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  1. Horze Basel Headcollar & Leadrope Set
  2. Le Mieux Signature Headcollar & Leadrope Set
  3. Hy Two Tone Lead Rope
  4. JHL Super Cotton 2m Lead Rope
  5. Mark Todd Cotton Lead Rope
  6. Cottage Craft Multi-Coloured Smart Lead Rope
  7. Cottage Craft Comfy Web Lead Rope
  8. Cottage Craft Deluxe Cotton Lead Rope
  9. Cottage Craft Smart Nylon Lead Rope
  10. Cottage Craft Cotton Lead Rope
  11. Cottage Craft Coupler
  12. Shires Headcollar Lead Rope with Trigger Clip
  13. Shires Bungee Lead Rope
  14. Shires Wessex Cushion Web Lead Rein
  15. Shires Spare Walsall Clip
  16. Shires Two Tone Headcollar Rope
  17. Shires Plain Headcollar Lead Rope
  18. Shires Topaz Lead Rope
  19. Wessex Economy Lead Rope
  20. Euro-Star Excellent Leadrope
  21. Eskadron Nickel Coated Swivel Hook Leadrope
  22. Equi Theme Stripe Leadrope
  23. Le Mieux Vogue Fleece Headcollar & Leadrope Set
  24. Bucas Dublin Padded Lead Rein
  25. Euro-Star Athletics Leadrope
  26. Horze Spirit Halter & Leadrope Set
  27. Harry Hall Hi Viz Headcollar & Leadrope
  28. JHL Comfort Lead Rein with Chain
  29. JHL Comfort Lead Rein
  30. Mark Todd Performance Leather/Nylon Lead Rope
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 33

Set Descending Direction

Lead Ropes for Horses

Every horse rider needs to have a lead rope to attach to their horse headcollar. Horse lead ropes come in many different styles, designs, colours, material and clips. Lead ropes are primarily made from cotton, but do come in other materials like nylon, polypropylene and leather. Designed with your horse's safety and comfort in mind, lead ropes are integral to the horse headcollar as they allow you to lead your horse when on the ground.

Horse lead ropes, as the name does suggest, are made from various types of rope and is roundly shaped. Usually they are around three quarters of an inch (or 2 centimetres) in diameter. In most cases lead lines are leather or flat webbing and somewhere between three quarters of an inch to an inch thick (between 1.9 centimetres and 2.5 centimetres) wide. When it comes to show use these sizes may be even more narrow. Flat lines are less bulky and thick, making them much for comfortable for the horse and the hand leading them, however this may lack the necessary thickness and strength needed for tying.

Online for Equine understand that it is imported to have high quality pieces like lead ropes when it comes to your horse so we have ensured that our collection of horse lead ropes come from the best brands in the equestrian industry, so you know when you buy from us you can trust what you are getting is of the best quality.