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  1. Toggi Shanna Children's Socks (3 Pack)
    Toggi Shanna Children's Socks (3 Pack)
    Special Price £10.99 Regular Price £14.00
  2. HKM Kids Go Wild For A While T-Shirt
  3. HKM Kids Riding Team Polo Dress
  4. HKM Kids Pony Print Riding Socks
  5. HKM Kids King Gelato T Shirt
  6. HKM Kids Gelato T Shirt
  7. HKM Kids Gelato Polo Shirt
  8. HKM Gelato Kids Riding Socks
  9. Shires Moretta Marcia Children's Riding Boots
  10. Shires Moretta Aida Children's Long Leather Riding Boots
  11. Shires Tikaboo Children's Hoodie
  12. Shires Tikaboo Children's Jodhpurs
  13. Mini Le Mieux Kids Hat Silks
  14. Equetech Novelty Hedgehog Hat Silk
  15. Equetech Novelty Twilight Unicorn Hat Silk
  16. Equetech Novelty Flamingo Hat Silk
  17. Equetech Novelty Chick Hat Silk
  18. Stom Bloc Children's Midweight Knee High Riding Socks
  19. Woof Wear Young Rider Pro Gloves
  20. Airowear Wave Teen Body Protector
Grid List

Items 1-20 of 428

Set Descending Direction

Horse Riding Clothing

Up-to-date fashion and practical rider wear are wardrobe essentials for horse riders. We all want to look and feel good in the saddle, wearing riding clothing which is practical, comfortable and designed to do its job. Our online collection of horse riding clothes contains hundreds of items for women, men and children whether you’re shopping for every day essentials, show wear and footwear. We carefully select our equestrian clothing on the basis that they are durable and practical items which look great on as well as being comfortable for riding and working around the yard.


Our Promise To You


We stock the UK’s leading equestrian brands – we believe in offering products that our customers know, love and trust. Longevity and durability of riding clothes is essential to give our customers the best value for money. Shop rider clothing from top brands such as Shires, Toggi and Horseware.