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84 products

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  1. Shires Wessex Soft Feel Lunge Line

    RRP £9.99

    From: £8.99

    The Shires Wessex Soft Feel Lunge Line is made from soft, tubular nylon web lunge rein, available in a choice of colours. Features a swivel trigger clip at one end and a hand loop at the other. Offers a secure and comfortable rein for lunging and long reining that is easy to loop and adjust.

    8 metres long

    Available in a range of colours

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  2. Le Mieux Le Baton Cushioned Whip

    RRP £19.96

    From: £18.96

    The Le Mieux Le Baton Cushioned Whip is ideal for jumping and general purpose. It has a kind, shock-absorbing gel pad end and a generous grip handle with grooves for grip. 

    57cm length.

    Available in Black, Navy, Burgundy, Grey

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  3. Shires Soft Lunging Aid

    RRP £24.99

    From: £22.31

    tHE Shires Soft Lunging Aid is the ideal aid for using whilst lunging your horse, helping him to soften through the back.

    The soft lunge aid works on the bars and corners of the mouth. When the horse raises its head, pressure is applied to its mouth and bars encouraging the head to lower. Encourages a longer, lower outline and allows the horse to stretch though his back without fixing the head.

    This lunging aid can be particularly useful for horses that feel restricted in other types of training aids. Attaches to the bit with swivel trigger clips where the rope can be shortened and lengthened.

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  4. Le Mieux Pro Baton Cushioned Whip (BS Legal)

    Legal under British Showjumping rules, the Le Mieux Pro Baton Cushioned Whip is ideal for jumping and for general riding. It features a generous and comfortable grip handle which is easy to hold. The kind, shock-absorbing gel end pad has a suede covering for a sleek look. 

    60cm; available in black or navy. Please see the size guide for further measurement details.

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  5. Fleck Silk Touch Retro Dressage Whip

    This Fleck Silk Touch Retro Dressage Whip is perfect for competitons. 

    This dressage whip has a lovely silk touch feel to it with it's soft leather handle with contrasting colours, embossed with a Fleck logo. Other features include a fibreglass shaft and plastic top that is lightweight to carry around, finished with a silk touch coating and lash tip.

    Available in black or brown in 44" (110cm).

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  6. Shires Cotton Web Draw Reins

    RRP £18.99

    From: £17.09

    Cotton web draw reins featuring spring clips at each end, buckle joining reins together and loops to attach to girth/saddle straps. Learn More
  7. Shires Aviemore Leather Draw Reins

    RRP £34.99

    From: £23.76

    The Shires Aviemore Leather Draw Reins are high quality draw reins with loop ends and buckles.

    244cm length; 3/4" (18mm) thickness.

    Available in Black or Brown.

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  8. Sprenger 40mm Neck Spurs With Rowel

    Sprenger Spurs have an elegant design to fit perfectly on your riding boot. This unique fit and design eliminates pressure and movement therefore providing correct spur performance.

    These spurs feature a 40mm long neck for precision with a rowel for sharpness.

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  9. Shires Nylon Web Side Reins

    RRP £10.50

    From: £9.45

    Web side rein with elastic insert and trigger hook. Measures 1" (25mm) wide.

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  10. Shires Zigzag Stem Whip

    RRP £5.99

    From: £5.39

    A chunky whip with spiral rubber grip handle featuring a plastic button to prevent it sliding out of your hand, threaded stem and large leather keeper.

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  11. Shires Thread Stem Whip

    RRP £4.50

    From: £4.05

    Threaded stem whip in plain black or contrast spiral along the length of the whip, with nylon keeper and rubber button.

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  12. Shires Topaz General Purpose Whip

    RRP £7.99

    From: £7.19

    Brighten up your riding with these zingy whips featuring a comfortable rubberised golf grip handle, threaded stem and leather keeper. Available in a range of different sizes. Sizes: 26" (66cm) long

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  13. Shires Show Cane

    RRP £8.50

    From: £7.65

    Leather covered show cane with a 10mm diameter.

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  14. Shires Schooling Whip

    RRP £5.50

    From: £4.95

    Check thread stem schooling/dressage whip, finished off with a plastic button.

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  15. Shires Reflective Thread Stem Whip

    RRP £5.99

    From: £5.39

    Threaded stem whip featuring fine reflective thread along its length, with a sturdy black plastic handle and hexagonal flared end to make it easy to hold with a leather wrist strap.

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  16. Shires Plain Stem Whip

    RRP £5.99

    From: £5.39

    Threaded stem whip featuring an easy to hold rubber grip handle and leather keeper.

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  17. Shires Leather Show Whip

    RRP £13.99

    From: £12.59

    Quality leather covered whip, ideal for showing, with a silver coloured mushroom cap and leather wrist loop.

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  18. Shires Leather Whip without Handle

    This fibreglass whip features a plaited leather stem, knot cap with metal stud and a leather keeper. Made in England.

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  19. Shires Children's Thread Stem Whips

    RRP £5.25

    From: £4.73

    Threaded stem whip with plastic handle, leather wrist strap and narrow leather keeper. Available in plain and spiral colours.

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  20. Shires Children Mini Thread Stem Whip

    Shires Children Mini Thread Stem Whip. Colourful childrens whips with threaded stem and handle, rubber button cap and web keeper. Available in Black, Raspberry, Purple and Red. Available in size 16.5"

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Horse Training & Lunging

Training your horse from the ground by lunging and long reining is a great way to teach young horses the correct aids, assess how the horse moves and to exercise the horse without a rider. Lunging can also be used to expel excess energy before the horse is ridden. Lunging equipment allows you to lunge the horse safely and remain in control.

Using training aids while the horse is lunged or ridden help to improve the horse’s way of going by encouraging balance, rhythm and obedience during work. Horse training aids should be used carefully. They should be used to teach the horse how to carry itself, not to restrict its movement or “tie it down”.