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76 products

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  1. Uvex Ventraxion Stretch Gloves

    The Uvex Ventraxion Stretch Gloves are an innovative design made from 4D-stretch material, setting higher standards when it comes to flexibility, feel and comfort. This amount of stretch and flex in the fabric allows these gloves to perfectly adapt themselves to the rider's hands, acting like a second skin. The soft-touch material used in the contact area of the gloves provides support and comfort to your hand while remaining supple and sensitive at the same time. Stretch ventilation across the palm of these riding gloves provides optimal air circulation for a breathable and comfortable glove for use in all seasons. 

    The stretch properties of this Ventraxion glove are ideal for long fingernails - usually gloves are stretched to their limits but they won't be a problem for these gloves.

    Available in White, Brown, Black and Blue; sizes 5 - 6 to 10 - 11

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  2. Tuffa Adults Dereham Glove
    The comfortable leather palm Dereham glove has a breathable 4 way stretch back for added comfort. These versatile, smart gloves are suitable for all disciplines. They include a velcro strap at the top of the wrist which can be tucked under your sleeve. They also have reinforcment between the fingers to help reduce wear from reins. Learn More
  3. Hy5 Children's Everyday Two Tone Gloves
    The Hy5 Children's Everyday Two Tone Gloves offer amazing grip, high durability, superb comfort and fit. Afford-ably priced, these children's riding gloves are ideal for everyday wear and look superb teamed with the matching chaps. Available in four different colour combinations and in sizes child's' small - x large. Learn More
  4. Shires Aubrion All Purpose Yard Gloves

    RRP £3.99

    From: £3.59

    The Shires Aubrion All Purpose Yard Gloves are lightweight and perfect for all yard work.  These gloves keep hands mobile and unlike many yard type gloves, allow a high degree of dexterity. Offering an effective barrier against abrasion, irritation and contact with wet surfaces. Seam free knitted nylon provides superior comfort. Excellent grip in wet or dry conditions.

    Available in Grey or Pink; sizes X Small - X Large


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  5. Woof Wear Grand Prix Riding Gloves

    RRP £24.99

    From: £21.02

    The best-selling Woof Wear Grand Prix Glove is Woof Wear's most versatile riding glove which performs consistently in all weather conditions. Incorporating REINTEX® material technology, these horse riding gloves have a stretch fit which ensures comfort and flexibility. REINTEX® material is only 0.5mm thick which gives an unparalleled feel while being durable. These gloves offer a supreme level of grip - even when wet!

    Available in Black, Navy and White; sizes 6 - 9.5

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  6. Woof Wear Competition Glove

    RRP £27.50

    From: £22.95

    When performance really counts, the Woof Wear Competition Glove is the optimum choice. This extremely lightweight and highly breathable riding glove offers exceptional feel and grip on the reins while allowing unrestricted movement and dexterity - crucial for giving you the competitive edge. The Reintex palm offers exceptional grip, making this a versatile competition glove suited to any equestrian discipline.

    The breathable synthetic leather back of this glove offers enhanced comfort for the wearer and is aesthetically pleasing. Alongside the stylish design, each rein finger features reinforced grip to prevent rubbing for improved durability.

    Available in black, brown and white; sizes 6 - 9.5

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  7. Woof Wear Young Rider Pro Gloves

    The Woof Wear Young Rider Pro Glove is a specifically designed technical glove to suit smaller hands. These Young Rider Pro Gloves feature a dynamic, 4-way stretch Pro mesh upper which is breathable and offers superb comfort and fit. Synthetic leather on the palm, top of the index finger and between the little and ring finger (where the rider has contact with the reins) offers a great level of grip in both wet and dry conditions. This is a great all-round glove for aspiring young professionals needing more from their gloves. These gloves are secured with velcro closure for an adjustable fit.

    Available in Black, Berry or Electric Blue; size Small, Medium or Large.


    Check the measurements below for the Woof Wear Young Rider Pro Glove:

    Circumference around the knuckles:

    Small: 16.5cm
    Medium: 17cm
    Large: 17.5cm

    Length of the middle finger:

    Small: 7cm
    Medium: 7.5cm
    Large: 8cm

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  8. Woof Wear Connect Glove

    RRP £22.00

    From: £18.93

    Online for Equine offer the Woof Wear Connect Riding Glove.

    The new Connect Glove from Woof Wear features a Reintex Pro palm which is a Japanese material selected by Woof Wear to give superb grip and connection on the reins. Reintex also gives this glove unbeatable stretch fit for a comfortable hand and close feel. These gloves are breathable, and feature a mesh upper to ensure your hands stay even in warm, sweaty conditions.

    These stylish gloves are perfect for use both when riding and schooling, and when competing. The connect glove is available in 3 different colours, with a smartphone sensitive version available in Black. Learn More

  9. Roeckl Lynn Riding Glove

    The Roeckl Ladies Lynn Riding Glove is a sporty and light slip-on glove, ideal for wearing during the summer months. These gloves are eye-catching, with a cool design and available in bright colour contrasts. The cut of this glove has been precisely tailored to the anatomy of women's hands to give a perfect, close fit. 

    The back of the hand is made from a lightweight and extremely elastic mesh material with Lycra to offer complete freedom and flexibilty of the hand and fingers as well as full breathability for ultimate comfort during wear. The palm is made from a durable, robust and soft DURADERO synthetic suede with the addition of anti-slip silicone trimming which helps you to keep a secure hold of the reins. The palm fabric is extended over the fingertips to protect then against abrasion and day-to-day wear and tear.

