Bit Size
3.5" / 90mm 3
3.75" / 95mm 1
4" / 101mm 3
4" / 100mm 4
Extra Small (4" - 4.5") 8
4 1/8" / 105mm 3
4.25" / 107mm 6
4.25" / 110mm 2
4.5" / 114mm 11
4.5" / 115mm 121
Small (4.5" - 5") 14
4.75" / 120mm 30
5" / 125mm 166
5" / 127mm 41
Medium (5" - 5.5") 14
5 1/8" / 130mm 17
5.25" / 133mm 37
5.25" / 135mm 77
5.5" / 140mm 148
Large (5.5" - 5.75") 14
5.75" / 145mm 68
5.75" / 146mm 38
X Large (5.75" - 6.25") 14
6" / 150mm 61
6" / 152mm 35
6 1/8" / 155mm 4
6.25" / 159mm 11
6.25" / 160mm 2
XX Large (6.25" - 6.5") 14
6.5" / 165mm 5
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Shires 104
Hy Performance 1
Gold Label 2
Perry Equestrian 1
Sprenger 104
Cottage Craft 6
Dever 1
Le Mieux 2
Neue Schule 66
Jumpers Horse Line 3
No Brand 2
Ekkia 1
Hy 1
Feeling 1
Nettex 1
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Black 3
Brown 3
White 1
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296 products

296 products

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  1. HY Leather Gag Cheeks

    Online for Equine offer the HY Leather Gag Cheeks.

    These gag cheeks are ideal for use with a Cheltenham or Balding gag. These cheeks attach to the bridle in the place of regular cheek pieces and run through the bit rings for added leverage. We always recommend that a gag is ridden with two reins allowing for definitive variation in pressure application.

    The HY Leather Gag Cheeks are available in black or brown and are supplied in one size.

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  2. Shires Two Ring Copper Lozenge Gag Bit

    RRP £21.99

    From: £17.81

    Online for Equine offer the Shires Two Ring Copper Lozenge Gag Bit.

    This loose ring gag offers improved control and reduces the risk of leaning as the ring freely rotates. The copper lozenge rolls down the centre of the tongue when a contact is obtained helping to soften the contact and encourage mouthing on the bit.

    This loose ring gag bit is not British Dressage legal.

    The Shires Two Ring Copper Lozenge Gag Bit is available in widths 4.5" - 6".

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  3. Shires Loose Ring Copper Lozenge Snaffle Bit

    RRP £17.99

    From: £16.19

    The Shires Loose Ring Copper Lozenge Snaffle Bit is a kind, mild action bit which encourages acceptance and a softer contact. The double joint is flexible and discourages the horse from leaning on the bit. The copper lozenge helps to encourage the horse to mouth on the bit, improving and promoting acceptance to the contact. This bit has a moderate mouthpiece thickness of 16mm and a bit ring measurement of 65mm.

    - Kind, mild action bit
    - Double joint discourages the horse from leaning on the bit
    - Copper lozenge helps to encourage mouthing and acceptance
    - 16mm mouthpiece thickness
    - British Dressage legal

    Available in 4.5", 5", 5.5" and 6"

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  4. Shires Hanging Cheek Snaffle With Copper Lozenge

    RRP £21.99

    From: £19.79

    The Shires Hanging Cheek Snaffle With Copper Lozenge features a double jointed mouthpiece with a rounded central lozenge which sits at the centre of the tongue and distributes pressure evenly. This mouthpiece offers a kind and mild action. The copper lozenge is warming and sweet-tasting, helping to encourage acceptance of the bit and encouraging salivation. The hanging cheeks fit with the smaller ring attaching to the bridle cheekpiece and can help to keep the bit more stable inside the horse's mouth, helping to encourage the horse to go forwards into an outline.

    British Dressage legal

    16mm thick mouthpiece
    Cheek measurement 110mm

    Available in 4.5", 5", 5.5" and 6"


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  5. Shires EquiKind Jointed Eggbutt Snaffle

    RRP £25.99

    From: £21.05

    The Shires EquiKind Jointed Eggbutt Snaffle is a single jointed snaffle with a mouthpiece made from EquiKind material. EquiKind is a similar material to rubber, with the benefit of being lighter and more flexible. It has a palatable apple flavour which makes this bit more easily accepted, ideal for mouthing young horses. This material is kind on the mouth and mild in action. The single joint gives the rider more lateral control. Fixed Eggbutt cheeks prevent the bit from pinching the lips and are an ideal choice for more sensitive horses and ponies. 

