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86 products

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  1. Shires Rope Control Halter

    RRP £8.50

    From: £7.65

    The Shires Rope Control Halter is made from superb quality rope and is perfect for use during leading and loading. This rope halter is lightweight and simple to fit, as well as adjusting to any required size. The design of this halter means that the knots apply pressure when the horse pulls against the halter, useful when more control is required and to help encourage lightness and obedience. 


    Ensure this rope halter is fitted with a finger's width gap between the rope and the head. Not recommended for use when the horse is tied up.

    Available in a range of colours, to fit size Cob/Full

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  2. Shires Fleece Lined Lunge Cavesson

    RRP £24.99

    From: £21.59

    The Shires Fleece Lined Nylon Lunge Cavesson benefits from a synthetic wool fleece lining at the nose and poll, enhancing comfort and reducing the risk of chaffing. This lunge cavesson is fully adjustable at the nose, headpiece and throat to achieve a snug fit while lunging. 

    Available in Black, Blue and Raspberry; sizes Pony, Cob, Full & X Full

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  3. Le Mieux ProSafe Controller Headcollar

    RRP £34.95

    From: £33.20

    Le Mieux ProSafe Controller Headcollar is designed to give you extra control while leading horses. This headcollar halter is made from superb extremely strong twin nylon coupled with a chain and is perfect for use during leading and loading. These headcollars are the perfect choice for strong and disobedient horses helping you to regain control.

    This headcollar features a padded nose and poll section for maximum comfort. When the chain is not engaged, this headcollar acts as a standard design but when engaged, the chain provides the handler with far greater control.

    Available in Black; sizes Pony Cob, Full and X Full

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  4. Le Mieux Lambskin Ear Plugs

    The Le Mieux Lambskin Ear Plugs are very soft and more readily accepted by horses, helping to reduce noise and improve concentration. They have a natural feel and look, are easy to put in and remove and are comfortable for horses to wear.

    Available in Small, Medium or Large; brown only

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  5. Cottage Craft Training Lunge Cavesson

    Online for Equine supply the Cottage Craft fully adjustable lunge cavesson for your lunging needs.

    The Cottage Craft lunge cavesson features a buckle and eyelet fastening allowing you to make adjustments to ensure it fits the particular horse you are training. You can make alterations at the noseband, the cheek and also the throat so you are able to make a comfortable fit.

    This cavesson is made from a soft webbing and the noseband features a padded area for extra comfort. There is also a optional brow band for extra security.

    Cottage Craft have designed this smart cavesson with three rings on the nose band allowing you to attach other pieces of training equipment as well as a lunge line if you desire.

    The Cottage Craft lunge cavesson is available in black and redin sizes small (pony/cob) or large (full horse).

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  6. Shires Cushion Web Lunge Line

    RRP £9.99

    From: £8.99

    The Shires Cushion Web Lunge Line is made from soft, tubular nylon web lunge rein, available in a choice of colours. Features a swivel trigger clip at one end and a hand loop at the other. Offers a secure and comfortable rein for lunging and long reining that is easy to loop and adjust.

    8 metres long

    Available in a range of colours

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  7. Sprenger Ultra Fit Extra Grip Stainless Steel Spurs
    From: £44.60

    The Sprenger Ultra Fit Extra Grip Spurs have all been developed in cooperation with Klaus Balkenhol.

    These Ultra Fit spurs are rubber covered, offering a better fit and an attractive look while also protecting your boot from marks. This unique fit and design eliminates pressure and movement, providing a high performance spur helping with rider accuracy.

    These spurs are available in a range of neck lengths from 15mm to 40mm with a range of rowels.

    Rowel #1 - ⌀ 14mm fine point rowel

    Rowel #3 - ⌀ 14mm little round rowel

    Rowel #4 - ⌀ 22mm 9 point big rowel

    Rowel #5 - ⌀ 21mm big round rowel

    Rowel #6 - ⌀ 16mm little round rowel

    Rowel #9 - ⌀ 19mm comfort roller

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  8. Shires Spur/Strap Pack

    RRP £10.99

    From: £9.89

    Online for Equine offer the Shires Spur/Strap Pack.

    These horse riding spurs will never rust making them ideal for regular use. Spurs are ideal once a horse has learnt to respond from a light leg aid. The neck of these spurs measure 3/4" (18mm).

    The Shires Spur/Strap Pack comes complete with blacknylon straps and is available in ladies or gents sizes.

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  9. Shires Rubber Grip Jump Whip

    RRP £5.99

    From: £5.39

    Online for Equine offer the Shires Rubber Grip Jump Whip.

    This jumping whip is 53cm in length and features a black rubber handle for added grip. The threaded whip stem is available in a choice of bright colours and is perfect for those wanting to match their whip to their cross country colours. This jumping whip also features a leather keeper. Jump whips are commonly used on the shoulder to gain the horse's attention at a fence.

