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£17.00 - £179.00
Safety Standard
Kitemarked to PAS015 (2011) 23
Kitemarked to VG1 01.040 2014-12 21
SNELL E2016 2
Certified by SEI to ASTM F1163:2015 10

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25 products

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  1. Charles Owen J3 Jockey Skull

    RRP £145.00

    From: £130.99

    The Charles Owen J3 Jockey Skull is Charles Owen's most popular jockey skull, with its unsurpassed design and functionality. The J3 is designed with a low profile structure to reduce bulk and has four ventilation holes to keep your head cool as you ride.

    Features a suede lined leather harness which extends to the nape of the neck and is soft against your skin. The adjustable rear padding allows the rider to customise the fit.

    Includes a matt black hat silk with mesh panel and embroidered Charles Owen logo.

    Kitemarked to PAS015 (2011) & Certified by SEI to ASTM F1163.

    Available in Sizes 00 1/2 - 6 in black, please note not all sizes are core and some may take upto 5 weeks in production.

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  2. Charles Owen APM II Jockey Skull

    RRP £170.50

    From: £153.99

    The Charles Owen APM II Jockey Skull is a modern update of the APM racing helmet, designed in collaboration with the legendary champion jockey A. P. McCoy. The slimmer front and sides create a streamlined and aerodynamic quality, while the six frontal ventilation slots to provide airflow across the forehead. 

    Special styling around the ears provides a more secure fit and the Gelfoam® padded leather harness, with its signature facial protection, is designed for optimal comfort and is perforated for breathability and sweat resistance. 


    Meets standards: ASTM F1163-15, PAS015:2011 and VG1 01-040 2014-12

    Available in Sizes 00 1/2 -4 in black.

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  3. Charles Owen Competitor

    RRP £82.00

    From: £73.99

    The Charles Owen Competitor is a deep fitting jockey skull offering up-to-date protection at an affordable price point. The Competitor is ideal for everyday wear and provides comfort as well as safety.

    The Competitor features an adjustable soft nylon harness which offers extra stability and security. This jockey skull has been designed for the rounder head shape and could be the answer for riders who have experienced problems with fit.

    Kitemarked to PAS015 & BSEN 1384.

    Available in sizes 49cm - 63cm in Black.

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  4. Charles Owen 4 Star Jockey Skull

    RRP £177.50

    From: £159.99

    Superior protection, comfort & design.

    Designed for the most challenging and extreme horse riding, the Charles Owen 4Star is certified to meet the four top international standards:

    • CE marked to VG1
    • SEI certified to ASTM F1163
    • SNELL certified to SNELL E2001
    • BSI Kitemarked to the newly enhanced PAS015:2011

    A technically superior helmet, the deep-fitting 4 Star is the result of years of advanced computer analysis and incorporates the latest aramid fibres, which are embedded in a tough resin matrix for vastly improved crush resistance. The neat quick release buckle in a high strength alloy fastens the patented GRpx harness system for the ultimate helmet stability.

    The 4 Star helmet also features the new Charles Owen Free Fit system which allows for increased airflow across the forehead. It combines a frontal air channel with a Coolmaxmesh which significantly increases cooling and evaporation of sweat. Add this to the 10 ventilation slots and the 4 Star is the coolest ride yet.

    Perfectly finished with a black ventilated silk, the 4 Star helmet is the ultimate choice for the safety conscious rider.

    Available from 0 - 4 1/2 in black or heat reflective silver.  Please note not all helmet sizes are core stock and some may be made to order.  

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  5. Charles Owen Pro 2 Jockey Skull

    RRP £178.50

    From: £122.99

    The Charles Owen Pro 2 Jockey Skull is a low profile helmet which keeps your head safe and cool. When combined with the Charles Owen Pro 2 Skull Helmet Cover, ventilation holes located at the front and back of the helmet allow air to flow, while interwoven silver ions provide anti microbial protection against sweat & odours. This silk is included with the helmet and is either black or navy. GRpx technology creates an unparalleled fit. Heat reflective paint keeps you from overheating whilst riding (only available in gold or silver).

