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Safety Standard
Kitemarked to PAS015 (2011) 71
Kitemarked to VG1 01.040 2014-12 70
SNELL E2016 2
Certified by SEI to ASTM F1163:2015 32

143 products

143 products

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  1. Shires Velveteen Skull Cap Cover

    RRP £6.50

    From: £5.85

    A quality elasticated velveteen skull cap cover available in classic Black or Navy. With a velveteen peak it gives the appearance of a velvet riding helmet but with the advantage that you can change your look to suit your riding clothing. Available in two sizes - small (53cm-57cm) or large (58cm-62cm).

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  2. Shires Equi-Flector Hat Cover

    RRP £13.99

    From: £12.59

    This Shires Equi-Flector Hat Cover is perfect for low light conditions when riding on the roads. 

    This hat cover helps to keep you as visible as possible on the roads, this hat features hi-viz luminous stars on top of the hat that help to reflect light from your helmet.

    Available in bright yellow or pink. 

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  3. Harry Hall Lycra Hat Silk

    Online for Equine offer the Harry Hall Lycra Hat Silk.

    Ideal for co-ordinating your skull cap with your cross country or showjumping colours. Wide range of fun colours allows you to change your look whenever you feel like it. Button top and elasticated trim.

    Available in One Size in Colours Black, Navy, Brown, Light Purple, Black/Purple, Navy/Pale Blue, Royal/Red, Pink/Lilac, Purple/Lilac, Cerise/Black, Turquoise/Purple.

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  4. Equisafety Polite Reflective Hatband

    The Equisafety Polite Reflective Hatband matches the rest of the Polite safety range and will help to keep you more visible when riding on the road. This hatband is elasticated, meaning that it will fit all hat sizes. The inside features a grippy rubber surface which sits against your helmet to keep the hatband in place but will not cause any damage to velvet or suede helmets. 

    100% reflective and fluorescent - to EN1150 standard. One size fits most sizes and styles of riding hat. 

    Wipe clean with warm soapy water.

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  5. One K Helmets Defender Riding Hat Liner

    The One K Helmets Defender Riding Hat Liner is ideal for altering the size of or replacing your existing liner in your One K Helmets Defender Riding Hat. The replacement liners provide the ultimate flexibility for growing children, shared helmets or when the hair is worn differently for schooling and competitions.

    Use the small size helmet with an extra small, small or medium liner to change the fit and use the large size helmet with a large through to extra extra large for superb size versatility. Features popper studs and mesh ventilation.

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  6. Charles Owen Young Riders Polo Helmet



    The Charles Owen Young Rider Polo Helmet is designed for the younger polo player.

    Low profile polo helmet with padded polycotton cover.

    Adjustable soft nylon harness which crosses at the back for extra stability. Complete with SOS card for all your essential medical info.

    Kitemarked to PAS015:2011 and BSEN1384.

    Available in Sizes 6 3/8 -7 3/4 inBlack, Navy or Bottle Green.

    Please note this is a special order item and can take up to 5 weeks in production.

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  7. Charles Owen Leather Look Ayr8 With Piping (Upto 55cm)



    The Charles Owen Bespoke Ayr8 Leather Look With Piping with its up to date styling & unparalleled safety makes it an ideal choice in equestrian protective head wear.

    Build your own Leather Look Ayr8, designed to fit you perfectly and with such variety, why not tailor it to match your competition colours?

    The low profile helmet features centrally located front & rear ventilation holes covered in mesh; you can select which colour you would like.  You can choose the colour of the central channel beneath the mesh and specify what you want by changing the paint option.  The paint used is heat reflective helping to keep you cool whilst competing.

    The side panels of the Leather Look Ayr8 are covered in high quality leather available in a range of colours.

    The Charles Owen Leather Look Ayr8 is available with single or double piping.  Please look at our colour wheel and select the colour of the piping material,you require; if you only require single piping, do not select a colour for the second row.

    Exclusive leather look for style, ease of care & maintenance - your helmet is easily cleaned with a simple wipe down.

    Features GRpx technology harness to take the superb fit to the next level.

    Safety standards - Kitemarked to PAS015:2011 and VG1, and certified by SEI to ASTM F1163.

    Available from 52cm-65cm to suit your exact design requirements.

    Please note these are completely bespoke helmets built to your exact specification and can take 3-5 weeks in production.  These helmets are non returnable and orders cannot be amended once submitted.

