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Reins, Couplers & Rubbers
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  1. Shires Aviemore Plaited Leather Reins
  2. Shires Blenheim Leather Lead Rein With Chain With Chain
  3. Shires Blenheim Leather Lead Rein
  4. Shires Brass Rein Chain
  5. GFS Insider Grip Reins 1/2"
  6. GFS Insider Grip Reins 5/8"
  7. Shires Elastic Training Reins
  8. Shires Nylon Daisy Rein
  9. Shires Flexi-Rein
  10. JHL Leather Draw Reins
  11. Mark Todd Leather & Rope Draw Reins
  12. Cottage Craft Coupler
  13. Shires Aviemore Leather & Elastic Side Reins
  14. Shires Aviemore Draw Reins
  15. Shires Cotton Web Draw Reins
  16. Shires Blenheim Lead Rein with Large Newmarket Chain
  17. Shires Blenheim Lead Rein with Small Newmarket Chain
  18. Shires Aviemore Soft Rubber Grip Reins
  19. Shires Aviemore Plain Reins
  20. Shires Aviemore Laced Leather Reins
  21. Santa Claus Bridle Sleeves
  22. Shires Aviemore Rubber Grip Reins
  23. Collegiate Rubber Reins Collegiate Rubber Reins
  24. Mark Todd Rubber Reins
  25. Mark Todd Leather Lead Reins & Chain
  26. Cottage Craft Rein Stops
  27. Shires Aviemore Rubber Grip Training Reins
  28. Shires Aviemore Continental Web Reins
  29. Shires Aviemore Rubber Covered Reins
Grid List

29 Items

Set Descending Direction

Horse reins attach to the bit or rings on a bitless bridle to guide the horse and create a connection through contact to the rider to where they can feel the horses head or mouth in their hands, reins come in a variety of styles and colours for their own specific reasons. Here at Online For Equine we want to offer all horse owners a wide variety of choice to ensure they can find the perfect set of reins for their needs and discipline requirements, rubber reins often provide more grip, but we recommend leather for dressage or showing to add a smart and finished look in competition, we offer a range of colours to suit your preferred style from all the best brands! Couples are used to lead a horse in hand, most often in competition, they comprise of two clips that attach to either side of the bit and to a central ring underneath the chin to attach the lead rope to, they allow for an even contact and greater control when leading the horse, we offer a variety of styles and colours for any use or occasion. Finally, Horse rubber rein stops or martingale stops, prevent rings of martingale from getting caught on the rein buckles and interfering with the action of the bit. Made of flexible, durable rubber they are very useful for training and competition by minimising interruptions to the contact.