    Kitemarked to PAS015 (2011) & VG1 & Certified by SEI to ASTM F1163.

    Available in 52 - 63cm in Black, Navy and Silver. Round fits are only available in 56cm-59cm.

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  6. Champion Ventair Deluxe Jockey Skull Helmet
    From: £131.00

    Low profile, modern and lightweight hat with a Glass Fibre shell and incorporating a ventilated airflow system. The harness is made from soft padded synthetic nubuck with a rear drawstring and incorporating a quick release buckle for ease of use. Sizes 6 1/4 – 7 3/4. Available in Black, Navy, Pink or Silver.

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  7. Champion Pro-Ultimate Helmet (54CM-55CM)

    The Champion Pro-Ultimate Helmet is a light weight fiberglass and Kevlar composite shell with full ventilation for maximum air flow. The crown comfort padding is removeable and is made from breathable hi-tech microfibres. The harness is made from four-point deluxe soft leather and webbing, with nape and rear lacing for maximum comfort and adjustments. Snell E2016; PAS 015: 2011; VG1.

    Replacement liners are available for the hat and it comes in gloss or matt finishing

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  8. Champion Pro-Ultimate Helmet (56CM-62 CM)

    RRP £215.00

    From: £135.99

    The Champion Pro-Ultimate Helmet is a light weight fiberglass and Kevlar composite shell with full ventilation for maximum air flow. The harness is made from four-point deluxe soft leather and webbing, with nape and rear lacing for maximum comfort and adjustments. The crown comfort padding is removeable and is made from breathable hi-tech microfibres, replacement liners are available for the hat and it comes in gloss or matt finishing. Snell E2016; PAS 015: 2011; VG1

    Smaller sizes are available on our other listing. 

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  9. Charles Owen MS1 Pro Jockey Skull

    RRP £116.50

    From: £104.99

    The Charles Owen MS1 Pro is a ground-breaking jockey skull and the first of its kind to incorporate MIPS technology, enhancing the level of safety and protection offered by this helmet.

    Click here to read more about MIPS technology.

    This MS1 Pro has three certifications to three international equestrian standards, so with the MIPS technology included this is Charles Owen's most safest helmet to date. Whether you are galloping, jumping or just hacking out, you can be reassured that the MS1 Pro is providing you with the mose complete protection possible. 

    The ABS outer shell offers a deep fit, protecting as much of your head as possible, and is made secure with the unique, comfortable padded harness. Ten ventiliation slots add to the breathability and comfort of this helmet for day-long wear. 



    SEI certification to ASTM F1163-15

    Kitemarks to VG1 01-040 2014-12 and PAS015:2011

    CE mark to VG1 01-040 2014-12


    Available in Black, Aquamarine, Benetton Blue, Poppy and Raspberry.

    Oval - size 00 1/2 - 4 (52cm - 61cm)

    Round - size 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 (56cm - 58cm)


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  10. Champion Junior X-Air Sport Rose Gold Riding Jockey Helmet

    The Champion Junior X-Air Sport Riding Jockey Helmet is perfect for competitions and other riding events and is available in a gorgeous rose gold finish!

    This UK made riding helmet is built on a lightweight moulded ABS shell, it has a ventilation system incorporated to keep the head cool when riding and a 4 point padded nubuck harness for added comfort and security for young riders. This horse riding hat is approved to PAS015(2011) specifications making it suitable for pony club or British Eventing.

    Available in a range of sizes in a gorgeous metallic rose gold finish.

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  11. Charles Owen Pro 2 Plus Helmet Liner

    The Charles Owen Pro 2 Plus Helmet Liner fits in the Pro 2 Helmet to provide a new fresh feel for your riding helmet.