    The material of the Lynn Riding Glove is touchscreen compatible.

    Available in Black/Blue and Anthracite (with pink contrast)

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  10. Le Mieux Equine Work Gloves

    The Le Mieux Equine Work Gloves combine strength and dexterity for the ultimate multi-purpose work glove which will protect your hands while carrying out chores around the yard. They are tough enough for mucking out and lifting/carrying while also allowing you to do fiddly tasks such as fastening buckles and adjusting tack. The double dipped coating on the palm and fingers keeps out liquids while being flexible and grippy enough for riding.

    Available in:

    Navy - sizes 7 (Small) - 10 (X Large)

    Pink, Yellow or Blue - sizes 5 (XX Small) - 8 (Medium)

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  11. Shires Adult SureGrip Gloves

    RRP £2.99

    From: £2.69

    Stretchy knitted gloves with pimple palms for grip and generous wrists for extra warmth. One Size. Available in colours Black, Navy, Purple or Pink.

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  12. Le Mieux Polar Grip Gloves

    RRP £22.50

    From: £21.38

    The Le Mieux Polar Grip Gloves are designed to be a truly versatile glove for all weathers. These gloves are made from super soft Polar-Xpand fabric which offers a truly comfortable and close fit while stretching and flexing as you use your hands. These Polar Grip Gloves are insulated and have a silicone power grip palm and fingers for the best possible grip. Suede, touchscreen friendly fingers mean that these gloves don't need to be removed for you to answer calls or messages.

    Available in sizes X Small, Small, Medium and Large

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  13. HKM Grip Everyday Riding Gloves

    Supremely soft and comfortable, the HKM Grip Everyday Riding Glove will make you feel as though you're riding in a premium glove at only a fraction of the price. These everyday riding gloves are made from a super soft, flexible yet grippy material which is thin enough for a great level of feel on the reins. Vent holes at the fingers improve the breathability keep your hands cool and comfortable. These gloves feature elasticated panels at the cuffs and across the top of hand to further improve feel and flexibility. These gloves are secured with a velcro tab.

    Available in White, Brown and Black; sizes X Small - X Large

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  14. Woof Wear Zennor Grip Riding Gloves

    RRP £19.99

    From: £19.78

    The Woof Wear Zennor Grip Riding Gloves are stylish and functional every day gloves, ideal for when you need good grip in all weather conditions. Featuring a durable REINTEX® PORE palm, these gloves offer great grip and feel. The 4-way stretch, velvet feel, scallop fabric makes these gloves really comfortable and offers a great fit. 

    Available in Amythest, Black, Cobalt, Moss, Ocean or Shiraz; size 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8 or 8.5

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  15. Shires Adults Newbury Gloves

    RRP £3.99

    From: £3.59

    Cotton pimple palm gloves in an assortment of colours. Learn More
  16. Noble Outfitters Show Ready Leather Glove

    The Noble Outfitters Show Ready Leather Glove is the ideal glove for all competitions.

    Made from full Goatskin leather with flexible keystone cut thumb and stretch mesh side panels, these gloves are a secure fitting yet flexible glove that offers breathability, making them ideal for all of show season and beyond.

    The double stitched critical seams and double layer reinforced forefinger, thumb and pinky give the perfect fit to a rider's hand.

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  17. HKM Mesh Summer Riding Gloves

    The HKM Mesh Summer Riding Gloves are supremely lightweight and breathable. These gloves are high quality at an affordable price - you really would believe you're riding in a premium glove. Soft, lightweight mesh to the back of your hand is completely breathable to keep you cool and comfortable. The palm and between the fingers is made from soft-touch, grippy durable material to give a good feel on the reins while protecting your hands. These summer weight gloves are flexible, comfortable and practical - the perfect choice for summer riding.

    Available in Black and White; sizes X Small - X Large

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  18. Le Mieux Protouch Classic Gloves

    RRP £24.95

    From: £23.70

    The Le Mieux Protouch Classic Riding Gloves are fine, simple, synthetic leather gloves which are ideal for everyday and competition wear. High quality and hand stitched, these gloves are durable and breathable complete with a secure close cuff.

    Available in Black, Navy, Brown and White; sizes Small, Medium, Large and X Large

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  19. Mark Todd Adults Super Riding Gloves

    RRP £12.98

    From: £12.50

    These Mark Todd Adults Super Riding Gloves are perfect for adult riders. 

    These gloves are made from a smart and soft faux fur leather that is comfortable to wear throughout your ride, yet grippy enough to keep hold of your reins. These gloves feature a pitted effect insert and knitted back giving it a rigid look. They also have an elasticated wrist for comfort and easy adjustment, along with the velcro tab fastener that is easily adjustable. 

    Available in a range of colours & sizes.

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  20. Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Gloves

    The Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Gloves are a great glove for all riders for use during all equine activities, from yard chores to competitions.

    These gloves feature a SureGrip synthetic suede palm, breathable stretch jersey, double stitched critical seams and an adjustable wrist closure, all to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

    As well as this, the gloves also have a Double layer SureGrip reinforced forefinger, thumb and pinky and touchscreen friendly fingers, meaning that these gloves will last longer than most due to being reinforced and are ideal for all ocassions.

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Gloves are recommended when riding and handling horses to protect your hands and fingers from injury. Horses are unpredictable and strong, so using gloves can potentially prevent cuts, sores, rope burn and even breaks. Our choice of horse riding gloves includes riding gloves to offer added grip on the reins, winter gloves for warmth and protection and breathable competition gloves for comfort and performance.