    The Shires Rubber Grip Jump Whip is supplied in a choice of colours, in 53cm / 21" length.

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  10. Shires Economy Schooling Whip

    RRP £5.50

    From: £4.95

    Online for Equine offer the Shires Economy Schooling Whip.

    This schooling whip is 101cm in length and features a black rubber handle for added grip. This economy dressage whip is perfect for everyday use but it is also smart enough for dressage warm-up and general schooling. The whip itself is fairly rigid making it ideal for accurate whip tap application.

    The Shires Schooling Whip is supplied in a four different colours in a choice of 101 cm / 111.5 cm / 121 cm length. We tend to find that for everday schooling people opt for the 101cm length.

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  11. Shires Topaz Jumping Bat

    RRP £8.50

    From: £7.65

    Brighten up your riding with these zingy whips featuring a comfortable rubberised golf grip handle, threaded stem and leather keeper. Available in a range of different colours. Size: 17" (43cm) long

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  12. Shires Soft Lunging Aid

    RRP £25.99

    From: £22.49

    tHE Shires Soft Lunging Aid is the ideal aid for using whilst lunging your horse, helping him to soften through the back.

    The soft lunge aid works on the bars and corners of the mouth. When the horse raises its head, pressure is applied to its mouth and bars encouraging the head to lower. Encourages a longer, lower outline and allows the horse to stretch though his back without fixing the head.

    This lunging aid can be particularly useful for horses that feel restricted in other types of training aids. Attaches to the bit with swivel trigger clips where the rope can be shortened and lengthened.

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  13. Fleck Patent Jump Bat

    The Fleck Patent Jump Bat is a lightweight jump bat with contrast patent wrapping.

    Perfect for teaming with your cross country colours; 55cm in legnth makes it ideal for cross country and showjumping.

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  14. Fleck Nylon Weave Soft Wrapped Grip Jump Whip

    The Fleck Nylon Weave Soft Wrapped Grip Jump Whip is ideal for schooling and training.

    Perfect length for use as a jump whip or for children at riding club.

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  15. Le Mieux Le Baton Cushioned Whip

    RRP £19.95

    From: £18.95

    The Le Mieux Le Baton Cushioned Whip is ideal for jumping and general purpose. It has a kind, shock-absorbing gel pad end and a generous grip handle with grooves for grip. 

    57cm length.

    Available in Black, Navy, Burgundy, Grey

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  16. Fleck Effect Mushroom Top Dressage Whip

    This Fleck Effect Dressage Whip is a premium dressage whip perfect for working in at competitons or for training at home. 

    This dressage whip features a large, flat mushroom top to provide ease of grip in the hand; the rubberised grip makes it easy to keep hold of.  This has been extremely popular for riders training young horses laterals.

    The nylon overlay shaft is (110cm).

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  17. BSJA 2020 Legal Jump Bat

    The BSJA 2020 Legal Jump Bat is a cushioned jumping / event whip which is BSJA 2020 legal.

    This jump whip is perfect for matching with you show jacket or cross country colours. 

    Available in 50cm or 70cm length.

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  18. Fleck Reflex Neon Whip

    The Fleck Reflex Neon Whip is a brightly coloured riding whip ideal for use when hacking on the road, improving rider visibility. This whip has a woven neon nylon cover, UltraSoft grip, plastic cap and wrist loop.

    Available in Black, Pink, Yellow or Light Blue; size 80cm or 90cm.

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  19. Fleck Ultrasoft Grip Silk Touch Fibreglass Jumping Whip

    This Fleck Ultrasoft Grip Silk Touch Fibreglass Jumping Whip is a premium jump whip perfect for adding a touch of glam. 

    This jumping whip has an exquisite silk touch feel grip, complete with a contrasting metal mushroom top and base for a touch of glamour.  This metal is available in a stunning rose gold or chrome finish.

    The fibreglass shaft make this jumping whip perfectly balanced and lightweight.

    Available in rose gold or chrome in 20" (51cm).

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  20. Le Mieux LeGrip Gel Jumping Whip

    RRP £19.96

    From: £18.96

    The Le Mieux LeGrip Gel Jumping Whip is made with an ultra light PolyCarbon shaft with a metal cap. The counter balanced osft gel grip handle offers superior balance, comfort and handling.

    Available in Black, Navy and Burgundy

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Horse Training & Lunging

Training your horse from the ground by lunging and long reining is a great way to teach young horses the correct aids, assess how the horse moves and to exercise the horse without a rider. Lunging can also be used to expel excess energy before the horse is ridden. Lunging equipment allows you to lunge the horse safely and remain in control.

Using training aids while the horse is lunged or ridden help to improve the horse’s way of going by encouraging balance, rhythm and obedience during work. Horse training aids should be used carefully. They should be used to teach the horse how to carry itself, not to restrict its movement or “tie it down”.