    The Charles Owen Pro 2 Plus Helmet Liners fit the following shell sizes:

    X Small shell: 52cm & 53cm

    Small shell: 54cm & 55cm

    Medium shell: 56cm & 57cm & 58cm & 59cm

    Large shell: 60cm & 61cm

    X Large shell: 62cm & 63cm & 64cm & 65cm

    Round shell: 56cmR & 57cmR & 58cmR & 59cmR

    Replacing the liner helps to reachieve a snugger fit after wear and also allows you to keep your helmet fresh and clean.


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  12. Gatehouse HS1-V Jockey Skull

    The Gatehouse HS1-V Jockey Skull is a brand new developement in safety helmet which has been evolved from the ever popular HS1 Jockey Skull, a favourite of ameteurs and top level competitors alike on a global scale. This helmet has been optimised for total protective performance, enhanced comfort and reduced weight. The addition of vents to this jockey helmet gives the benefit of air circulation to keep your head cool: twin front and twin rear tri-flow ventilation points make sure the air circulates fully. The quick-release buckle and easy strap adjustment is combined with a soft, four-point padded harness for comfort.

    • Constructed with advanced fibre-reinforced plastic and carbon fibre composite (FRP + CF)
    • Expanded polystyrene (EPS) impact
    • Polyester comfort lining
    • Aegis anti-bacterial lining to keep the inside of the helmet fresh
    • Provided with a smart padded storage bag

    Conforms to SNELL E2016 and ASTM F1163-15; certified by BSI and SEI

    This helmet is suitable for all competition disciplines including cross country.

    Available in Matt Black or Anthracite Grey; sizes 52cm - 62cm (only one profile shape)

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  13. Charles Owen JS1 Jockey Skull

    The Charles Owen JS1 Jockey Skull is a lightweight, deep-fitting helmet which features an impact-resistant ABS shell which meets multiple safety standards. The ten ventilation slots offer a cooler ride and the four-point webbing harness ensures rider comfort and safety. This jocket helmet is an economic choice for riders of all levels.

    Meets safety standards PAS015:2011 and VG1 01-040 2014-12.

    Available in black; sizes 54cm - 62cm.
    Round profile is available in sizes 56cm, 57cm and 58cm.


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  14. Shires Karben Junior Skull Cap

    RRP £54.99

    From: £49.49

    The Shires Karben Junior Skull Cap offers great protection and safety combined with affordability. Lightweight and deep-fitting, this helmet features 16 ventilation holes and mesh sections in the padded lining for enhanced climate control, breathability and comfort. The hardwearing web four-point harness is fully adjustable around the back of the head and beneath the chin; a soft cover adds comfort. 

    Certified to PAS015:2011 and BSI kitemarked.

    Available Grey and Black; sizes 53cm - 62cm

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  15. Champion Ventair Sport Premium Jockey Skull

    RRP £381.00

    From: £160.00

    The Champion Ventair Sport Premium Jockey Skulls offer riders the ultimate in safety, protection and comfort. Available in a collection of unique and bold colours, these helmets are also a stylish choice. The Ventair Sport Jockey Skulls have an incredibly high quality finish, with durable painted layers of acrylic giving either a high gloss or sanded look.

    The flattering, low profile fibre glass shell is lightweight, and the crown comfort padding is made from breathable, hi-tech microfibre to stop your head from over-heating when you're riding. The Ventair Sport's highly ventilated airflow system also helps to keep your head cool.

    The Champion Ventair Sport meets the British standards PAS 015 2011, VG1 and ASTM F1 163-15, as well as being Kitemarked to PAS 015 2011.

    The Champion Ventair Sport Premium Jockey Skulls are available in:

    Gloss - Solar Orange, White Marble, Rose Quartz or Topaz Yellow

    Sanded - Rose Gold or Optic White

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  16. Charles Owen Young Rider Jockey Skull

    RRP £77.00

    From: £69.99

    The Charles Owen Competitor is deep fitting & pony club approved making it the ideal choice for young riders competing in all disciplines.

    Four ventilation holes and free ventilated silk for optimum breathability.