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  8. Charles Owen Palermo 2 Polo Helmet (Upto 55cm)



    The Charles Owen Palermo Polo 2 offers the perfect combination of safety and style for playing polo.

    This low profile polo helmet features a silky Lycra material outer and offers added protection via the padded nape and high energy absorbing peak.  The Palermo 2 offers a more modern, sloping peak angle.

    The Palermo 2 Polo Helmet offers a removeable liner allowing you to keep your hat clean and fresh.

    This polo helmet is ideally teamed with the Charles Owen Polo Face Guard.

    Kitemarked to PAS015:2011, certified by SEI to ASTM F1163.

    Available from 52cm - 65cm in a variety of colours; please note this item is special order item and as such is non returnable and can take up to 5 weeks in production.

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  9. Dublin Silver Pro Graphic Helmet

    RRP £64.99

    From: £58.99

    The Dublin Silver Pro Graphic Helmet is an excellent piece of protective equipment that also offers great style and comfort! With the hat featuring a four point padded harness with a padded chin strap and quick release buckle, it boasts excellent safety features, to elaborate, the hat is also fully Kite marked to British Standards meeting PAS015. Additionally, this hat boasts comfort enhancing features such as front and back vents to increase airflow and limit heat or moisture build up and even has removable Coolmax liner for comfort and easy care. Lastly, the hat's main feature is a unique graphic finish outer shell with PU leather detail at the front.

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  10. Dublin Silver Pro Diamante Helmet

    RRP £72.99

    From: £65.99

    Brand new, fully compatible and Kite marked with British Standards, meets PAS015 and is still extremely comfortable and stylish! This hat features air vents front to back which create a good air flow which limits heat and moisture build up, along side the air vents are unique silver diamante gems, high quality and a real eye catcher. Furthermore, a four point padded harness with padded chin strap and quick release buckle allows for optimum safety and comfort during any style of riding, and with an easily removable Coolmax liner, this hat will remain clean and durable use after use! Finally, a microfiber suede outer shell allows for the perfect finishing touches that creates a sophisticated look! 

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  11. Charles Owen Ayr8 Classic Helmet

    RRP £207.90

    From: £120.00

    The Charles Owen Ayr8 Classic provides the traditionalist with an updated, modern alternative to the conventional velvet helmet. This hat is the round profile version, also available in an oval fit.

    Fade resistant velvet finish with a perforated velvet centre panel featuring 12 ventilation slots for optimum comfort whilst riding.

    An ideal choice for riders who want a traditional look with the benefit of superior ventilation.

    Features GRpx technology harness to take the superb fit to the next level.

    Kitemarked to PAS015:2011 and BSEN1384; Certified by SEI to ASTM F1163.

    Available in sizes 6 7/8-7 1/4 in black with either a black or tan harness options.

    Please note: This is a special order hat that can take up to 5 weeks in production.

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  12. Charles Owen Wellington Professional

    RRP £202.50

    From: £181.99

    The Charles Owen Wellington Professional is a low profile helmet covered in micro fibre suede and is a striking example of contemporary equestrian safety & fashion.

    This safety helmet provides refreshing ventilation via four holes which are only visible from the inside.

    The adjustable cushion comfort harness & padding creates a snug and secure fit.

    Kitemarked to PAS015:2011 and BSEN 1384, and certified by SEI to ASTM F1163.

    Available in Sizes 6 3/8-8 in black, navy or black/charcoal.

    Please note that this is a special order item in some colours and sizes and can take up to 5 weeks in production.

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  13. Charles Owen Gr8 Helmet

    RRP £179.90

    From: £160.99

    The Charles Owen Gr8 is sleek & sporty, with a low profile design. Lightweight & available in a range of microsuede colours suitable for any discipline.

    Features colour coordinated harness, reinforced with nylon for added security.

    Kitemarked to PAS015:2011 and BSEN1384; Certified by SEI to ASTM F1163.

    Available in Sizes 6 3/8-8 in black, black/charcoal, navy, navy/silver or charcoal. Standard stocked sizes 53cm-60cm; non stocked items can take up to 5 weeks in production.

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  14. Charles Owen APM

    RRP £161.90

    From: £144.99

    The Charles Owen APM has been designed with Champion Jockey A.P McCoy. A stunning example of the collaboration between horseman and science.

