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Rider Safety
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  1. Charles Owen Ayr8 Plus Microsuede Riding Hat
  2. Woof Wear Zennor Grip Riding Gloves
  3. Roeckl Warwick Polartec Power Stretch Pro Glove
  4.  Horze Evelyn Winter Gloves
  5. Toggi Rosetti Fingerless Mittens
  6. Shires All Purpose Yard Gloves
  7. Charles Owen H2000 Velvet Riding Hat
  8. Charles Owen Wool Palermo Polo Helmet (Over 55cm)
  9. Charles Owen Wool Palermo Polo Helmet (Upto 55cm)
  10. Charles Owen Young Riders Polo Helmet
  11. Horze LED Helmet Light
  12. Magic Gloves
  13. Racesafe Provent Shoulder Pads
  14. One K Helmets Defender Glitter Riding Hat
  15. One K Helmets Defender Riding Hat Liner
  16. Riding Star Children's Riding Gloves
  17. Hy5 Magic Striped Gloves
  18. Hy5 Children's Winter Fleecey Two Tone Riding Gloves
  19. Hy5 Children's Everyday Two Tone Gloves
  20. Tuffa Adults Dereham Glove
  21. Tuffa Adults Equi-Grip Gloves
  22. Roeckl Julia Ladies Gloves
  23. Roeckl Willow Winter Gloves
  24. Roeckl Winter Grip Gloves
  25. Roeckl Malia Riding Glove
  26. Roeckl Roeck Grip Glove
  27. Harry Hall Hi Viz Bib Martingale
    Harry Hall Hi Viz Bib Martingale
    From Special Price £13.98 RRP Regular Price £21.72
  28. Harry Hall Hi Viz Overreach Boots
  29. Harry Hall Hi Viz Fly Veil
    Harry Hall Hi Viz Fly Veil
    From Special Price £6.32 RRP Regular Price £11.86
  30. Noble Outfitters Outrider Glove
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 244

Set Descending Direction

Horse Riding Safety

Despite being a great amount of fun and providing joy to people of all ages across the world, horse riding is dangerous, extremely dangerous. In fact it has been classified as the most dangerous sport to participate in. In 2010 alone, there were 61 equestrian road accidents reported to the British Horse Society, these accidents resulted in the deaths of two rider and the destruction of nine horses (this is only for accidents on the road); this only represents the accidents that were reported (it is likely this figure is actually much higher).

What you can do?

There many steps you can take to make sure you and your loved ones are a lot safer in the saddle. Online for Equine offer a plethora of horse riding safety pieces to keep you safe and secure whilst riding. A well fitted horse riding hat can save your life, if you are in need of one please see our collections, we cater to riders of all ages offering men's, women's and children's riding hats. Another thing all riders should consider, regardless of discipline, is the need for are horse riding body protectors; in the case of an accident, they can be lifesaving. As equestrian and horse riding safety specialists, we offer the very best, including our range of level 3 body protectors.

Other safety products in our horse safety range are horse high vis, making sure you are well lit on the darkest of nights. If you would like to know more or have any safety concerns or queries, please feel free to call a member of our expert team who'd be happy to help advise in any way they can.