    The competitor features and adjustable soft nylon harness that crosses at the back for extra stability.

    Kitemarked to PAS015 & BSEN 1384.

    Available in Sizes 000-5 in black.

    Comes in a fun Charles & Owen carry box with SOS card for all your essential medical info.

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  17. Charles Owen JS1 Pro Jockey Helmet

    RRP £94.00

    From: £70.99

    The Charles Owen JS1 Pro Jockey Helmet is a lightweight skull cap suitable for all riding activities.

    The Charles Owen JS1 Pro Jockey Helmet is a lightweight, deep-fitting jockey skull, featuring an impact resistant ABS outer shell with ten ventilation slots to help keep you cool and comfortable.

    The upgraded leather harness helps to achieve a snug fit and the reinforced nylon webbing and suede padding under the chin provides greater rider comfort and security. 

    Conforms to standards: PAS015 (2011); VG1 01.040 2014-12 and ASTM F1163-15 (sizes 0 1/2-4 only). 

    Available in black, benetton blue, raspberry (more like a purple), poppy red or aquamarine.

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  18. Charles Owen Pro 2 Plus Jockey Helmet

    RRP £148.50

    From: £133.99

    The Charles Owen Pro 2 Plus is a removable liner jockey helmet from Charles Owen boasting three safety stanards alongside the British Kitemark.

    The removable liner makes this helmet ideal for riders who tend to get hot, allowing you to keep your helmet clean and fresh; replacement liners are available seperately.

    This helmet offers front and rear ventilation for optimum airflow and comfort with a GRpx® technology harness which offers exceptional support and stability in the helmet.

    Available in a range of colours, sizes and shapes to suit all heads.

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  19. Gatehouse Jockey Skull 4 Kids

    RRP £59.98

    From: £39.99

    The Gatehouse Jockey Skull is a perfect hat for the ultimate protection and comfort during any form of riding. A superior fitting Three Point Harness ensures that it holds the "slide-ability" of the shell, which allows your head to slide when it comes in to contact with the ground, thus reducing the torque on your neck which further allows for minimal damage to the young rider's head. Furthermore, this helmet Includes an inner lining that consists of ageis antibacterial properties. This shield creates a more microscopic form of protection, by Providing a defence against bacteria and fungous, it also Controls or eliminates objectionable odours, unsightly stains and product deterioration. It also does not create the environment that causes adaptive micro-organisms. The Antibacterial shield does not rub off or migrate onto the skin and acts as a layer of sharp points which, thanks to their covalent bond, break up microbes easily, it also gives you the confidence of 25 years of safe and effective use, all while still being free of tin, heavy metals, or poly chlorinated phenol. To elaborate, this product has been used successfully in high performance applications where safety and performance are paramount such as clean room garments and medical fabrics. Additionally, this fully kitemarked helmet conforms to both PAS 015:2011 and VG1 01.040 2014-12 safety standards and is approved under all competition rules, including The Pony Club.

    This product comes with its very own padded storage bag.

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  20. Champion Euro Deluxe Plus Riding Hat
    From: £90.00

    The Champion Euro Dleuxe Plus Riding Hat is perfect for eventing and racing. 

    This Riding Hat is a traditional style helmet that features a lightweight injection moulded ABS shell and a secured 4 point harness in a soft suede material, also includes a rear drawstring and a quick release buckle. This horse riding hat is approved to PAS015 specifications.

    Available in a range of sizes in black only.

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Jockey Skull Caps

Jockey skull caps are designed more for function than for looks, and provide riders with the highest levels of protection and safety across all equestrian disciplines. All of our skull caps conform to the latest safety standards to protect your head in the event of an accident or fall. For affiliated eventing, Pony Club or Riding Club events, skull caps must be worn for cross country riding - fixed peak helmets are not permitted. Jockey skulls are also often a more cheaper option for an everyday riding hat or for a children's helmet.

Jockey skull caps are typically worn with a hat silk, and so generally will have a more textured outside surface so as the silk has something to grip to.