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  1. Le Mieux LeGrip Gel Jumping Whip
  2. Fleck Silk Touch Retro Dressage Whip
  3. Fleck Woven Neon Grip Dressage Whip
  4. Fleck Ultrasoft Grip Silk Touch Fibreglass Jumping Whip
  5. Fleck Effect Mushroom Top Dressage Whip
  6. Fleck Ultrasoft Grip Silk Touch Fibreglass Dressage Whip
  7. Fleck Tonkin Bamboo Show Cane
  8. Fleck Nylon Weave Soft Wrapped Grip Jump Whip
  9. Fleck Patent Jump Bat
  10. Cottage Craft Traditional Riding Whip
  11. Shires Topaz Jumping Bat
  12. Shires Economy Schooling Whip
  13. Shires Lunge Whip
    Shires Lunge Whip
    From Special Price £12.45 RRP Regular Price £30.99
  14. Shires Lunging Whip
    Shires Lunging Whip
    From Special Price £18.30 RRP Regular Price £30.99
  15. Shires Rubber Grip Jump Whip
  16. Fleck Silk Touch Jumping Whip
  17. Fleck Handy Whip
  18. Fleck Jockey Race Bat
  19. Fleck Soft Wrapped Grip Jumping Bat
  20. Fleck Contact Jumping Bat
  21. Fleck Delta Pro Jumping Bat
  22. Fleck Carbon Ultralight Jumping Bat
  23. Fleck Sparkling Line Bat
  24. Fleck Glitter Wrapped Riding Bat
  25. Fleck Nylon Weave Jumping Bat
  26. HySchool Schooling Whip
  27. Cottage Craft Crystal Handle Dressage Whip
  28. Cottage Craft Crystal Handle Riding Whip
  29. Fleck Silk Touch Dressage Whip
  30. Dobert Crystal Handle Dressage Whip
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 57

Set Descending Direction


When used correctly, whips are an effective training tool helping to correct and remind the horse, and helping to back up the rider’s leg aids. Long dressage whips can be used to make the horse lighter off the riders leg aid; if the horse fails to respond to the riders leg aid for an upward transition, the dressage whip can be used with increasing whip taps to gain a response. Once the horse performs the upward transition, the whip tap should stop and should be reinstated if the horse slows/stops without the rider requesting it. Jump whips and jump bats are short and are often used on the horses shoulder. Horse whips should not be used as punishment tools as they can result in powerful fear associations and can lower the horses motivation to trial a correct response.

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