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Nosebands & Hackamores
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  1. Shires Hackamore Cheeks
  2. Sprenger Hackamore With Curb Chain
  3. Shires Blenheim Flash Noseband
  4. Cottage Craft Sovereign Flash Noseband
  5. English Gaiter Company Diamante Noseband With Flash
  6. English Gaiter Company Plaited Noseband With Flash
  7. Le Meux Merino+ Noseband Guard
  8. Le Mieux Pro-Gel Poll/Nose Guard
  9. Le Mieux Nose Band and French Blinkers
  10. Shires Blenheim Flash Noseband Attachment
  11. Shires Blenheim Cavesson Noseband
  12. Shires Blenheim Drop Noseband
  13. Shires Blenheim Mexican Noseband
  14. JHL Plain Noseband
  15. JHL Flash Noseband
  16. JHL Mexican Grakle Noseband
  17. Hy Mexican Grakle Noseband
  18. Caldene Sheepskin Quilted Headpiece/Noseband Cover
  19. Caldene Grackle Noseband
  20. Caldene Wide Noseband
  21. Caldene Raised Cavesson Noseband
  22. Caldene Flash Noseband
  23. Caldene Sheepskin Noseband Cover
  24. Cottage Craft Sovereign Flash Attachment
  25. Cottage Craft Sovereign Flash Strap
  26. Cottage Craft Sovereign Grackle Noseband
  27. Cottage Craft Sovereign Drop Noseband
  28. Shires Acrilan Noseband Sleeve
  29. Le Mieux Lambskin Headcollar Sets
  30. GFS Bridle Comfort Pad
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 31

Set Descending Direction

Nose bands are a piece of tack designed to fit around the horse’s nose and under it’s jaw. The nose band can be made of a leather material and sometimes may feature a piece of sheepskin padding to add comfort to the horse and prevent rubbing. Here at Online For Equine we boast a wide selection of nose bands with a variety of styles designed to suit an individual horse’s needs. For example, for a horse who likes to open their mouth and avoid the bit, Online For Equine recommend a drop or flash noseband which encourages the horse to keep its mouth closed, fitted with 2 fingers fitting underneath the jaw. For a horse who locks their jaw, we recommend a grackle nose band which looks like a figure of eight on the horse’s nose with sheep skin padding in the middle. And for horses who work well and accept the bit; a simple, flat cavesson nose band may be suitable for a finished look. Hackamore’s are the term for bitless bridles, they put pressure on either the horse’s nose or on multiple parts of the horse’s head. Hackamores, like nose bands, come in a variety of styles to suit the horse's needs; side pulls put direct pressure on either side of the horses face which is a gente style of bridle, cross under bridles put pressure under the jaw and on the opposite side of the horse’s face by, as the name suggests, crossing the straps under their jaw, horses have been found to like this style as it distributes the pressure evenly and lastly mechanical hackamores use a combination of poll, nose and under jaw pressure with a metal shank to create leverage, these is suited for stronger horses or for horses who prefer this type of pressure. Hackamores are suited to people who; have a horse who dislikes bit’s or who has oral complications, would like a change in training or who personally dislike bits. Here at Online for Equine, we feel that it is imperative for customers to have the ability to choose a piece of equipment that they or their horse need, and so we boast a wide variety of nose bands and hackamores from all the best brands, for great value! If you have any inquires about bitless bridles or nose bands, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will do our very best to answer your questions!