    Features four ventilation holes to provide continuous airflow & Gel foam padded leather harness to increase facial protection and is perforated for breath-ability. The harness covers the base of the skull and boasts an impact absorbent panel that doesn't interfere with the riders head position.

    Kitemarked to PAS015 & BSEN 1384 and Certified by SEI to ASTM F1163.

    Available in Sizes 00 1/2 -4 in black.

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  15. Charles Owen Competitor

    RRP £79.65

    From: £70.99

    The Charles Owen Competitor is a deep fitting jockey skull that has been designed for the rounder head shape and could be the answer for all riders who have experienced problems with fit.

    The competitor features and adjustable soft nylon harness that crosses at the back for extra stability.

    Kitemarked to PAS015 & BSEN 1384.

    Available in Sizes 000-5 in Black.

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  16. Charles Owen V8 Riding Helmet

    RRP £253.80

    From: £189.99

    Ever wish that you could change out a sweaty helmet for a fresh one between rides? Charles Owen is delighted to introduce the newV8 helmet. Featuring a detachable helmet liner which can be removed and is machine washable, the V8 is Charles Owen’s most versatile helmet yet. The detachable liner attaches into the helmet using premium hook and loop closure and is easy to remove and replace.

    In addition to the removable helmet liner, the V8 offers extra cooling for optimal performance using Charles Owen’s Free Fit system which increases airflow across the forehead. 50% of heat is situated on the head’s forehead and the Free Fit system incorporates a frontal air channel that funnels the air across the forehead and evaporates the sweat. The “Free Fit” system combined with 10 ventilation slots increases cooling and evaporation for the most airflow possible.

    The smart quick release buckle in a high strength alloy fastens the new 6-point patented GRpx® harness for unsurpassed stability. The new harness contacts the head in 6 different points - locking the helmet onto the occipital bone for a greater range of head shapes and creating the ultimate in security.

    Black microfibre suede or custom order leather look side panels pair perfectly with the extra fine, breathable mesh centre, covering the high gloss black or heat reflective silver painted shell.

    Spare detachable helmet liners are sold separately.

    For the most dynamic airflow in helmets, choose the V8.

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  17. Charles Owen Fian Show Hat

    RRP £207.00

    From: £185.99

    The Charles Owen Fian is new for 2016. This new hat is ideal for all equestrian activities and the streamlined, elegant look makes it particularly suitable for showing. It features: luxurious velvet outer; traditionally styled satin lining; ultra soft tan leather harness; slim-line design. Please note that only navy and black are regularly stocked colours, any other colours are classed as special order colours and could take between 5-6 weeks for delivery. Taking over from the incredibly popular Charles Owen Fiona this new riding hat is kitemarked and tested to VG1 01.040 (2014-12). 

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  18. Charles Owen Polo Face Guard

    RRP £69.90

    From: £51.99

    The Charles Owen Polo Face Guard is designed from a superb rust proof alloy which is designed to crush thus reducing impact forces to the neck.

    This face guard is designed to fit the Palermo polo helmet and will offer the rider ultimate protection from direct facial impact from polo balls and sticks.

    Available to fit polo helmets up to 55cm or for those 56cm and above.>

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  19. Charles Owen Traditional Coloured Hat Silks

    The Charles Owen Traditional Coloured Hat Silk is the ideal way to personalise your skull cap.

    Make your jockey skull as individual as you are.

    Supplied in slim-look Lycra in a variety of colours.

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  20. Charles Owen Lycra & Mesh Hat Silks
    The Charles Owen Lycra & Mesh Hat Silks is the ideal way to personalise your Charles Owen Riding Hat for improved ventilation, available in a range of different colours to suit you! Available in a range of sizes, please check your helmet size to confirm the size you require. Learn More
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Riding Hats

Protect your head with certified safety helmets

Protecting your head from injury is a must, and the only way to guarantee this is to ensure your helmet has been properly safety tested and meets the current standards. Your riding hat is essential and will be one of the most expensive purchases when it comes to riding gear, so ensuring it fits correctly and will keep your head safe in the event of a fall is of paramount importance.

At Online For Equine we only stock riding helmets and jockey skulls which meet current safety standards. When you shop from known and trusted brands you can be sure that your helmet has been carefully developed and rigorously tested to do the job it’s been designed for. We do advise having your riding hat fitted by a professional to ensure a correct fit for your safety and comfort.