    Bit ring measurement: 73mm

    - 18mm EquiKind mouthpiece which is palatable and gentle on the horse's mouth
    - Single joint gives the rider more laterial control
    - Eggbutt cheeks prevent the bit from pinching the horse's lips and are an ideal choice for sensitive horses and ponies
    - Shires EquiKind Jointed Eggbutt Snaffle
    British Dressage legal

    Available in 4.5", 5" and 5.5"

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  6. Shires Double Jointed Copper Lozenge Pelham

    RRP £29.99

    From: £25.99

    Online for Equine offer the Shires Double Jointed Copper Lozenge Pelham.

    This Pelham is often employed in show horses and for those that need extra control and steering than that offered by a gag bit. The Pelham employs the use of curb pressure for improved control in conjunction with increased poll pressure.

    The copper lozenge on this Pelham helps to improve softness and can prevent the horse from becoming wooden in the hand. As copper rapidly warms to body temperature, many horses will soften and relax on the bit.

    The Shires Double Jointed Copper Lozenge Pelham is available in widths 4.5" - 6".

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  7. Shires Pelham Roundings

    RRP £9.99

    From: £8.99

    Top quality leather roundings with hook stud fastenings.

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  8. HY Bit Guards

    The HY Bit Guards are made from flexible rubber and are designed to stop the bit from pinching or rubbing on the corner of the horse's mouth. These bit guards can be used on most brands of bit - they are normally used on loose ring designs. Bit guards are also useful for training young or tricky horses. 

    Simply pull on to achieve a close fit.

    Available in Black, Brown or White.

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  9. Gold Label Tasty Bit

    Online for Equine offer the Gold Label Tasty Bit.

    Encourages horses and ponies to mouth the bit, especially helpful in youngsters.

    Superior peppermint taste.

    Available in 100g.

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  10. Perry Equestrian Three Prong Tack Hook

    Online for Equine offer the Perry Equestrian Three Prong Tack Hook.

    Featuring three prongs and a loop to enable you to hang the hook. Ideal for hanging and storing bridles when space is limited, also ideal for travelling tack and for use when cleaning saddlery.

    Available in a range of bright, bold colours.

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  11. Sprenger KK Ultra Universal Leather Curb Strap

    For use with the KK Universal bit.

    The KK Universal Leather Curb Strap is designed to be used with the KK Ultra Universal bit to provide improved control; use of this leather strap employs alternate pressure points on the horse's face to help bring him back to the rider. It is often employed by event riders who want a direct effect upon the mouth before the poll.

    Supplied in black leather, 59cm length.

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  12. Sprenger Pelham Bit Converters

    For use with the Universal and Pelham bits.

    The Sprenger Pelham Bit Converters are designed to be attached to two loops of the bit, thus removing the requirement to use double reins; roundings are often preferable for riders who are uncomfortable or inexperienced using double reins. They are also popular for cross country and hunting if you would rather not have the fuss of two lots of reins

    Supplied in black or dark brown leather and nylon rope, 16cm length.

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  13. Sprenger KD Curb Chain Guard
    The Sprenger KD Curb Chain Guard is the ideal protection for horses with sensitive skin. Available in black rubber. Learn More
  14. Sprenger Curb Chain Guard
    The Sprenger Curb Chain guard is the ideal protection against sores or rubbing on a horse's chin. Suitable for all horses and available in back rubber. Learn More
  15. Sprenger Diamond Paste
    Sprenger Diamond Paste cleans, maintains and gives protection in one single application. It is suitable for use on Aurigan and Sensogan bits. Diamond Paste is kind to the skin, non-toxic, and non acidic. Contains micro fine polishing granules. Squeeze a little paste onto a cloth and apply directly to the surface to be cleaned. Polish for a perfect finish. 5% anionic and non ionical tensides, preservative and fragrance free. Learn More
  16. Sprenger Curb Chain for Weymouth Bits
    From: £16.50
    The curb chain has left twisted curb links. It keeps a Weymouth bit balanced. Learn More
  17. Sprenger Curb Chain for Driving Bits

    The Sprenger Curb Chain for Driving Bits has maintains a balanced bit and ensures an even distribution of pressure on the entire of the horse's tongue.

    Made from stainless steel; features 15 links; 27cm long

    Learn More
  18. Sprenger Curb Chain Hook, Flat
    The sprenger flat curb chain hooks are a pair of curb chain hooks that are ideal for sprenger curb chians. Learn More
  19. Sprenger Curb Chain Hooks for Weymouth Bits
    The Curb Chain hooks for Weymouth bits are ideal for Sprenger's Weymouth bits. Come in a pair. Learn More
  20. Sprenger Curb Chain hooks for Driving Bits
    The Sprenger Curb Chain for Driving bits are ideal for aiding in giving a horse a balanced weight distribution throughout their mouth. Available in Stainless steel and Aurigan. Learn More
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