back and won't allow it to move around backward, forwards or side to side. A seat saver is an extremely popular product amongst novice riders, but have become popular amongst all riders as they add additional security and support.

If you would like to know more about each of the products mentioned above, you can select each individual range and learn more about the benefits each brings. You can also get in touch with our amazing sales team who would be more than happy to help and advise you on what you need.